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guys, hi kritika here!! after a long gap of 20 days….i really very sorry…i am even ashamed of calling a writer,,..if i write ff, its my responsibilty to post soon..bt i am irresponsible..i accept n admit it…once again sorry…its the longest chapter i ever wrote..ts 10 slides when i wrote in ms word…here we go..

Episode 13
The episode starts with ragini making decorations in mm…
Ap, suju n pari are confused why rags is not allowing them to enter the terrace and why she is making arrangements in the terrace…n what is she doing in the terrace…
Lots of questions and only 1 ans..by rags…
“keep patience”
*[email protected] terrace*
Every1 are present…swasan, rags n all maheshwari n arjun n sasha also…(swara’s chacha n chachi)
Rags- without wasting time, I directly tell u all fr this surprise dinner…first swara…(she goes towards her) see there..
Swara sees on the wall which is covered with a red curtain…she looks confusingly towards rags..then rags smiles n pulls a rope n the curtain…
Swara gets surprised to see everything in front of her…
It was all filled with collages and mixed photo’s of swarag…
Swara gets overwhelmed and was thinking abt shravani,..her eyes were filled with tears and she looks towards ragini with a smile!!
Rags while wiping swara’s tears- shona! U must be confused nah!!
Swara nods..
Rags continues while holding shona’s both shoulders and going towards the wall..
Rags- shona!! Now u must be thinking how do I know that ur nick name is shona!! Soo its me who kept ur name…swara and shona!! U knw when u were in ma’s tummy, I always wanted a little sister…n see…today I got to knw…that I got what I wanted b4 some years..i feel very sad that I missed every step of ur life.. I missed ur birth, ur first words, 1st baby steps, all birthdays, school, college, movies and what not!! Shona!! That day if I was not kidnapped by avinash..then today I would have been with u being shravani..not ragini!!
Swara is totally confused bt somewhere she gets a big ray of hope..
Ragini- yes swara! I am ur shravani!! Nd I knw u must be confused a lot!! Bt I will not tell u d truth..dadi ji!!she will tell u d truth.dadi ji!!
Ragini calls her and she comes frm back…
Swara looks on shocked and says- you!!
Ragini- yes swara she!! N now this ‘SHE’ will only tell u the whole truth..
Anagha comes with her head bowed down..
Ragini- dadi ji!! Atleast now tell her!!
Anagha- b4 24 years, my son avinash had kidnapping racket…he kidnapped ur sis also…bt ur dad put him in jail..n my husband, being a jailor, had to kill his one n only child with his own hands,.he couldn’t bear this..hence, he also died after some days..n then the children whose parents were still not identified were send in NGO’s..till then ur family shifted London..so they didn’t knw about all this..so shravani was also sent there…she n a girl ragini shrivastav were having partial blindness and stomach cancer resperctively..so I took them home for better treatment..one day,when we 3 were going to doctor,an accident took place…n in that,ragini died, so her eyes were donated to shravani…I loved shravani soo much..so did she,.as I didn’t hav any1, I decided to keep her with me, throughout my life…I then changed her name to ragini…as real ragini was dead, no one could ever have recognized her..then I used to give her some pills which made her erased her memory of 8 years…i did everything..i knw I did very wrng and I am not forgivable..plzz forgive me!! Plz..
Swara- its ok granny ji :p!! its ok!! Sometimes forgiveness is d key to happiness..n when my parents come, u will tell all this to then by urself kkk??
Anagha nods..
Swara- and granny ji!! Never do this to any1 now…god has given u another chance…respect it and recify ur mistakes…don’t do any1 bad now!!
Anagha- u are very kind hearted beta!! God bless u!! u r such a pious soul..u ask whatever u want ok!!?? U are like my ra…(was going to say ragini..bt doesn’t say it..coz she is shravani…n no one can ever change it!) sharavni!! U r shravani’s sister…means u r my granddaughter…
Swara- granny ji!! She is shravani…no one can change that she is shravani…bt at d same time..she is ragini also… and no one can change this.beleive me!!

Then swara moves towards ragini and hugs her very tightly..so does ragini…tears are flowing frm both of them’s eyes…
Jeevan Yeh Suro Se Sajati
Rishtey Yeh Suro Se Banati
Bajti Hai Toh Pyar Ki Dhun
Ek Dhup Chanchal Hai Ek Chandani
Phir Bhi Hai Ek Duje Ke Liye Bani
Dilo Mein Hai Pyar Bhara
Suro Se Saji Hai Swara
Rago Se Rachi Hai Ragini
Swaragini Swaragini
Swaragini swaragini

Sujata comes forwards- haw!! Beta ji!! Uh both are sisters!! Aww!! Jiji…look at them their eyes are same…
Ap also comes forward- ha sujata..even their complexion is same…just swara is a little bit more fair…may be coz she lives in a cold place lyk London…good bless u both bachchas!!
Swarag- thank u aunty/ma
Lakshya- woah!! That means swara is my saali!! Wow!! Finally I also got a saali…see bhai (adarsh) now I don’t need to be jealous lyk you..nw swara will always be in my side..hain nah swara??
Swara- haa toh!! Any doubt!!??
Lakshya – nay!!
They both hi-fi…
Sanskar comes forward with teary eyes…of happiness…
Sanskar- I am soo happy swara…u r such a pious girl..such a pure soul..how will any1 do bad with u..see god gave u d happiness u wanted!!
Swara-thanks sanskar!! Its all coz of u!!tq sooo much…
Sanskar- u forgot!!??
Swara- no!! I didn’t!! in frndship no tq no sry….achha lakshya..listen ur bhai is soo boring yr..that day he himself said that he will show me mumbai..n make me taste many dishes..
Sanskar- ohh,…so sry..pakka… we will go tomorrow
Swara- ohkk..done dude..
Dp- so swara and ragini are sisters..this is a very happy thing…
Every1 have fun…even swarag’s chacha chachi had a great bonding with rags n every1 else..
Next day swasan alone go to street shop in Crawford market..
Swasan buy a variety of dresses..
Swara wears this-
Check Here
Sanskar wears this-
Check Here

And now they feel hungry..
Sanskar-swara yr..no I feel very hungry..see there’s mc donalds..lets go there..
Bt swara stops him by holding his hand..
Swara- sanskar…no this mc donalds, pizza hut n all I can eat in London also…u plz take me where I can eat a variety of Indian foods,,..
Sanskar- oh yr!! correct!! Umm…lets see for some Indian food..
Both search by looking here n there…then sanskar sees a small pani puri store (now don’t ask me where…just imagine it..its fiction world…anything can happen here…its kritika’s magic..:p)
Sanskar- swara…!! Swara…!!
Swara- ha sanskar…!! Say nah!!
Sanskar- swara..see there is a pani puri store…I swear u will love it…
Swara gets excited..
Swara- yeah yeah lets go..
Swasan go there..n start eating..
Swara eats a piece slowly by taking small small bites…hence, all the tangy water fell down..sanskar observed this..she was still saying that she loved it..it must be because she never ate such things…
Sanskar took a whole piece and inserted in her mouth,…first swara open her eyes wide and then slowly starts to eat it and enjoys its taste…
They click lots of selfies…and later go back to their home…
Sanskar was staring swara and his’s pics of today’s dayout..
Ragini while going, sees him lost….he slowly sits beside him..sanskar was soo lost in his thoughts that he didn’t realize that she came…she was shocked to see that he was staring swasan’s pics..
She gets doubt that they love each other…but she also knows that they must have not confessed till now as she was already very close to sanskar…n coz of swasan’s movie, swarag also became very close..
Rags could she love for swara in sanskar’s eyes…n vice versa…
She taps his shoulder…
Rags- sanskar,,,
Sanskar- woah! Hi bhabhi when did u come!!? See today we went for an outing..see this..nice pic nah!! See swara…she is looking soo cute…this is my next insta dp..
He keeps on talking and praising her…now ragini gets sure that he loves her..n decides to makes him realize about it…
Ragini-sanskar…sanskar…sanskar….take a breathe man!! Listen to me carefully now!!
Sanskar nods…
Ragini continues- sanskar…do u love swara???
Sanskar gets shock n stands up…
Sanskar- bhabhi!! What are u saying??
Ragini- sanskar….calm down…u love her…I swear…I have seen that in ur eyes…ask ur heart sanskar….not me!! Ohk…teling u was my cup of tea…now everything depends upon u…ohk..!!? chalo good night…
Sanskar gets confused and finally after his heart n brain hav a debate, his heart wins,..
Sanskar- yes yr! I care for her, whenever she is near some other boy I feel jealous..this is it..!! I love her…swara…I love u…I will soon tell u..but what if u dint love me!!?? Don’t worry…I am also sanskar maheshwari..if u don’t love me, I will make u love me,…if my love is pure, true then u will accept my love…god help me!!
Precap- last episode…

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Credit to: kritika

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