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Bachelor Party ๐Ÿ˜‰
In Sanskaar’s room,
Sanskaar (pouting) : Whaaa? Badi MA!
AP (chuckling) : You heard me Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (looking beseechingly towards his mom) : Mom?
Sujata : Chup! Rivaaz hai… The groom and the bride don’t see each other during the haldi ceremony. Is this your first wedding or what? Aarav’s wedding was also like this na?
Aarav, Adarsh and Laksh were sitting on the bed and laughing at Sanskaar’s misery.
Aarav : Bhai! Thoda samay hi toh hai… Then you have your full life with her.
A fleeting sad expression crossed Sanskaar’s face before he glared at Aarav.
Sanskaar : Aarav! Bhoolo mat… I smuggled you here during Antara’s haldi ceremony because you begged me. I gave you a chance to spend time with her and you…
Before Sanskaar could finish, Sujata pounced on Aarav.
Sujata : Kya? Aarav? You came here to see Antara?
She went near him and pulled his ears.
Aarav : Ouch! Ouch! Maasi… Stop it. Accha sorry… If I could ever go back in time and change this, I would. Please… Forgive me…. You’re my sweetie pie maasi na?
Sujata laughed and let him loose. Aarav gave Sanskaar a death glare.
Aarav : Sanskaar bhai.. If your wish is not getting fulfilled, Why are you interested in ruining mine? Bechari meri patni ko vidwah banadogi kya?
AP : AARAV! Chup… Never talk like that, ok?
Sanskaar : Haan Aarav! Never talk like that ok…
Aarav : Sanskaar… I will kill you.
Aarav began chasing Sanskaar around the room while Adarsh, Laksh, AP and Sujata watched amused. Uttara entered the room.
Uttara : Badi Ma! The garlands have arrived…. (looking at the chase) What the hell is going on here?
Aarav and Sanskaar stopped and caught their breath.
Sujata : Uff jiji! We are mad! Inn dono ke chakkar me, We’ll forget today. Sanskaar , Today is your WEDDING. Are you seriously going to fight now? Freshen up aur neeche aao… Haldi shuru hoga…
Sanskaar : Mom….
Sujata : AUR… SWARA IS NOT COMING! Neither CAN YOU MEET HER until after the baaraat. Do you understand? And you are not to smuggle yourself there.. DO you understand?
Sanskaar scowled. Laksh laughed, then shooed everyone from the room. Only Sanskaar and Laksh were left.
Sanskaar : Bhai! I thought…
He stopped.
Sanskaar (thinking) : I thought I could make this morning special for her. I thought I will have the whole day to love her before everything. But now, I have been deprived of the morning and afternoon. What will I do?
Laksh : Bhai! Chachi said you can’t go there. But you can still talk to her and meet her. But not now. After your Haldi ceremony. Because, Ma told we have to send the remaining to Swara’s as shagun.
Sanskaar : That’s another thing. Haldi is for girls, women. Why on Earth am I having it?
Laksh (amicably) : Let’s go ask Chachi, Come on!
Sanskaar (grumbling) : Unbelievable! The whole world is against me…
Laksh chuckled and both of them went downstairs.
Uttara (whispering) : Do you understand?
Adarsh (rolling his eyes) : Gudiya! We are in your room.. Upstairs. Why are you whispering?
Uttara : Adarsh bhai! Laksh can be anywhere. I don’t trust him. We cannot let the other team win, You understand?
Aarav : Uttara, Meri Ma! Don’t you think you’re taking this a bit too seriously? After all, This is a wedding… Not World War 3.
Uttara walked over to where Aarav was standing and stared him down into submission.
Uttara : Maheshwari parivaar ka naam roshan karna hai… And you are a Maheshwari by marriage.
Aarav : Technically no! Antara gets my name.. Not I hers…. (stopping quickly because of Uttara’s death stare) No.. no.. You are right! I am a Maheshwari by marriage. So tell, what do you want to do?
Uttara (clicking her tongue impatiently) : WHY doesn’t anyone ever listen to me? I said… As soon as they enter in the afternoon, We will spy on Sakshi, Laksh, Ragini and Karan! They have one extra member, So we shall have to take extra precaution… Aaj kuch bhi ho jaaye, Par Sanskaar’s shoes shouldn’t reach them… Samjhe?
Adarsh : Uttara! I understand your motive. But how are we going to execute it? Swara will come here soon after the Haldi ceremony there with the rest of her horde, we will be busy with marriage details, Ragini and my Minx will be busy dressing up, WHEN ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT YOU WANT? Not to mention the baaraat…
Uttara : Come on, You two! The word impossible or doubt is not there in the Maheshwari family dictionary.. We CAN do it!
Aarav (looking at Adarsh with a wry look) : Bhai! Why is your sister uttering such cheesy dialogues? Now I’m even more sure we’re going to lose.
Adarsh chuckled while Uttara hit her head in frustration.
Uttara : Why did I get stuck with the two of you? Laksh would have at least helped me.. Do you think I can convince him to join me?
Aarav (chuckling) : Chill Gudiya! I have an idea. Our secret weapon is Adarsh!
Adarsh (confused) : Me?
Aarav : Haan tum. You should call your minx and prod her with questions. Then finally, We will have the upper hand!
Uttara (eyes gleaming) : Yes! This will be perfect…. But not now. We will call her after the haldi there!
Adarsh (shaking his head) : You both don’t understand just how smart Sakshi is… This plan is going to be a huge flop!
Uttara : Negative Natwarlal! Stop it… We will win…. No one will take Sanskaar’s chappals!
AP : Uttara…..
Uttara : Ji… Aayi! (as she’s leaving the room) Don’t forget! We HAVE to win!
Sanskaar sighed. He was stuck in his room still covered with haldi… Laksh had prohibited him from removing it until he told so.
Sanskaar : Bad enough I can’t do anything for Swara… It’s so unfais that Uttara and Aarav are allowed to go there and give the shagun. What about me? Mujhe jaana hai vahan.. And on top of that, Half an hour of torture with those aunties putting this haldi.. Haldi… Why does a boy have to put Haldi? And now, Laksh… Where on Earth is he? LAKSH.. LAKSH!
Laksh (entering the room, astonished) : What the hell Bhai! Why are you shouting?
Sanskaar : Can I please change now?
Laksh : Not yet! Someone wants to see you.
Sanskaar (horrified) : Like this? No way!
He shielded his face with his haldi covered hands.
Swara (chuckling) : Too late!
Sanskaar (removing the shield, shocked) : You’re here?
He searched around the room but didn’t find her!
Swara (her smile reaching her words) : Arre! Buddhu… I’m here.
Sanskaar turned to the sound and saw the source. The tablet in Laksh’s hand.
Sanskaar : We are skyping her?
Laksh (nodding) : That’s right! Now you can enjoy!
He winked at Sanskaar and gave the tablet to him, then left.
Sanskaar : Swara! 2 minutes. Please. I’ll go wash my face and come. Then I’ll talk to you.
Swara : Khabardaar! I have already seen you. And don’t you want to see me?
She said it bashfully. Sanskaar’s eyes perked up. Was she shy? He picked up the tablet and slowly turned the camera so that they were both facing each other. His breath caught! Though this was the haldi ceremony, Swara was just wearing a simple orange saree with no jewellery and no make up. The effect was breath-taking. The orange saree made her skin glow like gold. Her hair was straight and she looked so beautiful with haldi on her cheeks and hands.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Gorgeous!
Swara looked down and blushed.
Swara : Not so bad yourself!
Sanskaar : Accha… Are you going to look at me today or not? You were a spitfire Swara… Aaj kya hua?
Swara : Pata nahi! I guess the fact that the day has actually come.. Miss Gadodia to Mrs Maheshwari… Well you get it right? Life’s going to be so different from today. But at the same time, wonderful…
Sanskaar inwardly cringed. Was he actually planning to make her hate him? Was he going to be so selfish that he wanted to hurt someone else?
Sanskaar (thinking) : I will surely go to hell. I am a blo*dy selfish guy. Should I just tell the truth? I’ll try to.
Sanskaar : Swara, Can I ask you something?
Swara (surprised) : Sure!
Sanskaar : Let’s say there is a guy. He knows exactly when he’s going to die. But he doesn’t want to tell anyone else because he’s afraid.
Swara : Afraid? Afraid of what? of dying?
Sanskaar : No. He’s afraid that people will ridicule him for his belief.
Swara : Sanskaar! This guy is going to have to learn to trust people. Unless he does that, There is no way for him not to be afraid.
Sanskaar (thinking about what she said) : Trust… I trusted someone once. But I was betrayed and broken. I love you, Swara! And I do trust you. But I don’t trust myself. I don’t trust… I don’t know what it is… But one word from you will make or break me and I don’t trust myself to hope.
Swara (interrupting his thoughts) : Vaise, I heard you troubled my Badi Ma and mom a lot today.
Sanskaar (glad to step in known territory, indignantly) : Me? I didn’t do anything. They were the ones who refused to let me see you. Bad people.
Swara chuckled.
Swara : So Mr Too-impatient-to-wait-Maheshwari! Were you planning to sneak in again?
Sanskaar (laughing) : Yes! It would have been a replay of Priyalochanisaptamishankari Pandey.
They both grinned at the mention of the name. Their mehendi ceremony played before their eyes.
Swara : I was meaning to ask you… Where on Earth did you get that name?
Sanskaar (Teasing voice) : You really want to know? (At her confirmation) I just joined 4 of my previous girlfriends’ names.
Swara (indignantly) : 4 girlfriends. Sanskaar, What’s wrong with you. Today is our wedding and you are telling me about your exes? Thoda sa bhi tact nahi hai tumhe.
Sanskaar (defensively) : You only asked me. You should at least be thankful that I’m honest.
Swara : Hmmph! I am excusing you for now because today is our wedding. And I don’t want to spoil anything. But Mr Maheshwari… Boo you. But this topic is not over. You understand?
Sanskaar (in a mock salute) : Yes Madam!
Swara : Accha! Ma is shouting now. I have to go wash and then we have to come there as well. BY THE WAY, You are NOT ALLOWED to see me in my wedding saree until the mandap.
Sanskaar (pouting) : Why not?
Swara : Rivaaz hai! And I want to see you there… In front of all the others. No where else.
Sanskaar (giving a long suffering sigh) : All of you will kill me one day. But fine.. I agree. Vaise, Swara?
Swara : Haan?
Sanskaar : It’s finally happening!
Swara (eyes softening) : Congrats Mr Maheshwari….. We are going to get married.
The entire Maheshwari Mansion was in a frenzy. The guests had started arriving. Last minute arrangements were taking place.
Aarav : Bhaiyya! Please keep this stool there. People wil be passing here and they might slip down. ADARSH! Where are you? We need to go and get the ghee for Panditji. ADARSH! ADARSH!
Adarsh (from upstairs) : Haan, Am coming! Uttara is just talking to me, Wait!
Adarsh : Uttara! What is it? Can’t you hear Aarav calling me? I have lots of work…. Jaldi bolo!
Uttara : Bhai! Swara bhabhi, Sakshi and all the others have been here for almost 4 hours now. Did you find anything about their plan?
Adarsh : GOD! Uttara… Itna kaam hai! Aur tumhe…
Uttara (giving him a look that shut his mouth) : CALL!
Adarsh gave an agonzing look and called Sakshi.
Adarsh : Minx! Hii…
Sakshi (surpised) : Darshu, You now? Kya hua? Sab kuch theek hai na?
Adarsh : Haan haan honey… I just… (looks at Uttara helplessly and in return, gets a glare)
Uttara gestured him to talk and she left.
Sakshi : Adarsh! Bolo na kya baat hai.. Why have you called now?
Adarsh : Voh.. Are you ready? Where are you? (playful voice) I can’t wait to see you….
Sakshi : I am almost ready. Swara ko taiyaar kar rahi hoon… I will get her ready then come down in like 15 minutes… My work will be done by then.
Adarsh : So soon? There is still time for the ceremony.
Sakshi (suspicious) : Darshu! Is there something wrong? First you tell me you want to see me, Then later you ask me so soon? Koi toh baat hai…. What is it?
Adarsh (quickly shaking his head) : Arre! Nahi baba! Nothing like that… You know I can’t wait to see you na? I love you, My Minx …
Sakshi (smiling) : I love you too Darshu! I’ll come soon. Ab phone rakhun?
Adarsh : NO.. NO NO No no no … Er… Umm….
Sakshi (exploding) : What the hell is wrong with you Adarsh Maheshwari? Will you please clear your head and tell me?
Adarsh (giving a weak sigh ) : When will Ragini come downstairs?
Sakshi : ADARSH! What is the matter with you? Are you alright? Do you need an aspirin? I’m sure your head is not right. That’s why you’re blaabering…
Laksh (taking the phone from Adarsh) : Sakshi! Arre… bhai ko kuch nahi hua… They just want to know our plan… For stealing Sanskaar’s chappals today.
Sakshi (laughing) : Oh… That’s why he was like this.. He’s not mad after all, Thank God! Give the phone to him.
Adarsh : Sakshi?
Sakshi : Baby… You know I love you! But you will not get to know our plan at any cost..
Adarsh : Minx… I know. Don’t I know how smart you are? Yeh sab… Uss Uttara ki wajah se… Anyways, Waiting for you! Jaldi neeche aa jao! And I’m going to do my hardest to win today.
They laughed and he cut the call. He turned to Laksh who was staring evilly at him.
Adarsh (irritation creeping into his voice) : LAKSH! How did you know?
Laksh : Bhai… Our sister can’t keep quiet. I heard her from the corridor this morning. Seriously… Don’t be angry with me. You want to scold someone, Go talk to her.
Adarsh (shaking his head) : Uttara ki bacchi….. Pagal hai voh bilkhul… The guy who ends up marrying her is going to be one sorry man. Ab chalo!! Varna Aarav will eat my head off.
Ragini : Swara! The baraat party has left…. They will be here in some time.
Swara turned, her smile wide and clear radiance in her eyes.
Swara : It’s really happening, isn’t it?
Ragini (teasing smile) : Pinch karun?
Swara : Pagli!! No… Go down. You enjoy the baraat!
The Maheshwari’s driveway
The baraat entered, Sanskaar in a gold and red sherwani with a turban on his head and regal-looking sat on a horse. Uttara was wearing the loveliest of baby pink lehenga and the other men too were looking superb in their kurtas. Sujata and Annapurna had worn their best sarees and were really beautiful.
They all danced… Sanskaar laughing atop the horse.
UTTARA : Chhote chhote bhayiyo ke bade bhaiya, aaj banenge kisike saiya
Dhol nagade baje shehanayiya, jhum ke aayee mangal ghadiya……

LAKSH : Bhabhi ke sung holee me, rang gulal udayenge
Aayegee jab jab diwalee, milkar deep jalayenge
Chunri kee kar degee chhaiya, aayegee banke purwaiya
UTTARA : Chhote chhote bhayiyo ke bade bhaiya, aaj banenge kise ke saiya…

ADARSH : Jhilmil ho gayee hain ankhiya, yad aayee bachpan kee ghadiya
Naye safar me lag jayegee, pyar kee inko hathkadiya
Jachte hain dekho kaise bade bhaiya, ramjee bihane chale sita maiya

UTTARA : Chhote chhote bhayiyo ke bade bhaiya, aaj banenge kise ke saiya…
Sanskaar got down from the horse and the party stood in front of the door. Sumi, wearing a resplendent green saree performed Aarti and put tilak on Sanskaar’s forehead.
Sumi : Son-in-law, Please enter!
Sanskaar made a move to enter, But Sakshi and Ragini stopped him.
Sakshi : We want our nek!
Ragini : Yes, Give us… Then we will allow you to meet Swara.
Uttara : Oye Hello! What is this? No money now and all… Only if you manage to get and keep his slippers.
Ragini : Uttara! Everything is fair in love and war… And this is both… So no money, Matlab no entry!
Sanskaar laughed amused, and asked Laksh for his wallet. He took out 2000Rs and handed it over to them.
Sakshi : Bas?
Sanskaar : Let me in now.. Baad me I’ll give you more. Abhi kaise dungi?
Ragini quietly conversed with Sakshi and then smiled at Sanskaar.
Sakshi : Enter Jiju!
Everyone laughed and entered.
Sanskaar (To Laksh) : Swara kab aayegi yaar?
Laksh (laughing) : Sanskaar. Ruk! She’ll come soon…
Sakshi (Shouting) : SWARA IS COMING!
Sanskaar turned around to see Swara descending alone the stairs. She looked like an angel. Wearing a red and gold saree, She absolutely complimented him. Her ethnic jewellery accentuated her look.
Sanskaar couldn’t take his eyes off her. Swara’s eyes soon met his and she too held his gaze, not looking anywhere else.
Tere liye ham hai jiye honto ko siye
Tere liye ham hai jiye har aansu piye
Dil me magar jalte rahe chahat ke diye
Tere liye tere liye
Tere liye ham hai jiye har aansu piye
Tere liye ham hai jiye honto ko siye
Dil me magar jalte rahe chahat ke diye
Tere liye tere liye

Zindgi le ke aayi hai beete dino ki kitab – 2
Ghere hai ab hamein yaadein be-hisaab
Bin poochhe mile mujhe kitne saare jawaab
Chaaha tha kya paaya hai kya hamne dekhiye
Dil mein magar jalte rahe chaahat ke diye
Tere liye tere liye

Kya kahoon duniya ne kiya mujh se kaisa bair – 2
Hukam tha main jiyun lekin tere baghair
Naadaan hai woh kehte hain jo mere liye tum ho ghair
Kitne sitam hampe sanam logon ne kiye
Dil mein magar jalte rahe chaahat ke diye
Tere liye tere liye
Tere liye ham hain jiye honton ko siye
Tere liye ham hain jiye har aansoo piye
Dil mein magar jalte rahe chaahat ke diye
Tere liye – 6
Swara came down. AP and Sujata came in front of her and hugged her, told her she was looking absolutely wonderful. Sanskaar walked up to her and tried to say something.
Sanskaar : Swara…
AP : Come on. Let’s Begin the Varmala ceremony. Muhurat khatam ho jaayega!
Sanskaar and Swara stood on the mandap facing each other. Sujata and Sumi handed them the garlands.
AP : Swara! First you have to put it on Sanskaar.
Swara nodded and raised the garland to put it on him. At the last minute, Adarsh and Aarav lifted him up that Swara couldn’t reach him. Everyone laughed.
Ragini (indignantly) : How can you do this? Muhurat khatam ho jaaega!
Adarsh : All is fair in love and war! Remember that?
Laksh : Toh kya hua? Hum hai na…
And he and Karan lifted Swara up so that Sanskaar and Swara were on the same level.
Swara : Kya hua Mr Maheshwari? Haar gaye?
Sanskaar (smiling) : I lost a long time ago, My dear!
Swara (laughing) : So you are used to it… That’s good.
She put the garland around his neck and everyone clapped. Sanskaar lifted the garland and tried to put it on Swara but Laksh and Karan brought her down and Sanskaar couldn’t.
Adarsh : Sanskaar…. Tum bhi neeche aao and then you can put.
Sanskaar stepped down and again attempted to garland Swara but this time, They pulled her back at the last minute.
Swara giggled and Sanskaar scowled. He looked at her with a pleading look and she smiled and moved forward. Sanskaar garlanded her and everyone smiled again.
Panditji : Please sit down.. We will begin the wedding ceremony now.
Sanskaar and Swara sat in the mandap. The rest of them besides AP stepped down to give everyone a clearer look.
Uttara : Adarsh bhai! Adarsh bhai…
Adarsh came running.
Adarsh : What is it Uttara?
Uttara : The chappals are missing…..
PRECAP : Wedding Part 2
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