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Sanskaar tells Swara that their marriage won't be about love….Swara is determined to get her love reciprocated…

Swara closed the door and came and sat down, thinking of the events that had taken place since morning.
Swara : Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari! You may not love me yet, But I do know you care for me. And that gives me confidence. I will show you that our marriage will be one full of friendship, happiness AND LOVE! I don't know what demons are preventing you from accepting that you can love another person, but I will vanquish them. My love is not so weak that it will never be reciprocated.
Swara stood up determinedly.
Swara : Yes! My Mr Maheshwari! You will learn to love. You will have a true marriage. With me. This is a story of Mr Maheshwari and I….And we will write it together!!
Swara sat combing her hair in her bedroom, thinking again about her determination and mission to get Sanskaar to love her back.
Swara (looking at the mirror) : Swara Gadodia! You told that you will make Sanskaar love you. But how are you going to start? (she places the comb in her mouth and starts thinking) Kya karoge, Swara? What are you going to do? What? What? What?
She starts pacing the room frustrated.
Swara flops down on her bed and looks at the fan.
Swara : Aargh! Why can't Sanskaar be one of those guys where if I bat my eyelashes or flirt with them, will immediately fall in love with me? No….I HAD to fall in love with the most practical, level-headed man ever. I had to fall for the ever sharp Sanskaar Maheshwari.
She closed her eyes.
Swara : Oh God! Please, Only you have to give me an idea. I have no idea what to do…
She sits and thinks and thinks. Suddenly, Her phone rings and she gets up startled.
Swara (reading the caller id) : Sanskaar Maheshwari! The cause for all my troubles and my happiness.
She picked up the phone.
Swara : What is it?
Sanskaar (taken aback at the forcefulness of her reply) : Arre! What happened now? I didn't even see you since the afternoon for you to be angry.
Swara : Mr Maheshwari!!! Do you have to see me for you to annoy me? You're so irritating. Why can't you just listen to me for once…. Why do you always have to cut in? Ughhh! How are you going to be after marriage? I swear…..
Sanskaar (amused) : Are you done?
Swara (not hearing him) : I swear, Mr Maheshwari…
Sanskaar (interrupting) : Sanskaar!
Swara ( exasperated) : What?
Sanskaar : Not Mr Maheshwari, It is Sanskaar! I've told you that.
Swara : Haan! But I am annoyed with you, So you're Mr Maheshwari now!
Sanskaar ( amused and confused) : Oookay…. But what have I done? When did I not listen to you? (He sees that Swara is still rambling on) SWARA GADODIA!
Swara froze.
Swara : What?
Sanskaar (showing first signs of exasperation) : When did I not listen to you? What the blo*dy hell are you talking about? First stop rambling and tell me…
Swara suddenly realising what she said to Sanskaar hit her head.
Swara (thinking) : Oh blo*dy! Swara! What the hell is the matter with you? Now what will you tell him? That you were asking him those questions because he didn't tell you he loves you? Pagal ladki!! Shit…
Sanskaar (over the phone) : Swara? Are you still there?
Swara (startled, loudly) : Yes, I'm here… What do you want?
Sanskaar (incredulous) : Pagal! First I call you for some reason, Then you start going on and on about how I don't listen to you when poor me didn't even do anything. Then finally when I ask you what's the matter, You ask ME what's wrong? Seriously, Are you drunk or high?
Swara : Ughhh! Sanskaar Maheshwari! Stop irritating me! I have many reasons to be annoyed with you….
Sanskaar : Accha? Toh start listing them…
Swara (startled, stammering) : Li…st..ing th…em?
Sanskaar (airily and relaxed) : Haan! C'mon! I have a lot of time to listen to my transgressions.
Swara : But I don't have time to tell you na! Now….
Sanskaar (suddenly in an intense, soft voice) : You know what, Swara?
Swara (warily, confused at the sudden change) : What?
Sanskaar (in that same voice) : I think that you miss me. That's why you're irritated.
Swara ( taken aback) : Kya? Are you mad? Why will I miss you?
Sanskaar : Swara! You know why…. You know why…
Swara closed her eyes.
Swara (her voice weakening) : No, I didn't!
Sanskaar : If you didn't, then why were you thinking about me?
Swara (desperately) : Sanskaar! What the hell is the matter with you? You have confused me completely. Now will you tell me why you called me or shall I cut the call?
Sanskaar laughed.
Sanskaar (amused ) : Ok Baba! I won't bring up this matter anymore. I actually called you because….
Swara : Because?
Sanskaar (suddenly hesitant) : Because I wanted to listen to your voice.
Swara (surprised) : My…voice?
Sanskaar (sheepishly) : Haan!
Swara (amused) : Why? Pyaar ho gaya kya?
Sanskaar : You know my take on love, Swara! I wanted to listen to your voice because….(he lowers his voice)
Swara (enthralled, also lowers her voice) : Because…
Sanskaar (loudly) : Because I felt like listening to a daayan's voice…
He burst out laughing. Swara stood there with her mouth open. The awful man had called her a daayan? And she loved him…What logic was this?
Swara (indignantly) : Sanskaar…..You…..You…..I won't leave you….I will come and murder you…
Sanskaar : Oh my God! Itni naarazi? C'mon Swara, Be a sport.
Swara : hmmph!
Sanskaar : Just kidding baba! Now listen, The reason I actually called was to tell you to be ready by 9 tomorrow. We are going to go out for a whole day.
Swara (excited, but doesn't show it) : Like on a date?
Sanskaar : Well….Yes! I want to know more about you. I need to know more about you. So be ready tomorrow. I will pick you up at 9. Ok?
Swara : Ok!
She cut the call and looked in the mirror.
Swara (smiling softly) : Mr Maheshwari! This conversation proved one thing… You like me. Let's see how long it takes for you to love me. But Swara, Why is he so against love? What happened? Pata lagna padega!…… This guy is completely pagal….But he's still my pagal!
Sanskaar cut the call and sat in his study, A soft smile playing on his lips.
Sanskaar : What happened to this girl now? I never knew she could ramble on so much! What was she telling? That I don't listen to her? When did I not listen to her? She always has so much to tell. How can I not listen to her. Uff, Yeh ladki bhi na!
He thought of her and laughed.
Sanskaar : Pagal ladki! But she's still going to be my pagal! This spark between us will never diminish, My Swara! So what if there isn't any love between us, We will still have friendship and care. You were the best choice for me. I don't know why I didn't realise it before.
He took out his phone and saw a picture of the two of them.
Sanskaar : My soon to be Mrs Maheshwari! Just wait and see what I have planned for tomorrow.
He got up to go to the bedroom. Suddenly he reverts back and came took an envelope from the desk.
Sanskaar : How could you forget this? If you go to the Gadodias' place without this, How can you see Swara's smile? How can you see her happiness when she sees what's in this?
He took the envelope and went to his bedroom to sleep.
Sumi (screaming) : Oh my God!!!!
Swara woke up with a start.
Swara (rubbing the sleep from her eyes) : What? ….What is happening? Ma? Why is she shouting so early in the morning?
Sumi (from downstairs, Screaming) : Swara! Ragini! come down!
Swara jumped to her feet and started going downstairs. She met Ragini on the way, who had just come from a jog.
Swara : Good morning Ragini! Do you know why Ma is shouting? That too, In the morning?
Ragini : No idea….I went for the jog, came back and went to the washroom. Ma started shouting just as I was coming out.
Sumi (still screeching) : Are you both deaf? Swaragini! Come down at once.
Swara : Let's go before MA gets a heart attack!
They chuckle and go downstairs.
Swara ( entering the hall) : Ma, What the hell is the matter…..(seeing someone sitting down on the sofa) Sanskaar?
Sanskaar (amiably) : Good Morning Swara!
Sumi (prodding Swara excitedly) : Look! Look! Swara, Look!
Swara : Yeah, Yeah, I'm looking….
She stared at the envelope and opened it, looking at Sanskaar. He urged her to open it. She took out the contents of the envelope and glanced at it.
Swara (absolutely gob-smacked) : Whaaaa…
She looked at Sanskaar in shock….
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