[email protected] MOVIE WORLD….EPISODE 2

Hey guys!!..Kritika here!!..im overwhelmed with your comments..tq so much…love u.

Here, I directly go…

a grand mansion is shown..then a room is shown with a beauty sleeping covering blanket…her mom wakes her up..

sumi- shone get up!!ur mom is getting super angry now!!

Still our heroine is sleeping…

Sumi then calls shekhar..

Shekhar- shone beta!!get up baby plz..u told yesterday that u are going to surprise us..whats that dear?

Hearing the word surprise, that too from her daddy’s mouth , she quickly got up..

Swara- momzie ,dadzu!!!i got a movie ..

Sumi n shekhar-congo beta!!!

Swara- momzie, dadzu u know Its shooting will be in india..

Hearing the word INDIA , shekhar’s n sumi’s smile faded…

They couldn’t say no to her..they saw their eyes saying the same..they thought to think of a plan..

Sumi- u get ready beta n come down for breakfast..

Swara nods n SHekhar n sharMISHTHA (SHUMISHTHA)leave..

They go to their room..

Sumi- shekhar , I don’t want swara to go to india..the india where I lost my daughter and where people misbehaved with me..

Shekhar- don’t worry mishthi…we will keep her at her chachu’s house..ok!!i cant say no to my princess ..u know after I lost my 1st baby, I became over protective for swara..still I couldn’t find my daughter ,.. I gave the kidnappers punishment..but they too didn’t know her whereabouts..i miss her so much..

Sumi- me too shekhar..ok I will allow swara to go..but after some days I will also go ti india..i just need is time to pick up courage to go to india..

Saying this both SHUMISHTA hugged..

Swara,who came for asking something, was left hell shocked n she had tears in her eyes..she ran to her room..

She sat under shower n cried..

Swara- god!!i had a sister also.i always thought that I was alone..but …she smiles..she again says.. I am going to india for a movie..this is the promise of swara gadodia..i will find my sister..then she thought,..but I need to know her name , some identity..offo!!idea!!i will search in momzie’s personal diary!!yeah!!


A guy is shown doing pushups in a room..its just like a small gim..

Ssuddenly he laughs..he laughs n loses his balance.he falls down n laughs..then we see our sweet RAGYA tickling our hero SANSKAR..

Ragya- tit for tat!!u ate my chocolate na chachu!!see now this is ur punishment..

Sanskar while laughing- plz ragya leave me!!hahaha..i will give u lots of chocolates on chocolate day..but plz leave me now..plzz….

Ragya leaves him.. n then ragini comes in pulls her ears n scolds her..then she takes herr..while she is continuously saying sorry mom!!

Then sanskar laughs at her..after that sujata arrives with mix dry fruit milk shake for her prince sanskar..

He sits on sofa , says tq mom n drinks the milk shake..while sujata caresses his hair,..

After he is done..he huga her n sayz u know what I got a movie..

His mom gets happy n says- wow chore!!well done..by the way who is the heroine?

Sanskar- mom she is a NRI..n plz I know u are hinting me about ..ah!! mom see me..m so small for marriage n all..so..

Ap—so!! Leave that sanskar..get fresh n came fast down for breakfast..today I have made ur favourite italian pasta..

He hugs ap n says- tq badi ma..

Precap – swara getting to know about her sisi’s name..her arrival in india..swasan 1st day shoot+rose day…swara 1st time not showing attitude for strangers..

So guyz!! Hows it??
Plz comment..
N suggest me a name for swasan’s movie..a romantic one yet full of amusement n masti n a bit adventure..

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  1. amazing, just loved it

  2. awesome. ….

  3. awesome
    pls continue teenage love
    update the 2 ffs soon

    1. Tq shagun!! Yeah I will post both the ffs soon!!

  4. Hyy i read ur ff today itself n its amazing buh i did nt read the previous part so ragya?? Blank bout her and yaa d movie name could b “ishtaanzi “plz update d nxt part soon :-p

    1. Tq kiya.. ragya is raglak s daughter. Actually they are 8 years old than swasan.

  5. i m 20 and ur ff made me feel tht u r will be near abt 16 or 17 bt u r jst 13 hats of to u for such a grt idea nd also 2day epi was nice…..all d bst nd keep writing

    1. Tq meera..tq soo much. Di u considered me as 16 or 17 its a great thing for me..

      1. sry to correct u bt is maira not meera…..

  6. Awsme…..but too short make it longer plz…….:-)

    1. Tq heral..long epi..uh..u have to wait for night then..I will upload in the evening.

  7. awesome

    1. for movie name…

      “flowers from strom ” if in movie there is an up down in love story or

      “dreaming of you” if its just awesome romantic movie or

      “devil’s angle” if movie is about gangsters love story and

      u know this all r ideas on which i wanna write ff but i don’t hv time for it. so i am sharing it with u if u wanna make any title as swasan’s 1st movie..

      1. Tq kriya..tq soo much..whenever u start ur ff.i will definitely read it…I dont know u will or not..but I hope u will..tq..

  8. Movie name you need long one or short one?

  9. U can keep the movie name as pyar Ki ek Kahani ?…nd update soon. I m looking forward to another episode choti?

    1. Tq kavya.im glad that a professional writer ( for me u r professional) is commenting in my ff..oh tq soo much., n plz update true love never dies..

  10. Nce but update a bit longer plzz it’s a humble request from all ur ff readers nd make them meet soon nd swara should come to know about Ragini as fast as possible

    1. Tq L khan..long update..then wait till night..plz..

  11. Hi kritika..ur still 13 years means 9th std ur brilliant dr..i read ur both d fiction but i like dis most..all d best sweetie take care….

    1. Tq divya..im 13 but in std 8..im glad that u read both the ffs..tc u too..

  12. really nice but make it long…..update fast….

  13. It is nice but plz make it long.I suggest ”pagal pyaar” as movie name

  14. Behentaha ishq

    1. Tq for ur suggestion..

  15. Wow nice strt … Amazing …. I liked ur concept ..

    1. Tq meghs… tq soo much!!

  16. i am becoming fan of your fan fiction

  17. Movie name should be ” inokhi kahani” and I’m glad to know that you’re of my age. I really like your stories….keep it up

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