Swasan…modern love and hate (Intro)

A girl is riding a scooter….she is driving rash
Her face is covered by the helmet
While driving a guy comes in front of her….he is in BMW she crashes with the car and breaks the headlight….The guy comes out ….he is just soo cute and handsome….he is none other than Sanskar. ….he is really angry! !!!
The girl removes her helmet. ….she is wearing a hot pink top with denim shorts she looks hot and smart….she is our Swara
Sankar-what is this???Sanskar asks angrily pointing towards his car
Swara-u don’t know? Did u ever go to skull? ?anyway its a c for car
Sans-I did not ask that. …why did you break the head light?
Swara-me?No my scooter broke it …scold it …. (smirking )
Sans-wat?r u mad?pay me
Swara-how much????
Swara-it doesn’t look worth it
Sans-Wat????did u say??
Swara-are u deaf???….never mind I will make it worthy
She breaks the other headlight
Sans-wat is this???
Swara_so u are deaf,blind and unscooled
Sanskar -pay me first…
Swara checks her bag….sorry no money
And goes fast
Sanskar could not even stop her
He was lost in her…..
I will teach u a lesson soon…

Precap-swasan same college. ..rag lak into

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  1. Nice and. Hope it’s swasan and raglak as pairs

  2. nice start.. continue fast..

  3. Ur so mean u don’t post the family love thing it’s a fan fiction it was realy nice also you don’t post the sisters fan fiction ur kelp on forgetting about it which is unfair plz can you do it it was a good fan fiction plc carry on with it

  4. Interesting…..,,

  5. wow nice story line I loved u r ff continue……. update next ep….as soon as possible…..

  6. Thanks all. …
    I will add family and sisters bonding ahead…[email protected]

  7. Something different

  8. Loved the starting…

  9. hahaha…. superb start

  10. blasting start…
    swasan just simply superb

  11. Haha nice hope it’s a swasan raglak ff

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