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Swasan phone conversation
Swara ( entering the hall) : Ma, What the hell is the matter…..(seeing someone sitting down on the sofa) Sanskaar?
Sanskaar (amiably) : Good Morning Swara!
Sumi (prodding Swara excitedly) : Look! Look! Swara, Look!
Swara : Yeah, Yeah, I’m looking….
She stared at the envelope and opened it, looking at Sanskaar. He urged her to open it. She took out the contents of the envelope and glanced at it.
Swara (absolutely gob-smacked) : Whaaaa…
She looked at Sanskaar in shock….
Swara (with awe) : San….skaar?

Ragini, astounded to see her mother’s and sister’s reactions went near Swara.
Ragini (puzzled) : Swara? (receiving no response, She took the paper from Swara’s grasp) Swara, What is in this?
She also read the contents of the letter and looked at Sanskaar with an expression similar to Swara.
The three Gadodias looked at him with expressions akin to shock, disbelief and awe. Sanskaar looked at them perplexed.
Sanskaar : Hello? Aunty? Ragini? Swara? ( Receiving no response ) Gadodia parivaar??? Hello??? PARIVAAR GADODIA? Have you gone deaf?
The three women came to their wits and Sumi teared up.
Sumi : I can’t believe you did this, beta!
Sanskaar : Aunty….
Sumi : No! No no no no no…. You are not to call me aunty anymore. Pleasem If you don’t mind, Call me Ma from today?
Sanskaar smiled and nodded. He hugged Sumi and kissed her on the cheek.
Sanskaar : From today, You are my Ma as well.
sumi smiled and blessed him. She patted his cheek and went to clear her tears and get her emotions in control.
Ragini : Sanskaar! Even I can’t believe it. You are so thoughtful.
Sanskaar : Nothing like that, Ragini! I just felt it was my duty. After all, I too am a Gadodia son now.
Ragini grinned and hugged him.
Ragini : You’re going to be the best jiju ever!! I’ll go calm Ma now. Byee….
She too left the room leaving only Swara and Sanskaar in the room.
Sanskaar (softly) : Swara?

Swara stood in the middle of the room staring unfocusedly at him.
Sanskaar : Swara? What happened?
Swara still stared at him while he looked at her with a concerned and perplexed look. Suddenly Swara dropped the bare envelope which was still in her hand and ran towards Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Sw…
Before he could finish telling her name, She enveloped him in huge bear hug. He almost stumbled and fell, due to the forcefulness of her hug, But at the last moment stood straight, his face showing his shock.
Sanskaar : Swara?
Swara (clutching Sanskaar tightly, sobbing ) : I didn’t know you cared about us so much. I didn’t know… I didn’t know…. Sanskaar! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PAID OFF ALL OUR DEBTS. I never told you anything about the financial prolems we were facing, yet you were so thoughtful for Ma that you paid everything and put in a pension for Ma! All because she could live so happily…….
She clutched him even tighter. Sanskaar’s heart was racing with pleasure and her speech made him feel like he was on Mount Everest.
Swara (continued) : I don’t know how I could have ever thought that you were an arrogant jerk. You are the nicest man I’ve ever met. The nicest. I’m sorry (her voice broke down) I’m sorry..I’m sorry….

Sanskaar (touched and broken hearted to see his strong Swara cry) : Swara! Why are you crying? And how could I have not done this? This is going to be my parivaar too from now on, na? Then why will I not take care of my Ma and my sister….
She looked up at him, with tears in her eyes, wonderingly. He smiled at her.
Sanskaar : Swara! I did this to see a smile on your face. I thought you will be happy to know that your Ma will be taken care of from now on. This beta will make sure she’s always aright. Then why
are you crying? Why Swara? I can’t see you cry..Please….
He hugged her tightly and she clinged on to him. Finally,
Swara : These were tears of joy and relief, Sanskaar! Do you know how much I had stayed up the whole night this past year wondering how I was going to pay all the debts? After Papa died, We were fine for a while, But then soon our financial problems increased so much that I had no other choice than to borrow. And when I found a job in Kolkata, I thought I could pay it back. But I had to wait 3 months before I started. I was so worried for Ma and Ragini. How was I going to support them? How will they lead a comfortable life?
Sanskaar listened to her silently, understanding that she needed to pour the secrets she had been harbouring all these months. He just held her close to him.
Swara (continued) : And then, You came into our lives. I knew from the very first day that if Ragini married you, Our problems might be solved. But I didn’t want that for her. I didn’t want her to marry a man who I thought was the worst man alive. But now, I realise how wrong I was. I do. You are the best person alive. Please forgive me! Please… Please… (she starts sobbing again)
Sanskaar slowly raised her head and wiped her tears. He kissed her forehead and hugged her sideways.

Sanskaar : No Swara! You don’t have to be sorry. It wasn’t your fault. I was an arrogant jerk. I was not who I am now. The Sanskaar that you see now isn’t the same Sanskaar who was there a month ago. It is you and your family who brought about this change in me. Especially you, Swara Gadodia! You taught me how to be more relaxed and more amiable. And after all, What do you have to be sorry for? Even i had misconceptions about you. I thought you were a selfish girl. I misunderstood you so badly…..
Swara stared at him.
Sanskaar : Swara! I’m sorry too. I was too judgemental about you. I thought you must be jealous of Ragini’s beauty and popularity that I failed to see your love for your family. I failed to see the pain you took upon yourself so that the others can lead a comfortable life. I’m so sorry!
Swara stopped him.
Swara : No Sanskaar! From now on, No more sorries and no more thank you’s…. We are to be husband and wife. I’m just glad that we understood each other so well. There are no misconceptions between us now.

Sanskaar : Yes Swara! Till today, we were friends. But today we are something more. We are best friends and partners for life.
Swara, though disappointed that he didn’t mention love, smiled at him, nodded and hugged him, which he reciprocated with vigour.
After some time,
Sanskaar (murmuring in her ear) : Swara!
Swara : Mmmm…
Sanskaar : I have to tell you something.
Swara (straightening herself) : Toh bolo!
Sanskaar : I’m glad I came so early. You want to know why?
Swara nodded. He stepped forward and whispered in her ear, making her shiver with anticipation.
Sanskaar (lowering his voice dramatically) : Swara….I am glad because….because…
Swara (breathless and whispering) : What Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : I’m glad I came because I got to see you in your mickey mouse pajamas. It’s so funny. The great Swara Gadodia, who can frighten anyone and intimidate anyone wears mickey mouse pajamas?? Hahahah….LOL Swara!! C’mon, Ek picture toh we have to take.
Swara stood with her mouth open to see Sanskaar laughing at her and taking out his phone…
Swara (screeching) : SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI!!! Ughhh…. How can you be the sweetest guy the first minute and the most irritating guy the next?
Sanskaar (laughing) : Your influence, Baby!! Your influence.
Swara glared at him and Sanskaar laughed.

Swara : Today, I won’t leave you! Just you wait…
She started chasing him through the house. He ran laughing all the way until Swara’s room. He entered the room and locked himself in the washroom.
Swara (banging the door from outside) : YOU COWARD! Come out! Are you scared of me?
Sanskaar : Haan! Daayan ho na tum…
Swara : Sanskaar! Watch what you say… Itna bhi irritate mat karo….
Tired of banging the door, She stopped and leaned against the washroom door, utterly silent.
Sanskaar : Swara? (No response) Swara? Has this girl left? Oh God! What if she locked the door from outside? Sanskaar Maheshwari, Open the door! This girl is capable of taking even with me. SWARA!!!
He opened the door so fast that Swara lost her balance and fell straight in Sanskaar’s arms. They stare at each other for a long time admiring one another.
Swara : Mr Maheshwari! First, You call me a kid, Then you call me a daaysn and finally, you want me to fall. You’re very bad…. Jao…I don’t want to talk to you.
Sanskaar (amused) : Arre! Did I tell you to lean on the door? You did that yourself. How is that my fault?
Swara glared at him.
Swara : I don’t know. I don’t care. It is your fault….Bas.
She went near the basin to wash her hands. He came near her and closed the tap. She looked at him with irritation.
Swara : Now what are you doing?
Sanskaar shrugged, looking innocent.
Sanskaar : I am not doing anything. I’m just conserving water.
Swara : Uff…
She opened the tap again and he closed it again.

Swara (in a warning tone) : Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (in the same tone) : Swara!
She turned and threw a brush on him.
Sanskaar (after catching the brush, amused) : Arre! What the hell! What are you doing?
Swara : Exactly what you are doing…Disturbing me…
She threw many more things until his hands were finally full. He dropped everything and caught Swara’s hand which was ready with more stuff to throw. He pushed her back until the wall near the shower nozzle.
Sanskaar (in a low voice) : Swara Gadodia! Murdering your future husband is a criminal offense.
Swara (innocently) : It is an offense only if your body is found, Mr Maheshwari!
He stared at her open-mouthed. She smirked at him evilly and escaped from his grasp with a triumphant light in her eyes. However Sanskaar pulled her back and she hit the shower nozzle which turned on and water started pouring on them both.
Swara : Sanskaar! Leave me. C’mon! We have to go to a dry place otherwise you’ll get cough…. Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (staring at her with a passionate intensity) : Kyun Swara? I like this spot a lot.
He moved closer to her and slowly removed the wet hairs from her face. He slowly kissed her cheeks and bent down to touch her lips when…
Ragini (from below) : Swara! Breakfast! Come fast… You have to go out na?
Swara and Sanskaar blush and come back into their senses.
Swara : Ab toh tum jao… And let me get ready….
Sanskaar : Haan! I’m going… I have a spare set of clothes in the car, So I’ll change.
She nodded.

Sanskaar : By the way, Before we go on our kind of a date, We have to go to the temple and give our engagement invitation there. So, dress appropriately.
Swara : Ok!! Ab jao!
Swara (picking up the things that she had thrown on the floor) : Yeh Mr Maheshwari bhi na! Why is he so annoying? First he gives us this wonderful news, then irritates me to shit, and now again he’s taking me on a date. Ugh!!!
She turns on the shower and steps inside.
Swara : And I love this pagla! Bhagwan Ji, How come you gave me such a man to love? Either he’s too khadoos, ya he’s too fun and bubbly. Or else he’s so irritating, I feel like strangling him. But even then, I cannot imagine a life without my Mr Maheshwari! This guy is sure to make me pagal as well, But I will be happy. I will have him and I will be with my love. What else do I need? Mr Maheshwari, With each gesture you make, I am sure that you like me better and better. Surely, One day, This will turn into love.
She dressed up and looked into the mirror.
Swara : I hope Sanskaar likes this dress…. Swara! What’s wrong with you? Your world seems to revolve around Sanskaar now. You were never like this before. I guess that the so called “Pyaar ka Bhoot” has caught you too…Pagal ladki…. Ab chal!
She went down to the dining hall where Sanskaar was with Ragini and Sumi having breakfast……

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