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Episode 9

Note- anagha wala incident took place at 12 noon..


Swara was lying on her bed…chachi lightened her mood..though, sasha, her chachi didn’t know the reason of her sadness, bt being her friend kum chachi, she didn’t force her..

Fortunately, tears were not flowing from her eyes..her heart was saying that her di didn’t die, while her mind was saying, we saw na today, she is dead..this debated was disturbed by sanskar’s call..

Her phone rings…she picks in 2 rings…

“hel-aeo” swara said..

“hey!!swara…how r u?”

“im fine sanskar..!! don’t worry about me man!! U say wassup??”

“juss tp swara…well I called u to inform that today is my badi mom and bade papa’s 30th anniversary..”

B4 he could invite her or say anything, she started her bak-bak

“wow!! Wish them from me a vveeerrrryyy vvveeerrryyyy happy 30th anniversary…sanskar u know what..(blah blah she continues)”

After 2 mins..

“swara..swara…swara..take a breathe dear!”sanskar said

Swara felt ecstasy from the word DEAR from sanskar’s mouth..

Sanskar continued “listen now!! Today u have to come @ my house sharp @8:00 pm with ur chacha n chachi..kk?”

Swara says “sanskar! How can i?..i mean..its ur personal family function..n..i??”

(guys sujata n ap wants sanskar to select a bride for himself, while sanskar always denies.. I told u already)

Sanskar signs ap and sujata that she is denying to come..ap tells him to keep the phone on loud speaker..he does..

Ap- swara beta!!im sanskar’ badima..

Swara gets shocked to hear his mom’s voice..

Swara quickly thinks – oh jesus!! What sin I have done that sanskar complained his badimom??

Sujata- n im his mom!!

Swara- ha-leo(hello in europian style) aunties!!

Ap- ha so beta I was saying that u have to come today means you have to come that’s it!!

Sujata- yes!! I wont listen to ur any excuses..!!huh!!

Swara feels confortable with them n she gets back to her normal state…

Swara- aunty!! Aap bhi na!! u won’t leave me like this!! Huh! U both are just like my momzie!

Sujata- ha to bas aa jana..ab mai chalti hu..

Swara- aa

Sujata cuts her in middles- na na na..chori! I don’t want to hear anything..got that!!u have to come means come..yes or no??

Swara- aun{(ty..ok I will come)she wanted to say this but again sujata cuts her}

Sujata- yes/no?

Swara- yes..yes..yes aunty..u know u are just like my mom..stubborn…u are..

Ap- sometimes we have to be like that beta!!

Swara- achcha Annapurna aunty..congratulations!!

Ap- tq beta..now we are going..

Swara-bye aunties…

Sujata- bye beta!now u both talk..

Ap n suju leaves..

Sanskar offs speaker- ha!! Say now!! The speaker is off!!

Swara starts bashing sanskar- sanskar..what to say now!! How mean u are?? You complained to ur moms just coz I…uurrghh..

How dare u complain about swara gadodia!!! Do u know who am i??

Sanskar- swara! Just chill yr.I just want u to come.bye.(he says in a hurry)

Swara-errr…wait..wait..wait..i was overreacting.ssrrryy.

Sanskar- its ok!!

Swara- actually..ur moms are soo sweet..u know I miss my mom soo much..

Sanskar- oh so..

Swara—err..sanskar..my chachi is calling so bye.sry..

Sanskar- buhbye..

Swara- bye.

Sanskar- bye yr..tc..see u soon..

Swara-bye yr..same 2 u..

Like this they were saying bye n blah n blah n not hanging their phones..

Swara-urgh,,sanskar seriously now final bye..

Sanskar- bye(he says in a teasing way)

Swara goes to sasha

Swara- chachi that sanskar maheshwari na!!his badima’s and badepapa’s 30th anniversary is there.so..

Sasha cuts her—even maheshwari’s are our close business friends..so ur chacha, arjun also got invitation..

Swara was like oww!!

Sasha- accha swara come lets go..we will buy gifts for them..

Swara- ha 2 mins I will get ready..


Credit to: kritika

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