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Chapter 16
Swara tells the truth to Sanskaar. Sanskaar announces that he will marry Swara

Sanskaar : If anyone else has some problem or doubt about Swara and I, Let me clear that as well. I AM GOING TO MARRY SWARA GADODIA! I AM VERY LUCKY TO GET HER IN MY LIFE AND AM NOT ABOUT TO LET GO!
Swara (stunned) : Sanskaar?
Sanskkar( in a voice that brooked no protest and was final) : SWARA GADODIA WILL SOON BECOME SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI! And no one else could be happy about this decision as much as I am.
He turned towards Swara and held her hand. She looked at him in wonder. He nodded his head reassuringly and took her in front of their mothers.
Sanskaar : Mom! Badi Ma! Aunty! Are you happy with this decision?
Sujata : Ofcourse beta! We all love Swara.
The other two also nodded and Annapurna kissed Swara in her forehead.
Annapurna : Meri Ghar ki Lakshmi!
Swara still stared blankly at everyone. She was completely flabbergasted. She had been expecting Sanskaar to reject her and move on with his life and now, He had announced to everyone that he was going to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her? How could he do that? How could she let him marry her when he didn’t even love her? How could she let him sacrifice his happiness, All so that she could have a respectable life?
Swara (thinking) : No Swara! You cannot let this happen. You have to talk to him.
Ragini came forward just then, glowing with happiness.
Ragini (grasping Swara’s hands) : Swara! I am so glad….
Swara : Ragini, Bas ek minute….
She freed herself from Ragini’s hands and took Sanskaar to the adjoining room.
Swara (a little sharply) : What was that inside, Sanskaar?
Sanskaar crossed his arms.
Sanskaar : I will marry you Swara! I will make you mine. I will not let anyone insult you.
Swara : But you don’t want to marry me.
Sanskaar raised an eyebrow at that.
Sanskaar : And do YOU want to marry me?
She said nothing. There was nothing she could say, not if she wanted to maintain even a shred of pride.
Sanskaar ( softening slightly) : I guess we will be happy enough, Swara! We are friends already. And we respect each other. That’s more than most marriages nowadays.
Swara sat down to settle her frazzled nerves. On one hand, Her heart was screaming with pleasure and joy as she was about to get what she so desired. But on the other hand, She also knew that this was not a marriage that was by consent. It was a samjhota!

A samjhota on both their parts. He was going to have to marry a girl he didn’t love. And she was going to have to marry a man who might never love her.
Swara ( Shielding her face and looking down) : Sanskaar! Just because you made this announcement, People are not going to stop talking about us. This is going to be a huge scandal.
Sanskaar sat down next to Swara and put an arm around her.
Sanskaar : People always talk, Swara! There is nothing we can do about that. Especially with those blo*dy gossipers like Mrs Sharma and that odious Mrs Khanna.
Swara smiled, in spite of herself.
Sanskaar : So we might as well make the best of this….. I decided that I would get married this year….
Swara (interrupting) : Why? Why do you have to get married this year?
Sanskaar got up and turned away from Swara. How could he tell her why he really wanted to get married? How could he tell her he wanted to leave behind a family and be with his child for at least a few years before he left? How could he tell her that he wanted his mothers to laugh and spoil their grand-child? He had no answer to give her.

Sanskaar ( in a slightly pained voice) : Because I decided that I would get married this year. And once I make a decision, I don’t like to change it. This is a good enough reason for me to marry you. And you too have to get married eventually…..
Swara ( interrupting again and getting up) : Actually I wasn’t planning to, at all.
Sanskaar froze. He stood still for many minutess before he realized that he was feeling rage. It was boiling within him.
Sanskaar (looking at her ) : You were going to live your life alone? With no one to support or love you?
Swara smiled sadly, her eyes innocent and frank, and nodded.
Swara : It seemed like a definite possibility.
Sanskaar held himself still for several seconds, thinking he might like to murder all those men and women who had compared her to Ragini and found her lacking. Swara truly had no idea that she might be attractive and desirable in her own right.
He thought about what had happened again since he had asked his Bade Papa to guide him. He had finally decided that he would not marry Swara, though he knew that he would be truly happy with her. He could not burden Swara with this unwanted relationship.
But when he walked downstairs and heard those ladies insulting Swara, It had taken all his strength and willpower not to murder them. How could they think that Swara, the most selfless girl on this planet, the girl who had given up her happiness for her sister’s, could be a gold digger? How could they think that she was after him only for money?
He had announced that he would marry Swara. But even his initial reaction was disbelief and horror. Not to mention a prickling sense of pride. No man liked to be forced into marriage.
But as he stood there, watching Swara howl in protest (not, he thought, the most flattering of reactions, but he supposed she was allowed her pride as well), a strange sense of satisfaction washed over him.

He wanted her.
He wanted her desperately.
He wouldn’t, in a million years, have allowed himself to choose her as a wife. She was far, far too dangerous to his peace of mind.
But fate had intervened, and now that it looked like he had to marry her… well, there didn’t seem much use in putting up a big fuss. There were worse fates than finding oneself married to an intelligent, entertaining woman whom one happened to lust after around the clock.
All he had to do was make certain he didn’t actually fall in love with her. Which shouldn’t prove impossible, right? The Lord knew she drove him crazy half the time with her incessant arguing. He could have a pleasant marriage with Swara. They would have a normal marriage. Half the people had marriages like that anyways, nowadays. It didn’t have to go any deeper.
And he couldn’t have asked for a better woman to serve as mother to his children after he was gone. That was certainly worth a great deal.
Sanskaar ( confidently and reassuringly) : Don’t worry Swara! This will work.. You will see.
She looked doubtful, but she nodded. Of course, there was little else she could do. She’d just been publicly humiliated in front of society’s most elite. She had been called a gold digger and what not. If he hadn’t offered to marry her, she’d have been ruined forever.
And if she’d refused to marry him … well, then she’d be branded a fallen woman and an idiot.
His demeanour completely changed. He slowly started advancing towards her. She watched him warily.
Swara : What are you doing?
Sanskaar : Coming next to you.
Swara (suspiciously) : Why?
She cautiously took a step back.
Sanskaar caught her by her waist and pulled her towards him.
Swara : Sanskaar?
Sanskaar (smiling) : You argue too much.
Swara : You’re doing this to tell me that?
Sanskaar (murmuring) : No! I brought you here to do this.
And then, before she had a chance to utter a word, before she even had a chance to draw breath, his mouth swooped down and captured hers in a hungry, searing kiss. His lips were voracious, taking everything she had to give and then demanding even more. The fire that glowed within her burned and crackled even hotter than what he’d stoked that night in his study, hotter by a tenfold.
She was melting. Dear God, she was melting, and she wanted so much more.
Sanskaar ( whispering near her mouth) : Why do you make me feel this way? Why is there this spark between us? Do you even know what I feel? You shouldn’t do this to me! You shouldn’t….
Swara felt herself sliding into him. Her skin was starting to burn, and her traitorous arms stole up and around his neck.
She wanted him. Oh, how she wanted him. She shouldn’t want him, shouldn’t desire this man who was marrying her for all the wrong reasons.
And yet she wanted him with a desperation that left her breathless.
It was wrong, so very wrong. She had grave doubts about this marriage, and she knew she ought to maintain a clear head.
She kept trying to remind herself of that, but it didn’t stop her lips from parting to allow his entry, nor her own tongue from shyly flicking out to taste the corner of his mouth.
Oh Dear God! How she loved the man!

Swara ( whispering ): Am I a terrible person? Am I such a terrible person that I feel like this? We are not married , and yet,…
Sanskaar moved to her ear and made her listen more closely.
Sanskaar : No.
He traveled to her lips and forced her to swallow the word.
Sanskaar : No.
Swara felt her head fall back. His voice was low and seductive, and it almost made her feel like she’d been born for this moment.
Sanskaar : Swara, you are perfect. As of this moment, right here, right now, You are perfect.
His hands came down to her bare waist and Swara felt such a thrill she couldn’t helo herself from letting out a little cry of pleasure.
Swara found something unsettling about his words, as if he were trying to tell her—and perhaps himself as well— that she might not be perfect tomorrow, and perhaps even less so the next day. But his lips and hands were persuasive, and she forced the unpleasant thoughts from her head, instead reveling in the heady bliss of the moment.
She felt beautiful. She felt… perfect. And right there, right then, she couldn’t help but adore the man who made her feel that way.
Finally, With great reluctance, he slowly tore himself away from her, letting his hands rest on her slim shoulders and straightening his arms to keep himself far enough away so that he wouldn’t be tempted to continue where he’d left off.
And the temptation was there. He made the mistake of looking at her face, and in that moment he would have sworn that Swara Gadodia was every bit as beautiful as her sister.
Hers was a different sort of attraction. Her lips were fuller, less in fashion but infinitely more kissable. Her lashes—how had he not noticed before how long they were? When she blinked they seemed to rest on her cheeks like a carpet. And when her skin was tinged with the pinks of desire, she glowed.
They stood that way for a full minute, both catching their breath, until Sanskaar finally let his arms drop, and they each took a step back. Swara lifted a hand to her mouth, her fore, middle, and ring fingers just barely touching her lips.
Swara (turning away, whispering) : We shouldn’t have done that.
She did not notice Sanskaar moving forward and holding her from the back. She leaned back against him and closed her eyes.
Sanskaar (whispering) : I think we did the right thing. After all, We are engaged right? Not to mention that was just happened proves that we are compatible with each other.
Swara : Well, We’re not engaged! Not really.
He quirked a brow.

Swara (hastily) : I just mean that only an announcement has been made so far! No bethrotal preparations and other stuff.
Sanskaar (smiling) : Are you trying to get rid of me?
Swara : N..No!
If he backed out of this marriage, she’d be ruined forever. News of a fallen woman always traveled fast.
But it was never easy to be the second choice, and a part of her almost wanted him to confirm all of her suspicions—that he didn’t want her as his bride, that he’d much prefer Ragini, that he was only marrying her because he had to.
He was so eager to marry her sister and though he backed out when he knew Ragini loved someone else, He had never wanted to marry her.
It would hurt dreadfully, but if he would just say it, she would know, and knowing—even if the knowledge was bitter—was always better than not knowing.
At least then she would know exactly where she stood. As it was, she felt as if her feet were planted firmly in quicksand.
Sanskaar started to say something, capturing her attention with his decisive tone. His eyes caught hers, burning with such intensity that she could not look away.
Sanskaar : Swara, I promised and decided that I would marry you. I keep my word. Any discussion from now on on this topic will be highly insulting……..Do you understand.
Kate nodded. But she couldn’t help thinking: Be careful what you wish for… be careful what you wish for.
She’d just agreed to marry the very man with whom she feared she was falling in love. And all she could wonder was: Whose face does he think of when he kisses me?
Be careful what you wish for, her mind thundered.
You just might get it.
Swara had decided that popularity did not suit her. Ever since she had returned to Kolkata 2 days ago, Almost the entire society had shown up to see how a small town girl who was not even considered pretty had brought the dashing, handsome, suave, arrogant tycoon Sanskaar Maheshwari to his knees and leave his casanova life.
She had not had a peaceful moment since then. The guests used to arrive in the morning and offer their ” congratulations “.
Most managed to infuse their congratulations with a healthy dose of unflattering implication. No one believed it possible that the eligible bachelor might actually want to marry Swara, and no one seemed to realize how rude it was to say as much to her face.
Swara just smiled (or tried to, at least; she suspected that her attempts at gracious and friendly response were not always convincing) and nodded, and murmured, “I am a fortunate girl,” whenever Ma poked her in the side.
In fact the only time when she had felt really happy was when she spoke to Ragini the day he had made the announcement.
Ragini : Swara! I am so happy for you. I know you didn’t think he would marry you, But I am so glad he realised how awesome you really are. In fact, I am not at all surprised he took this decision.
Swara ( surprised) : You are not surprised? What do you mean? This is the most shocking thing ever.
Ragini : What the hell is wrong with you, Swara? The man is obsessed with you. Not obsessed, He is smitten. It was so obvious to me. Why doesn’t anyone else notice it?
Which had left Swara rather puzzled, since she’d been fairly certain that Sanskaar had had his matrimonial sights set on Ragini.
As for the blasted future groom, the lucky man had been able to avoid the harsh scrutiny she’d been forced to endure. He had stayed back in Venus Park to take care of some business related to his various properties and deals.
Swara sat in the hall, enjoying a peaceful day after so long. Sumi and Ragini had gone to meet some neighbour and so Swara was truly alone, with just her loving Zozo to keep her company.
Just then, The doorbell rang!
Swara (frustrated) : blo*dy hell!
She started walking towards the door.
Swara : I am fed up of all this fake greetings and all. Zozo! Why can’t people just say what they truly mean? God! Now another person will come and I’ll have to tell “Yes Aunty”, ” No aunty” ……blo*dy hypocritical people. And Sanskaar! Why should he be worried? He is nicely enjoying in Darjeeling. He left me alone to face the wolves. Urghh!
Swara (turning the knob of the door, and looking down at Zozo ) : You know what, Zozo! When that man comes back, I swear that I’ll kill him. I am going to burn him alive……
A man’s voice (amused) : Are you talking about me?
Swara looked up in astonishment to see Sanskaar smiling widely, holding a huge bouquet of flowers.
Swara : San….Sanskaar!
Sanskaar had spent the entire four days thinking about Swara and their upcoming union. As if that was such a huge surprise. She had been occupying his thoughts ever since they had first squabbled.
He’d been worried that he could, if he let himself, love her. The key, it seemed, was simply not to let himself. And the more
he thought about it, the more convinced he was that this would not pose a problem. He was a man, after all, and well in
control of his actions and emotions. He was no fool; he knew that love existed. But he also believed in the power of the mind, and perhaps even more importantly, the power of the will. Frankly, he saw no reason why love should be an involuntary thing.
If he didn’t want to fall in love, then by damn, he wasn’t going to. It was as simple as that. It had to be as simple as that.
But he knew that he needed to be straight with Swara. She had to know what she could expect and would be expected of in return. This was after all a personal business deal.
And so he had come to their house with flowers, thinking that he could finish the conversation and then have some fun! He had missed her so much.
He had rung the doorbell. He realised that he was waiting in anticipation to meet her. What would she be wearing? What work of hers got interrupted due to this call?
Suddenly he heard her voice. She seemed to be saying…
I’m going to kill him?
That couldn’t be right!

He placed her ears near the door and eavesdropped on her conversation.
He straightened himself, highly amused, a minute later. The woman was plotting his demise, all because he had ditched her in front of the wolves.
The door opened. And Sanskaar saw Swara! She was talking to Zozo, not even realising who was in front of her. He smiled and said.
Sanskaar : Are you talking about me?
Swara looked up in astonishment to see Sanskaar smiling widely, holding a huge bouquet of flowers.
Swara : San….Sanskaar!
He entered the house and set the bouquet on a nearby table.
Sanskaar : Yes! Me! So, Answer my question, Were you talking about me?
Swara stared at him. She was seeing him after four days and only now did she realise how much she had missed him. How much she had missed those playful brown eyes, that could grow so intense and make her weak in the knees. She had missed that enigmatic smile of his, that had always managed to befuddle her. She had missed his warm, protective embrace in which she could stay in forever.
Sanskaar ( disrupting her thoughts) : Hello? Miss Swara Gadodia? Penny for your thoughts?
Swara ( regaining her senses) : My thoughts are worth much more than a mere penny, Mr Maheshwari!
Sanskaar smiled.
Sanskaar : Achcha?
Swara : Yes! My thoughts are worth…at least….( she thinks for some time) haan! My thoughts are worth 1000 rupees at least.
Sanskaar ( faking shock) : Baap Re! I don’t have that much money and all. Does this mean that each time you think of something and I want to know,I have to give you 1000 rupees? (Swara nods laughingly) Then I’ll become broke. There won’t be a Maheshwari MNc pvt ltd….Oh My God!
Swara ( sarcastically) : Yeah! the billionaire, Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari will become a pauper because of a few thousand rupees. Anyways, yeh chhod! I thought you were coming day after. How come you’re here? And why didn’t you tell me you were coming?
Sanskaar : Aise hi! I wanted to surprise you.
He took the bouquet and handed it to her. She took it, delighted.
Sanskaar : Remember the last time I came to your house and gave a bouquet?
Swara recalled the day where she had quarreled with the man which finally ended with him getting drenched by Zozo and laughed.
Swara : So much has changed since then….
They went into the hall and sat down.
Swara : So did you come here for some specific reason? Or just to meet everybody? Though there’s nobody now.
Sanskaar : I thought we ought to discuss our marriage.
Swara (taken aback) : Excuse me?
Sanskaar : We’re both practical people. I think we’ll find ourselves more at ease once we understand what we can expect from one another.
Swara ( suddenly a bit anxious) : S..Sure!
Sanskaar : Well, We certainly didn’t start off in the best of terms, But now we have reached a point where we are good friends..
Swara nodded.
Sanskaar : There are many qualities and feelings that a husband and wife must possess for each other.
She nooded again, thinking that she might just nod her way throughout the entire conversation.
Sanskaar ( continued) : Friendship between the husband and the wife is of the utmost importance, even more important, in my opinion, than love.
This time she didn’t nod.
Sanskaar : Swara! I will be a good and faithful husband to you. But I have to tell you one thing. This marriage won’t have love. I can never love you, Swara!
Swara stared at him, shocked , an awful lump in her throat. Why, she felt shocked, she didn’t know. It was what she had been expecting.
She didn’t know if what she felt for him could be called love. but she was fairly certain she could love him, and deathly afraid that after a few weeks of marriage, she would love him.
And it would be so nice if he could just love her back.
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