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Swara finds out that Sanskaar has paid all her debts and has even settles her Ma with a pension for the rest of her life….

Sanskaar sat in the Gadodia’s dining hall waiting for Swara to get ready and come down.
Sumi (handing him a plate of poha) : Beta! Eat breakfast… Swara will take some more time to come down.
Sanskaar : Ma! So much? How will I finish?
Ragini : No use Sanskaar! You have to eat how much ever Ma gives. She doesn’t budge. You had better start eating….
Sanskaar smiled and started eating.
He thought about Swara as he ate. Her expression when she had read the contents of the envelope still ran through his brain. The immense relief and shock on her face still was crystal clear in his brain.
Sanskaar (thinking) : That relief on your face, Swara! It shocked me. I never knew that you were so worried about this debt. I never knew that there was such a huge weight on your shoulders all this while. I’m so sorry…. But I promise from now on, No more trouble for you. I will face every problem instead of you. You have suffered too much already. The harsh comments of the society, Sacrificing your happiness for the sake of your sister, So much Swara! I don’t know how I ever thought you were a woman who was jealous of her sister’s beauty. I am so glad I am marrying you Swara Gadodia!
He turned to look at the stairs and see if Swara was descending yet.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Uff Sanskaar! Since when did you start caring about Swara so much that you can’t even manage to be without seeing her or thinking about her for a few minutes? But……(he thought of all their tashan moments and smiled) This girl is completely crazy. She changes her mood so fast that you never know what to expect. Pehle she looks at me shocked. Then she comes and hugs me like there isn’t anyone else in the world. After that, she changes 180o and gets irritated with me. God! Living with Swara is going to be so entertaining…. Can’t wait for it…
Ragini (seeing Sanskaar smiling, in a teasing tone) : Sanskaar! Who are you thinking and smiling about? Swaaaaraaa?
Sanskaar (relpied unthinkingly, looking at his plate) : Yeah….(realising what he said, he looked up to see the smiling faces of sumi and Ragini) No… I mean, I was just thinking about how annoying it would be if she takes this much time to get ready.
Ragini : It’s hardly been ten minutes and you’re smiling. So you’re clearly not thinking about how ANNOYING Swara is. You were thinking about something else. But it’s ok, I understand. You don’t want to tell your feelings.
She winked at him and Sanskaar looked around him desperately. Suddenly he smiled.
Sanskaar : Accha Madam? I am smiling and what about you? You are glowing nowadays….. When are you going to introduce Karan to me? Or Swara? I think only Ma has met him… Itna secretive kyun ho? Ma, I think we should get her married off first… Look how she’s blushing… Kyun Ragini? Baat pakki kar le?
Ragini looked around the room trying to escape. Suddenly spotting Swara coming down the stairs, She leaped with joy.
Ragini : Sanskaar, We’ll talk about that later. Look, Swara is here….
Sanskaar had turned around at the mention of Swara’s name. He saw her coming down the stairs wearing a white salwar with a blue and green printed dupatta!
His breath caught in his throat. Wearing white jhumkis and a small silver bindi and silver bracelet, Swara looked like an angel. He couldn’t take his eyes off her kajal lined eyes and her faintly pink cheeks….

Ragini ( cheekily, From behind) : Sanskaar! Close your mouth! A fly might go in.
Sanskaar came back into his wits and closed his mouth. He glared at Ragini, who was still laughing.
Sanskaar : You’re more cheeky than anyone knows. Do you realise that? How is this Karan going to manage you? You’ll end up getting everything with that innocent expression of yours.
Ragini ( airily) : Oh I know!! It’s a talent people would kill to have. Swara is better at it than I am… Why don’t you ask her one day?
She again winked at him just as Swara came and stood next to her.
Swara (puzzled) : Ask me what?
Sanskaar : Nothing really…. Shall we go?
Swara nodded.
Swara : So first to the temple, then?
Sanskaar : Uff! Let’s leave first. You don’t have to know everything, Miss Gadodia! Bye Ma! Ragini! I want to meet Karan soon.
Ragini : Ok! You’ll meet him soon enough… Now leave and enjoy your date.
They left leaving Sumi and Ragini alone in the kitchen.
Ragini : Ma! They look so perfect, Don’t they?
Sumi nodded.
Sumi : Yes Ragini! They’ll be a wonderful couple. You know what? I think Swara loves him.
Ragini looked at her delighted.
Ragini : Really Ma? Why didn’t she tell me? I thought that they would be happy. But I never thought that Swara would love the man. I’m so happy.
Sumi : I know! I was always more worried about her than you. I didn’t know how much she would have to suffer just to make sure that the two of us are okay. She would have gladly starved herself to death if it meant that we both get food. I was so worried about her happiness. But now I don’t have to worry. Sanskaar will not let anything happen to her.
Ragini nodded.
Ragini : They both are perfect for each other. They will drive each other crazy but the moment one is in pain or trouble, The other feels it. They love each other Ma! Even if they don’t realise it yet…
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