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Really sorry for not updating…I am busy with my exams…. My apologizing capacity is ending now…but still sorry..

its swasan and kavya n lakshya’s marriage..
kavita arrested b4 only…swara is looking perfect marwadi bride…they married also..but this mad lakshya betrayed our ragini!!!!he pushed her , n when shekhar slaped him,..he slaped shekhar back..then swara hold his collar…moreover, swarag will go to badi after this tamasha..im tensed for ragini as well as our swasan’s suhaagraat also..;)

ahhh lets finish my bak bak n lets start…

sanskar feels guilty seeing her teary eyes..n her words made him realize his mistake…without wasting a single minute , he goes towards her vanity n knocks..

he make up woman meera opens the door.he asks her to leave..

swra- oh man! 1st u fought with me n now sending her out!!

Sanskar- meera u go..

Swara- no u don’t go..its my order..

Sanskar- go

Swara- don’t go

Meera gets irritated n leave while sansakr gives victorious smile..

Swra folds her hands near chests..

Sanskar- so miss. Gododia…sanskar is here to apologize to u…im sorry it was my mistake..i agree..ur words made me realize it..n happy rose day!!

Swara- its ok!! But u wish to me like this??

Sanskar – I don’t have a rose..

Swara pouts…

Suddenly sanskar notices the ribbon which is tied in swara’s hair in the form of hair band.. he takes it out leaving swara shocked..

He quickly make a ribbon rose out of that n places in front of swara..

She gets happy n admires the rose..

Sans- happy rose day!!

Swara- same 2 u..

Sans- friends?

As swara was about to shake hands with him, she stops n says “but wait…I forgived you..now u have to give me chocolate treat!!”

Sans- kk but..

Swara cuts him- yeah yeah friends….

N they both shake hands…

Then a crew member comes n calls them for shoot..

Days passed, their friendship grew..now its 2 week4 days since they are friends..but they behave like they know each other from 4-5 years..

Now swasan have full faith n trust on each other…swara, in sanskar’s and sasha’s n arjun’s company, completely forgets about her mission..

Swasan in restrau…

Swara sees 2 sisters hugging each other and feeding food..

She gets teary eyed n excuses herself,..

She goes to her home n locks the door of her room..

She cries n says- how can I forget about shravani di?no no ….swara work hard on ur mission…I remember in that diary , it was written that the kidnapper kidnapped lots of kids..his name was avinash mukherji..i have some spys in india, they can do my work of finding about this closed case of kidnalpping….


Guys!!the story of the movie is-

Swara were friends at the first..then they fell in love n even confessed…then when they told their families, they didn’t agree…so swasan ran n lived in a flat..they wrote a letter to their parents, saying that they are going to get married..but they didn’t get married coz they wont get married without elder’s blessings..so they faked the letter..they even lived in separate rooms..the family feels guilty for what they spoke to their kids..lastly eht gave add in newspaper that they accepted us..the family comes to know the truth..then swasan get married…

This is the plot of the story plz suggest a name..

N im thirsty , plz feed me with ur comments..

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    1. Tq ambika maybe today or tomorrow I will keep a poll on all the names suggested!!!

  2. Good one, but short one

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  4. Its really nice kritika but toooo short….the title may be swasan(sincere love)

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  5. Nce but short……u want story name Hollywood means English name or bollywood means hindi name

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