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Episode 11
From outside, ragini heard everything..
Ragini to herself- that means anagha dadi..im shravani..oh god!! These much years she separated me from my family..
She gets shocked…
Ragini to herself- I need to talk her right now..
She turns to go …as she takes a few steps, she hears ap..
Ap- ragini..didnt u call swara n sanskar?? They didn’t come till now..n anagha ji also didn’t come..she is coming na??
Ragini- ma actually I forgot to tell swara sanskar to come…wo actually dadi’s (anagha) health is not good so I am going to her house..

Ap- is she ok?? I will also come.. come beta lets go..
Ragini panicks- no no ma!! No,..its ok!! I mean she is ok..wo her age na..in this age some problems are there na so just nothing..i will be there till cake cutting..then I will go to meet …n u ma today is ur anniversary n u will come with me!!?? No I will go alone…
Ap-no beta atleast I will send lakshya..
Ragini- no ma!! Plz..plzz
Seeing her pleading, ap allows her..
After the cake cutting,
Ragini- ma now I think I should leave..
Ap- ok beta but go carefully…

Ragini- ji ma..
Saying this , she leaves..
Meanwhile, swasan come towards ap..
Sanskar- ma!! U know tomorrow is our last day for shooting..
Ap- aww!!koi nai!! U can sign other movie also..
Swara- hope so aunty..
Sujata- mtlb swara will go back!! (with a sad face)
Swara- no aunty,,..i am here for some more time..
Ap- jitna bhi time hai, humare naam kar do!!
Swara chuckles n says- aunty…if I went also na then I will ask sanskar to connect us with skype…kk??
Ap n suju nods..
Dp n ram calls ap n suju..so they leave…
Sanskar- swara come I will take u to our terrace..
Swara- terrace…why??
Sanskar- arre come na..i will tell u..
@ terrace…

As soon as swara enters the terrace , the cold brreze touches her face..the weather is very cloudy and the sky looks as if it will rain any time…and as swara is used to cold weathers, she likes winter and rainy season very much..coming to sanskar he likes rain very much…Cold licked at her face and crept under her clothes, spreading across her skin like the lacy tide on a frigid winter beach. With her pink lips , growing more pink due coldness…
Sanskar- swara I know u like this weather very much…
Swara- and this feeling is mutual b/w us..
Sanskar- swara just b4 some time is saw this and an idea popped in my mind…today first time u visited my home na..so I thought u would like this..
Swara- but I didn’t like this..(pout)
Sanskar frowned..
Swara-(smile) instead I loved it..
Sanskar- come lets sit..
They sit on the swing..
There was silence b/w then which was not akward..they were feeling the cool breeze and the littile littile droplets of water which were started falling just now…
Suddenly sanskar side-hugged swara..
Swara too reciprocated..

Sanskar- swara..i will misss u yr..
Swara- I will miss u too soooo much sanskar..(Streches the word ‘sooo’)
Both are unaware of the new feeling they have developed for each other..they don’t know what to say…
Sanskar- swara do u have any boyfriend…
Swara- oh commom sanskar..u are my bestie do think I am in a relationship??
Sanskar- yes…I mean…yes u are correct im ur bestie..but I was just asking like this..
Sanskar thinks- arre sanskar what were u doing..u said yes thinking u n swara are in a relationship…jerk this thoughts sanskar..jerk them.. u are her bestie n u cant betray her..
Sanskar to swara- soo did u had any bf??
Swara- actually I didn’t have any bf…ever… but I do help many in setting up of relationships…
Sanskar- same here!!
Swara- but I didn’t ask..
Sanskar- wo…(embarrassed)

Swara- but was going to ask..
Sanskar-(sigh) oh..
Suddenly, it starts raining heavily..swara gets up from the swing n goes towards the open place, opens her arms and keeps her head up, feeling the rain…
Swara still closing her eyes, with her head up- sanskar..u too do this na..this feels very nice..
Sanskar does the same but he doesn’t keep his head up, instead he stares swara…
Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan
Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan
Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan

here, they enjoy and there ragini confronts anagha…

@anagha’s house..
Ragini rings the bell vigorously …anagha opens the door..
Anagha- arre ragini beta!! Come inside..see ur self u are all drenched..and..
Ragini raises her hand b4 anagha could say anything,..
Anagha- what happened beta!! Why are u angry??
Ragini- who am i??
Anagha- mtlb?? U are ragini maheshwari..
Ragini- where are my parents??
Anagha- beta!! They died in an accident..
Ragini shouts- lie..again lie..lie ke upar lie..kitna lies bolengi aap??
Why don’t u tell the truth?? First of all, by giving me pills u erased my past memories and now lying..

Anagha- beta how come u
Ragini- I came to know that when ragya was in my womb…doctor asked me only to take the pills given by him , not any else…from that time I get many flashes..and now I came to know that I am shravani ….
Anagha couldn’t face ragini , so she just bowed her head down and listened her.
Ragini – tell me the truth dadi!! Tell me..or it will be very bad for u!!
Anagha knew what ragini says, she does so she started speaking…
Anagha- my son and husband died… my son in prison was hanged to death for kidnapping racket and my husband coulnt bear this and he too died..u and a girl ragini were suffering from diseases and in an accident she died and she donated her eye to u as u suffered from night blindness…then I found u as my life, so I strted giving u those pills on high dose to erase ur memories..n changed ur name to ragini… but beta i..

B4 she could say anything, ragini went in fury towards her car without giving anagha a single chance to speak..

Precap- anagha- ragini’s accident!!no….
And swasan consummation..

Hey guys, u might be thinking in next episode, how come swasan will make love while ragini’s accident take place?? And consummation..!! so soon..till now they have not even confessed their love also!! Stay tuned and keep reading MOVIE WORLD…
Only 4-5 episodes remaining…and plz do comment ..hope this part isn’t soo small..

Credit to: kritika

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