Swasan- Misunderstanding OR Mistrust by samaira (Intro)


Hii guys samaira here!! back with a few shots again…..

Lets start:-
So this story is basically about the trust issues..
Guys never i read something in the favour of sanskar on thsi topic iam not talking abt the serial tracks but the off topic…
So this time for the favour on sanskar…
# i belive tht there r more swara fans than sanskar i know guys they r SWASAN but still.. so sorry if anyone dont like this u know guys in the stories if sanskar makes the mistake i have always read the comments as he is so disgusting he should get severe punishment but if it is swara then the whole plot turns out and everyone r commenting like pls dont give her big punishment only little punishment…
Only the writers deeksha and on my request Mars wrote in favour of sanskar so thanks …
# sorry for this too big lecture ..

Lets start:-
This will start from a collage love story which means a teenage like thing then it will shift to the adulthood… nd pls dont think i will be more biased towards sanskar..

Swara and Sanskar both are really very good friends in the last year of their collage..
They both have feelings towards each other but are unsure of it so they didnt confess to each other..
Swara Maheshwari- a cute bubbly nd a nerdy girl with big specs.. but she still looks too adorable.. trust anyone very easily
Sanskar mehra- a dashing nd charming boy stud of collage and a gud frnd of swara.. nd bestie of ragini
Ragini mehta- loves sanskar or say obssesed with him.. dont like girls coming near him..
Laksh kapoor- a rich handsome brat bestie of sanskar and ragini.. loves to tease the nerds..
# first we will see their love story …

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  1. I don’t agree with you dear….. in stories Sanskar is punished less than his mistakes…. and about fans then I don’t know about this…. but I have read most of the stories where even after Sanskar did a grave mistake he is punished limited

    1. Samaira_khan

      Oh but with me its complete opposite iam not blaming anyone dear cause without swara Sanskar is incomplete and without Sanskar swara is incomplete

  2. Adishu

    I agree with u…. but do u think that I m against sanskar 🙁 ….

    1. Samaira_khan

      no dear its nuthing like tht!! they r our SWASAN nd like it depends upon the stories we read an POV

  3. Interesting..continue soon..tc..

  4. Sus

    well no doubt in mostly stories Swara is so perfect shown and Sanskar is typically is mistaker or sinner. Rarly Swara is foung mistaker

  5. Independent

    Nice waiting

  6. Neptune

    well there’s everyone’s thinking but i guess you are wrong this time.. like sorry if i hurt you….
    but you know in the 6 months track when swara left sanskaar SWASAN FANS… you know not ragini fans only but SWASAN fans too bashed swara so much…. it hurt me very much…..

    see dear there’s atime where everyone does some mistake.. first all were saying that swara is a mahan or devi and when she did mistake then too everyone bashed her…..
    well lets not talk about it….more or it will lead to a big controversy…..

    well many times sanskaar is shown doing mistake but i haven’t seen many people writing any nasty comments about him they just write that he has done wrong or this and that… not more than it…..

    everyone tries to protect their favourite but in the 6 months track it was opposite.. the SWARA fans too bashed swara to a limit…..

    sorry for my unnessescary rant and that i spoke too much….
    and sorry if i hurt you or anyone else….
    but dear everyone of us present here is SWASAN fan first then swara or sanskaar fan…. hope you understand.. we all love SWASAN the most then swara or sanskaar….

    well the plot of the story looks nice to me…
    please do continue soon…

    1. Samaira_khan

      Thanks a lot yaar but dear iam not saying any thing related to the show track you know y cause I find Sanskar more wrong kidnapping and allno doubt swara also did mistakes both r equal if u see their mistakes … Iam sorry in fact I shouldn’t have said tht topic but yaar I’m talking abt the stories the writers write … I have read most of then in swara s favour thtd it …
      But most importantly they r SWASAN ..

      1. Neptune

        it’s okay dear and am sorry if my words hurt you coz i had no intention to that… well lets forget all this and be friends.. after all we are SWASANIANS right??…

    2. Samaira_khan

      No yaar ur words didn’t hurt me ur right at ur place .. After all we r SWASANIANS!!

  7. Pnap

    waiting for next part

  8. Simi

    Everyone have their own opinion.. Yeah i agree in many ffs sanskar is a bad boy.. But there r few ffs in which Swara is spoilt brat..

  9. Go ahead

  10. nyc go ahead… i love both swara and sanskar equall if they did mistake pun ish them equally in ffs

  11. Soujanya

    Awesome… Continue

  12. Gayathri.visu

    I agree with u…In most of ffs, sanskaar is bad, ruthless…..etc! So now looking forward for this story.

  13. Nice… continue…

  14. Awesome dear

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