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Swalak bonding… Swara learns a bit more about DP
Sumi : My dear girl! TODAY IS YOUR ENGAGEMENT!
Swara’s eyes opened wide. She had completely forgotten.
Ragini : Uh-oh! She’s going to freak out now.
Ragini : And here it begins.
Swara : Why didn’t you both wake me up earlier? Oh my God… Oh my God…
Swara began pacing the room in tension, biting her fingernails. Sumi and Ragini rolled their eyes, looked at each other and sat down on the sofa, letting Swara rant on.
Finally, Swara stopped pacing and looked at her mother and sister with surprise.
Swara : Ma! Ragini! How are you sitting here calmly? Why are you both not worried? We have so much left to do.

Ragini got up and smiled.
Ragini : Swara, You’ve been pacing this room for about 15 minutes now. You have done the worrying for all three of us. And why on Earth should we worry? Is there a need to worry? It is only your engagement, not your wedding. You are going to come back here only.
Swara stared at her blankly. Sumi smiled and got up.
Sumi : Ragini! You won’t understand it now. It is only her engagement but you still feel different. The apprehension is more than when you’re getting married. You don’t feel like you belong in your Maayka or your Sasuraal.
Swara hugged her mother.
Sumi (knowingly, hugged her back) : Arre! Where is my strong lioness? She never used to get scared of such things. And it is only the engagement Swara. Don’t worry. All preparations have been made.
Sumi patted her cheek and made a move to leave.
Swara : Ma!
Sumi turned to look at her curiously.
Swara : Will I be a good daughter-in-law?
Sumi smiled reassuringly.
Sumi : No!

Ragini (shocked) : Ma!
Sumi (chuckling) : Ragini! Let me finish.. Swara, You won’t be a good daughter-in-law. You will be their daughter.
Swara smiled.
Sumi : You will be that house’s Lakshmi. Similar to the way you lit your father and my life, You will light Sanskaar’s and his family’s lives.
Ragini (in a teasing tone) : Obviously she will light Sanskaar’s life, Ma! She will irritate him to hell that he will feel like he’s on fire 24*7…
Swara (indignantly) : Ragini! Tum bhi na… Between you, Laksh and Sanskaar, you make me sound like a witch always troubling him. Let me tell you just how annoying that man is.
She paused for breath while Sumi chuckling left the room to oversee the preparations.
Swara (continued) : That man is so annoying Ragini! He can be the sweetest person the first minute and then immediately he does something that takes away all the sweetness. And why are you supporting him anyways? I’m your sister.
Ragini (grinning) : Yeah, you are. But he’s going to be my jiju! And from now on, Jiju before Di! Sorry Swara…
Swara stared open-mouthed at Ragini who winked at her.
Swara : Jiju ki chamchi! Just wait… Today Karan is coming right?

Let’s see just how long you are able to tease me before it’s my turn.
Sumi (shouting from the other room) : Swara! Ragini! Listen…. Go get ready now. Don’t waste time. We still have a lot of work to do.
Swara sighed.
Swara (muttering) : Here I am, awake at 8:30 getting ready for an engagement that”s supposed to take place at 6 in the evening. And over there, That donkey must be sleeping and snoring peacefully. Let him wake up and call me. I will never talk to him again. He got drunk in our date.. Useless fellow…………
Ragini (puzzled) : Did you say something Swara?
Swara (louder) : Yes.. I just said that your donkey jiju must be so hungover from last night that he would be sleeping and here I am awake at 8:30 for nothing. Seriously Ragini, Why am I marrying this man?

Ragini (chuckling) : Because you love him, idiot!
Swara raised her eyes at Ragini, speechless.
Ragini (knowingly) : What Swara? You think that just because you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t understand? I’m your sister.
Swara looked at her sheepishly, a slight smile tagging onto her lips.
Ragini (a mock frown on her face) : By the way, How can you not tell me this? And how can you think that I wouldn’t find out? I can just see from your face that everytime you talk or think about him, it lights up, the same way it lights up when I think or talk to Karan……
Suddenly she stopped, a slight blush on her face. Swara smirked at her and winked.
Swara : Bolo bolo Ragini! What does Karan say? Come on na Ragini, Tell me…
She laughed as Ragini runs away blushing crimson.
Swara (wistfully) : I want that. The confidence of a woman who knows she is loved by the one she loves. Please oh God! Help that sleeping donkey face his fear.
The sleeping donkey was in fact….
Still sleeping.
Sanskaar slept in his bed, snoring loudly and peacefully, when…..
Sanskaar (waking up with a loud) : What the hell?
He stared down at his soaking shirt and face and then glanced up to see Laksh, Adarsh and Uttara smiling evilly and triumphantly at him.

Sanskaar (glaring at the three of them) : What the hell? Here I am, nursing a terrible terrible hangover and this is the best way you could think of waking me up?
Uttara (being the soft spoken one and Sanskaar’s favourite) :Come on! Today is your engagement. We had to wake you up. And we tried everything, shouting in your ear…But you were dead to the world. Now, stop glaring and get ready. Today is your engagement.
She looked at him with puppy dog eyes and Sanskaar’s expression softened. Suddenly they widened and he looked around perplexedly.
Sanskaar : How did I get here? I was in the club dancing.
Laksh told him how Swara had brought him home and how Adarsh and he had taken him inside.
Sanskaar (rubbing his head) : Laksh! Stop screaming. Talk softly like Uttara. Now all of you go out. Let me freshen myself.
Uttara : Come fast Bhai! We have a lot to do. The engagement is in Lotus Palace Hotel. And we have lots of stuff to do. Get ready.
Adarsh (chuckling) : Sanskaar! Go take a bath and come down soon. Ma and Chachi are waiting for you. Laksh, Uttara, Come out. Let’s go.
Sanskaar : And please extra black hot coffee for me… Immediately
Uttara (chuckling) : Yes bhai!
The trio left the room leaving Sanskaar alone, still covered with his blankets.
Sanskaar : Oh God! Why the hell did I drink so much? My head is splitting. All this is because of her. That girl will surely kill me one day.

One of the servants brought the coffee and he gulped it down thankfully.
Sanskaar : Haaa…. Now I feel better. And I really should not blame Swara. It was my fault. Trying to impress her, I made a fool of myself.
He got down and went inside the washroom. After washing his face, he gazed at the mirror.
Sanskaar : Sanskaar! What happened last night? I don’t remember anything about the car and coming here. But I feel something important took place. Did Swara ask me something? What the hell happened? I shall have to ask her.
He took bath and came outside looking all fresh and alert.
Sanskaar : I have to call Swara and ask her if I told something to her last night.
Suddenly he hit his forehead and shook his head.
Sanskaar : Arrey yaar! I’ll have to apologise to Miss Know-it-all now for spoiling the end of our date. God only knows how she’ll take it. Sanskaar! I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with you…………Now face the music and call her.
He dialled her number and waited for her to pick up the phone.
Swara’s voice (from the phone) : Hello?
Sanskaar (sheepishly) : Hi Swara!
Swara (sarcastically) : Good morning Mr Maheshwari. So glad to see you’re awake enought to talk full sentences.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Oh blo*dy Hell! She’s really pissed off.
Sanskaar (loudly) : Sorry Swara….

Swara (interrupting) : Sorry? For what?
Sanskaar : I’m extremely sorry, Swara, for ruining the end of our date and becoming drunk. I didn’t mean to. It was just a challenge and I guess I lost my mind.
Swara : I know Sanskaar! But if you know me, And I guess you do at least a little, Then you’ll know that Swara Gadodia never forgives anyone that easily. Sanskaar! I don’t want to talk to you. Bye.
Sanskaar (shocked) : You’re not going to talk to me?
Swara (matter of factly) : Haan! I’m not going to talk to you. Until I don’t feel angry anymore.
Sanskaar : You’re joking right?
Swara : Nope. Bye Mr Maheshwari!
Sanskaar : But…. But today is our engagement.
Swara : Haan toh? You put the ring on my finger and I’ll put a ring on yours. Why do we need to talk for that?
Sanskaar began to laugh.
Swara (suspiciously) : Why are you laughing? Pagal ho gaye ho kya?
Sanskaar : Nahi… I was just thinking that Swara Gadodia might do many things, But staying quiet is not one of them. (in a confident tone) By the end of this evening, You will talk to me Swara!
Swara : Never Sanskaar! But you’re welcome to try.
Sanskaar (In the same confident tone) : Challenge accepted Ms Gadodia! By the end of today, you will talk to me and say you forgive me or else I will let you call me Mr Pinky forever.
Swara : Itna over confidence? Alright then. I am not going to talk to you from now on, Mr Maheshwari. Good bye.

She hung up the phone leaving Sanskaar thoughtful and smiling wide.
Sanskaar : Ab toh mujhe kuch karna padega. Swara has to talk to me.
He paced about the room thinking of what to do.
Sanskaar (stopping suddenly in his tracks) : Shit! Sanskaar! You forgot to ask about whether you told something while you were drunk. Thinking of your fun, you forgot that? You are a budhdhu! Now I have to get Swara to talk, then only can I ask that question now.
Sanskaar stopped and looked at a picture of Swara in his phone.
Sanskaar : Miss Know-it-all! I will finish this challenge. You will forgive me by the end of the day. Are you ready?
Sanskaar (At the same time, thinking) : Today is your engagement Sanskaar! Are YOU ready?
Sanskaar stepped into the banquet hall and paused. utterly entranced by the cozy and almost ethereal atmosphere the room had. Huge curtains of ice blue and silver colour adorned the room. The lighting was dim and an ice sculpture was kept in the corner of the room. A circular stage of a sort had been erected in the middle that kept revolving so that everyone could get a clear view.
Laksh : Sanskaar? Why did you stop?
Sanskaar (in wonder) : Laksh? This decoration is so beautiful. Who thought of this?
Laksh (smiling) : My bhabi obviously. Who else?
Sanskaar looked at Laksh in surprise.

Laksh : Offo! You know that Swara is an interior designer na? Then how can she not design her own wedding mandap?
Sanskaar (still surprised) : Haan! I know she is one, But….
Annapurna : Sanskaar beta! Go forward! Look, Sharmishta Ji is coming to greet us.
Sanskaar nodded and stepped forward and bent to take Sumi’s blessings.
Sumi : Hamesha Khush raho! Sanskaar beta, How do you like the decorations? Swara told me to ask you this as soon as I saw you. She spent so much time finding this hall as she wanted the perfect scenario.

Sanskaar smiled. That sounded like his Swara. Perfectionist to the maximum.
Sanskaar : It is amazing Ma! I just love the way the room has been done.
Ragini : Now at least, Swara will be satisfied. ( turning to Sujata and Annapurna) Please come and sit down.
They ladies nodded and made a motion to leave.

Sanskaar : Ummm…
Ragini turned back.
Ragini (knowing what he was about to ask, but looking at him innocently) : Yes Sanskaar?
Sanskaar (stammering suddenly) : Vo…… Nothing. ( he shook his head, muttering) Idiot! Speak up.. Why the hell have you lost your tongue?
Ragini and Laksh stared at him amused. Sanskaar realized that noth of them were laughing at him and scowled.

Sanskaar : Where is Swara?
Ragini (laughing) : She’ll come… She’s still getting ready. I’m going to go to her now. By the way….. She told me to give you this.
Sanskaar took the paper that Ragini gave him and stepped aside to read it.
Swara : Sanskaar Maheshwari! Get ready to be called Mr Pinky from now on. Swara Gadodia will not lose this challenge.
Sanskaar began laughing seeing this and got a brainwave.
Sanskaar called out to Ragini.
Sanskaar : Ragini! Wait up…
Ragini stopped on her way up to Swara’s dressing room and looked at him puzzled.
Sanskaar : You wait here. I’ll go and get her.
Ragini : But, what if she needs me?
Sanskaar : Arre! Aisa kuch nahi hoga… If she needs you, I’ll call you… deal?
Ragini : Okay then… (and she went back down)

Sanskaar smirked.
Sanskaar : The game starts now, the future Mrs Maheshwari!!! Let’s begin….
Swara sat in her dressing room as she wore her bangles.
Swara : Shit Swara! How could you be so late to your own engagement? What will Badi Ma and Mom think of you? You were so busy overseeing the preparations that you completely forgot about getting ready. Vaise, Everyone would have loved it na? The light ethereal theme? And Sanskaar? Would he like it?
Sanskaar’s voice (from behind) : He loved it….
Swara, paused in the middle of wearing her bangles and gazed up at the mirror in astonishment to look at Sanskaar smiling at her. She almost shouted his name, but at the last minute remembered that she was supposedly angry with him and shut her mouth.
They stood staring at each other. Swara thought that Sanskaar in a dark blue sherwani with light gold designs looked more handsome than he had ever been. The gold designs seemed to bring out flecks of colour in his eyes that she never seen before. She felt like she could drown in those eyes.

Sanskaar on the other hand, couldn’t take his eyes off her as he drank in the sight of Swara in an ivory and silver ghaghra… She looked like an angel even though she was not wearing any earrings or necklace yet. Her ankles chimed with the musical sound of anklets and her eyes, accentuated with kajal made her look exotic at the same time, virginal and elegantly beautiful.
Sanskaar stepped forward. Swara looked at him silently.
Sanskaar (in a teasing tone) : Baat nahi karoge Swara?
Swara said nothing, but turned her head the other side signifying a no. He chuckled.
Sanskaar : I thought you won’t. After all, My lioness isn’t an easy woman to impress. But don’t worry! If you are a lioness, Then I too am no novice. I will make you forgive me.
Swara snorted. Sanskaar moved closer and caught both her hands and pulled her close to him.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Don’t you think I can do it?

He slowly raised one of her arms and began helping her wear the bangles, never taking his eyes of hers. Swara began to feel the familiar prickling sensation in her stomach, the one she always felt when he touched her. He took the other hand and did the same procedure. Instead of letting go of her, He twisted her around such that they were both facing the mirror, his arm still holding hers and around her such that they were touching each other.
Sanskaar (whispering in Swara’s ear, making her shiver with desire) : Close your eyes. (She shook her head) Please….
Swara closed her eyes and waited. Sanskaar took something that he had kept in his pocket and placed it around Swara’s neck.
Sanskaar (still whispering) : Now open!
Swara slowly opened her eyes to see a string of pearls and diamonds placed around her neck. She looked at the mirror delighted and shocked.
Sanskaar : I was going to give this to you after our date. But then… Well… You know… So I thought I’ll give it to you now. And look at you, You look so beautiful.
Swara smiled. Sanskaar took the silver jhumkis that were placed on the table and helped her wear it. Swara longed to talk to him but she knew that she couldn’t. She was having way too much fun teasing him.

Sanskaar (still gazing at the mirror) : Now you like like the hall downstairs. Utterly entrancing and radiant. Except for one thing.
Sanskaar frowned. Swara looked at the mirror puzzled. Suddenly Sanskaar smiled and took a packet kept in a purse. He held it out.
Sanskaar : Here! (he placed a small silver bindi on her forehead) Swara, Now you look perfect.
Swara almost melted and turned to hug him, but at the last moment stopped and just leaned onto him enjoying the way his arms felt around her. They stared at themselves in the mirror.
Sanskaar (whispering huskily ) : You know, there is one good thing about you not speaking to me..
And before Swara could glance at him, HE planted two soft but intense kisses on both her cheeks making her blush.
Sanskaar (running away before Swara could hit him ) : You can’t scold me and irritate me. And you look like Ms Pinky now… Bye Ms Pinky. (He chuckled and started to move out) Jaldi Aa jana!
He laughed all the way downstairs.

Sanskaar : Phase 1 over. On to Phase 2… Swara, Wait and watch….
PRECAP : Phase 2 😉

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