SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS (prologue)



Girl: What are you doing here.. That too on ur wedding night

Boy: (angrily) I came here to enjoy my SUHAGHARAT with the girl I love

Saying these he roughly started to kiss her and kneading her br*ast above her clothes

Girl: plzz dont do this to me.. Plz

Boy: what happened my love?? Its not the first time we are having s*x…

Saying this he pushes her on the bed and take off his clothes

Girl: no its wrong.. You are married to my sister… Plz leave me..

Boy:( sarcatic laughs) yeah! Yeah! I am married.. ( holds her hairs angrily) bcoz of you and now I will take my revenge from you.. You dont have any idea who the hell I became when I am angry and I dont leave anyone my darling specially with my  lovers cum ememies….

Saying this he starts removing her dress forcefully and sees her whole naked body lustly

Girl: plzz SANSKAR I beg you

Sanskar: (laughs crazilly and then suddenly gets angry with blood shot eyes) Even I begged you to not let this marriage happen but what you did.. You became mahaan by marrying me to your sister.. Now you both have to face my anger my dear ex-love…

Comes on top of her and kisses her whole body like an animal

Girl: I will shout sankar.. Plzz dont do this plzz..!!!

Sanskar: I think you forgot the deal we had… In return of this marriage you will do anything what I want and I want you to my dear ex-lover uff sister-in-law to become (comes near her ear)  MY MISTRESS

Saying this he forcefully enters into her

Girl: (cries with the pain) AHHH….

So what do you think will happen to their relation??

Who is the girl?

Inspite of loving him why did she made him married to her sister?

What about the deal?

Will she become  HIS MISTRESS?

Lets see what happens

Hey guyss am back, actually i tried to post my overly obsessed husband two times but its rejecting so i will try to post it after few days maybe it get posted till then those who r on wattpad can read it their and for ETP and philanderer i am keeping them on hold bcoz i need to think about the events…

Till then i posted the prologue of my new story plzz share ur views whether u lyked it or not

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  1. i think its swara
    nice continue soon//

  2. Simin

    Aaesome dear

  3. Pooja26

    ohhh u r back dear……. 😉 😉
    loved it !!!!!!!
    post soon……

  4. Nice continue waiting for next

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  6. Awasome…

  7. Plz continue Philanderer….

  8. Please swasan

  9. Mirna

    Interesting dear 🙂

  10. Arshaanya

    Bt y hez married yr…
    If hez married to swara dan i dun lyk dis girl or if swara is his mistress dan i dun lyk his wife… ????

    1. Mica

      hahahhahaha… arshuuuu… the best option ever. huh!

  11. Mariyajap


  12. Interesting…!!

  13. Awesome dear

  14. nice..continue soon..

  15. Deeksha gupta

    Nyc …continue soon …

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  17. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Awesome n interesting
    Eagerly waiting fr the prt.
    Update soon

  18. Interesting..
    I think it’s swara

  19. Swara??????

  20. Sujay03

    Awesome but update soonest

  21. Mica

    interesting dear,, but hiks

  22. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Wow..Amzing. .n interesting..

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