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Hey guys!! Kritika here!!
Im here with epi 3 which is a bit long..i have my exams from Monday..so plz pardon me I wont be able to give long update till 22 feb.sorry!!!plz bear me..also 2morrow I will be studying so on that day also I wont be able to upload..sorry!!
Plz pardon me for short update.plz I have my exams…I will post teenage love at evening if possible..


So here we go….,,,,

In london..

Sumi – beta we are going for an anniversary function..will u come?
Swara- no momzie..
Sumi- kk then i n shekhar are going..bye!!!
Swara- momzie how did u know I wont come?
Sumi – im ur mom baby!!
Swara- that’s why 1st u got ready n then asked me..right? anyzwayzz I have to do lots of packing after all im leaving 2morrow..
Sumi—hmm hmm kk bye my princess!!
Swara- bye mom dad

****after they leave***
Swara herself pats her shoulder n says- well done swara..now u will be able to get mom’s diary..
Swara goes to SHUSHTHA’S room n opens the cupboard …she gets the diary which sumi is currently writing..swara knows sumi has the habit of writing diary..where she sticks her family photo at the front page..sumi make a family tree..
Swara takes all those thoughts out of her mind and opens the diary..the 1st page is very beautifully decorated..she sees shekhar’s , sumi’s , a girl’s n her photo..
She was damn sure the unknown girl’s pic is her sister…she reads the name..its written SHRAVANI..
Swara says to herself- wow!! Shravani di!! What a name!!
Then she takes out the pic n scans it ..she again sticks the original pic in the diary n closes it..she doesn’t read the diary..coz its personal.. it’s her mom’s but it’s someone’s…
She packs her things properly n sleeps..

*****next day*****

In London..

Sumi rechecks her bags…n keeps necessary things..sumi makes swara get up..


Sumi n shekhar has tears In their eyes..
Sumi- bye swara I will miss u a lot..but just1 month beta I will be with u..
Shekhar- bye princess..dont get scared..alwayzz be with someone..n sasha (swara’s chachi) alwayzz be with her or with arjun(swara’s chachu)….blah n blah.. both parents start giving their tips..
Swara- momzie dadzu come on I will come soon only 3 months..
The trio hug..shushtha kiss swara’s forhead..n then she leaves..

Swara with her chachu arjun and chachi sasha..
Sasha- beta!! Feel free to live here..u re like our daughter..
Arjun- we don’t have any kid..but..
Swara cuts his words- im there na chachu..
Sasha caresses her hair..
Swara with sasha leaves to set in car..

Swara directly goes to the director..

Swara- hi sir !!
DT- hello swara..aakash(ce)take her to her vanity..

Swara’s make up woman makes her ready in red flowery one piece..with ribbon tied to her hair in the form of hair band..
Swara goes to dt n gives him a rose n says – sir happy rose day!! (in a friendly manner)
Dt- same 2 u swara..

In this way, she gives roses to remaining cast except sanskar..she asks one of the ce ..

Then sasha gets a call so she excuses herself.while swara knocks sanskar’s vanity..he opens the door..he is alone int the vanity,.

Sanskar- so u r swara gadodia?
Swara- yeah!! Sanskar?
Sanskar- hmm..
Swara- happy rose day!! This is for u my friend..(handing him a rose..)
Sanskar- oh common u are soo childish..see by friend’s name don’t try to come close to me..kk..1st of all u are 1 n half hour late n on the top of this..rose!!!
Swara- sanskar..i had a tiring journey from London..n…u..u don’t know me…usually I show attitude to strangers..but I thougth I that I should behave properly after all I love india..but u ..u proved me wrong..i was wrong I should have behaved with attitude only..u are just disgusting..
Sanskar stands shocked seeing swara’s teary eyes..while swara leaves..

precap- swasan patch up…shooting scenes..
remember i told u swasan have attitude for starngers..
n after shushtha lost shravani, sumi started a ngo for kids who were kidnapped or stucked in child labour…
guyzz plz comment!! n sorry wrote this in a hurry!!have to study also!!

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