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Chapter 15

Sanskaar plans to propose Ragini during the party..Ragini tells Swara she loves someone else..

Sanskaar : I don’t know why, I don’t know how. All I know is that I admire you. I love the way you care for others. I don’t know what it is about you that made me take this decision. But I can say that I know you will be the perfect bahu, the perfect bhabhi and my wife. I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, Will you marry me, Miss R…
Swara ( interrupting) : OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU SANSKAAR!
Swara ran to Sanskaar and hugged him, While all the Maheshwaris and Gadodias looked at them shocked. The guests stare at each other amazed.
Sanskaar stared in shock at Swara who was hugging him tightly. His heart whooped with joy at this closeness while his mind screamed in protest.
Sanskaar : Swara?
He tried to shrug away from her, But Swara clung on to him. She stood on tiptoe and whispered in his ear.
Swara (whispering) : Sorry! I had to do this. Will explain in some time. Please just play along.
Sanskaar jerked back a little to see Swara’s face. Swara looked at him pleadingly. Sanskaar saw the earnestness and desperation in her face and knew something big had happened. Otherwise, She would never have taken this decision.
He nodded almost imperceptibly. Swara sighed releived and smiled. They hugged each other and everyone started clapping.
Sumi (smiling, though she is completely shocked) : Well, I want to congratulate you both in private. Why don’t we go to your study, Sanskaar beta?
Sanskaar nodded. He asked Laksh and Adarsh to take care of the guests and started for his study with Swara, Sumi, Annapurna and Sujata in tow.
Sumi (in a shocked voice) : What was that Swara? What were you thinking?
Annapurna : Haan Swara beta! Bol! What happened that you had to intervene in your SISTER’S proposal.
They all look at her in confusion and disapproval.
Swara : I will answer all your questions, But before that, I want to ask Sanskaar one thing. In private. (she glanced at the ladies, who nodded and left the room).
Sanskaar (his voice, a little curt, because of the shock) : Now tell me, Swara! Why did you take this step? I thought you were happy for both of us. What happened….
Swara (cutting in) : I told I will tell you everything. But first, Answer this question. Do you love Ragini?
Sanskaar looks at her stunned.
Sanskaar : What the hell do you mean by that?
Swara : It is a simple question Sanskaar. Do you love my sister? Look at me and answer the question. Do you love her?
Sanskaar unable to lie to her face, sighed and shook his head.
Sanskaar : I like her. I do. But this is not love.
Swara nodded.
Swara : Ok! Now I will tell you the whole truth.
She called the mothers back in and explained everything to them.
Swara (To Sanskaar) : I even tried telling you that I have something important to tell you, But Laksh took you away before that. I had no other choice. I couldn’t let my Ragini sacrifice her love and I couldn’t let my friend be embarassed in front of all his guests.
Everyone stared at her speechless.
Sumi : Swara! You did this for Ragini? You took such a big step so that Ragini could get her dream guy. Pagli…Why didn’t you tell me? I would have done something. Why did you take such a big step?
Swara : MA! If I had time, You know I would have come and told you. But there was absolutely no time. I learnt the truth 10 minutes before Sanskaar made the announcement. I rushed over to stop him, But the timing was just impeccable. I didn’t really have any other choice.
Annapurna (smiling) : Beta! I am really proud of you! It’s very rare that a person will selflessly think of others before themselves. Sanskaar, You should be grateful to her. She saved us from a huge embarassment today.
Sujata : Haan Swara! Jiji is right… You thought about my child instead of yourself. How can we ever repay this?
Swara : What are you telling? I am just like your daughter na? There is no talk about repayment and all between mothers and daughters.
Sujata smiled and hugged Swara.
Sumi : But now what do we do? Everyone is waiting out there. What are we going to tell them.
They all fell silent at her words. Swara glanced at Sanskaar and then turned towards the window, shielding her eyes from everyone.
Swara : You all don’t have to worry about that. I have thought about this as well.
Annapurna : You have? What is it?
Swara : I cannot ask Sanskaar to enter this unwanted relation with me. It is not fair to him and if we continue with this farce, It won’t be fair to our families as well. So, Let the announcement be made. After a month or so, Another announcement of our break up will be made. Blame it on me or blame it on the situation, I don’t care. But we both will be free and won’t have to continue with this drama anymore.
Annapurna : Swara? This may not be the best course of action to take. You do realise that even now, No one wants a bahu or a dhamaadh who have been rejected before or where involved in a huge, public relationship?
Swara (turning around and smiling sadly) : How does it matter Aunty? Sanskaar is a catch. Despite his reputation for the past three years, He has been the most eligible bachelor in Kolkata. You will surely get your perfect bahu! As for me, Surely someday I will find someone. So don’t worry!
Swara (thinking) : I will never find someone. I can never imagine myself with anyone else.
Sanskaar, who had been listening to their conversation without any comment, finally spoke.
Sanskaar : I want to talk to you, Swara!
The mothers realise that he wanted to talk to her alone and quietly left the room.
Swara (rushing through her words) : I am sorry, Sanskaar! I know it was wrong of me to hug you and shout like that. But I really had no choice. You understand, right? But still, I am sorry…..
Sanskaar ( interrupting her angrily) : Bas Swara! Why the hell are you apologising? You saved me from being embarassed. You saved your sister from sacrificing her love. And you did this without even thinking of yourself?
Swara : Sanskaar…She is my sister. I am ready to do anything for her. She trusts me to protect her. And I will do that, at any cost. Why are you so angry anyways? You don’t love Ragini. You don’t even seem sad that this marriage broke. Then why? Why are you so pissed?
He advanced towards her with quick steps. Swara, seeing his intense look began walking backwards, But her way was blocked by the door. He puts his arms on the door so that she cannot move.
Sanskaar (in a low angry voice) : You think I am angry because my relation with Ragini broke off? I am not. I am angry because you never seem to think of yourself. When your mother told you to search for a husband, You didn’t. Because you wanted Ragini to settle down. You wanted her to have the best. How many times will you sacrifice things Swara? I get that you did it for her. I would do anything for Uttara too. But why me?
Swara couldn’t look at him anymore. Sanskaar shook her and moved even closer.
Sanskaar : Why Swara? Why did you not let me be embarassed? What am I to you? What do we feel for each other?
Swara closed her eyes, not knowing what to say.
Sanskaar : Look at me Swara! And give me an answer.
Swara (not looking at him, but she knew she had to give an answer) : Sanskaar! I told you, I am your friend. And I don’t let my friends get hurt or hurt themselves. That is why I did this. It is your decision now. Either you decide to jilt me now or you jilt me in few days. I have no expectation that you need to marry me.
She freed herself and opened the door.
Swara : One more thing, Sanskaar! I would have taken this decision, no matter what. And I want you to take a decision. Please don’t feel trapped by your guilt or anger or your duty towards me. Take a decision that will ensure your happiness. I know how to find my happiness. So don’t feel pressurized. I will await your decision.
And she left, leaving Sanskaar staring after her.
Sanskaar sat down in his study.
Sanskaar : Yeh kya ho gaya? Everything was supposed to be okay. I was supposed to marry Ragini. My life was supposed to be crystal clear. I was supposed to have a calm and peaceful life, full of happiness and content. Swara was supposed to be my sister-in-law.
He closed his eyes.
Sanskaar : And now. Now, everything is so ghadbad. Ragini loves someone else. If only I had known about that, I would never have started this announcement. I don’t blame Ragini. It was not her fault. I was only stupid, thinking that I will surprise her. Surprises never end in the way you expect, Sanskaar! When will you learn that?
He recalled Swara trying to tell him something, her hugging him. Her story and her statement that she would wait for his decision.
Sanskaar thought about Swara’s statement.
Swara : I am your friend. And I don’t let my friends get hurt or hurt themselves. That is why I did this.
Sanskaar : Swara is such a good person. She did everything for me. How am I supposed to jilt her? But how can I marry her? I cannot. Because I know that if I do, I will start loving her. And after I understand love, How will I have the strength to leave her? How will I be prepared when I have to go?
He turned towards DP’s picture.
Sanskaar : Bade papa! You have always told me what to do. It was from you that I learnt how to make and take decisions. Please guide me now. On one hand, I can marry Swara. I know I will be extremely happy with her. I could even love her. She is like my breath of fresh air. But I need to be away from love. How can I be ready to join you when I could be so happy here?
Sanskaar : And on the other hand, I can jilt Swara. I can leave my happiness and choose an easier passion free life. But how can I jilt her knowing the way society will react. They will insult her. Swara’s a strong girl, but there is no way I can let her suffer these insults. There is no way I will allow her to be hurt. Oh God! Bade Papa! What should I do?
He paced about the room.
After some time, He stopped. He had made his decision.
Sanskaar : Yes! I will tell my decision to her.
He left the room determined.
Meanwhile, Swara was with the others in the party. She had composed herself and told the guests that Sanskaar was planning something as an explanation for his absence,
In her heart, She knew what his decision would be. He didn’t love her. He certainly cared about her, But he didn’t love her. And she knew ot was not fair to ask him to enter a loveless marriage. Not even when it meant losing her own happiness.
Because she knew, without a doubt, that she loved him. She had tried to deny it, She had tried to convince herself it was just a heightened awareness of him, But she could no longer lie to herself. SWARA GADODIA HAD FALLEN IN LOVE. And with MR MAHESHWARI of all people.
The fights between them, their impassionate kiss, their conversation during the rain and the games they had played. All had played a part and now she was helpless. How could she sacrifice his happiness only so that she could obtain her love.
Ragini interrupted her train of thoughts,
Ragini : Swara! I am so sorry. Why did you take this decision? This is all my fault….
Swara : Shut up Ragini! How many times have I told you not to tell sorry? Don’t I know that if I were in your position today, you would have done the same thing? So stop all this nonsense….
Ragini (not really listening to her, pointing towards the stairs) : Swara!
Swara turned towards the stairs and saw Sanskaar descending with a determined expression.
Swara (thinking) : I guess he has made his decision. I know what it will be though. Come on Swara, brace yourself.
She started walking towards him.
They meet at the bottom of the stairs.
Sanskaar : Swara….
2 ladies come near him- Mrs Modi and Mrs Khanna.
Mrs Modi (completely ignoring Swara) : Sanskaar beta! We were wondering what had happened to you. After that news, I was so shocked.
Mrs Khanna :Yes Beta! Even I was shocked. You thinking about getting married itself was a big shocker. Then you gave an even bigger shock by telling you’re going to marry Swara Gadodia?
Sanskaar looked at them with boredom and repulsion.
Mrs Modi : I suppose Swara is okay. But why choose that nobody when you can choose others. Even her sister Ragini would be better. Look at Swara and look at Ragini! Even a blind man can see who is better.
Mrs Khanna : Are you sure you meant to marry Swara? After all, You didn’t specify the name. That girl came on her own and hugged you. I think she did it purposely.
Sanskaar looked at Swara, who had unshed tears in her eyes.
Mrs Modi : Yes, You are right! I think she’s just a gold digger. She only wants your money. After all, she’s a daughter of…..
Sanskaar (angry and shouting) : BAS!
All the guests turned towards him in shock.
Sanskaar went and stood next to Swara, who was sobbing quietly. He placed an arm around her and she sank gratefully into his chest.
Sanskaar (looking at the two ladies) : Swara may not be as pretty as your daughters. But that’s only from the outside. She has a heart of gold inside her. She is way better. She has a heart full of innocence and confidence that makes her face glow. And in my eyes, She is the most beautiful, most perfect girl. It’s true that I didn’t tell the name. It’s true that she came running to me. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to marry her or that she’s doing it for money.
Swara looked up in surprise at him.
Sanskaar : This is your ghatiya thoughts that everyone has an agenda. Only people who think bad are bad, aunty! Remember that.
He turned towards all the other guests.
Sanskaar : If anyone else has some problem or doubt about Swara and I, Let me clear that as well. I AM GOING TO MARRY SWARA GADODIA! I AM VERY LUCKY TO GET HER IN MY LIFE AND AM NOT ABOUT TO LET GO!
Swara (stunned) : Sanskaar?
Sanskkar( in a voice that brooked no protest and was final) : SWARA GADODIA WILL SOON BECOME SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI! And no one else could be happy about this decision as much as I am.
He turned towards Swara and held her hand. She looked at him in wonder.
Sanskaar : Swara! I can never love you…
Swara listened to him shocked

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