SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS chapter 8

Next Day

A man was standing in anthree piece Armani suit looking all dashing and as always handsome waiting for someone… after a few minutes another man came wearing a black coat like a lawyer…

First man:( with attitude) Are the papers ready??

Lawyer: yes sir.. I have arranged everything as per your orders.. ( sweating) buu tt. Sir (hesitantly) this type of deal I mean ..

First man:( angrily) I pay you for your work not for unnecessary questions..

Lawyer: I i aamm sorry sir I will not repeat my mistake..

First man : get lost..
( The lawyer leaves hurrily and sweating and the man turns he is non other than our dashing hero the SANSKAR MAHESHWARI he looks at the papers and smirks devilishly)
Sanskar: Now I will see how will you escape from me Miss Swara Gadodia.. I will make sure to make your life hell .. You will pay for my miserable condition my pain everything…

Swara’s Room

Swara was lost in her thoughts ? she didn’t slept the whole night her eyes were red and swollen due to crying some dried tear marks were seen on her face and the fresh ones were ready to fall from her beautiful doe like eyes ? she was caressing her and sanskars pic when they were happy and together.. She smiled remembering how tough it was to take a pic with Sanskar. He used to get irritated with this picture and believed in living the moment there with the fullest while she believed that taking a picture would remind them about the time spend together and reliving the moment whenever they wanted…

Suddenly she heard a knock on the door which startled her and she dropped the frame which was now brokers into millions of pieces same like there relation how Irony!

She quickly hid the frame and opened the door to see it was non other than her darling sister kavita…

Kavita: hey Swara what were you doing? Ok leave all these common get ready we need to go for the wedding shopping.. so much less time has remained we hardly have a week common be fast than after shopping I have taken appointment of parlour also for both of us after all in my wedding my only sister should not look less than me who knows you also get your prince charming (teases)

Swara:( faintly nods with a fake smile) yeah! You wait I will get ready in few moments….

After 4 hours

Both the sisters were done with their shopping with clothes to accessories to jewelleries everything was bought now they were heading towards the food court for the lunch when suddenly swara’s phone rang

” Sanskar” Calling

Swara got nervous seeing his call she excused herself and went a little far for attending it..

Swara: why are you calling me ?

Sanskar: ohh! Always feisty.. Now I can’t even call my sister in law .. waise how was your wedding shopping I hope you both got everything you needed I don’t want anything lacking in my wedding after all it is going to be the event of the year…

Swara was confused at it as yesterday he was not ready for the marriage and suddenly he wanted to know about the preparation. She knew something was fishy,he was upto something but decided to play along

Swara: yaa Kavita got everything she needed

Sanskar: and you? Afterall it’s your only sister’s marriage

Swara:( bitterly) yaa

Sanskar: ohh good than..

Swara: now can you plzz tell me why did you called

Sanskar: ohh I just forgot only.. I want to meet you in the hotel opposite to the mall in 15 minutes annnd before you protest it’s an order or else I myself will come and drag you infront of your sister….

(Saying this he cut the called while Swara greeted her teeth)

She returned to her table thinking of a excuse to tell kavita..

Kavita : ohh! Swara am so sorry I just got a call from my old friend who wants to meet me as they are demanding the treat for engagement, I really need to go

Swara:(felt relaxed as she didn’t wanted to make another lie) it’s ok you go I will take a cab to home..

After 10 minutes

Hotel room no. 389

Swara stormed inside fully agitated when she saw Sanskar calmly sitting on a sofa having champagne ?.. seeing her he got up from his place and started circling her seeing her with an evil smirk

Swara: why did you called me here

Sanskar 🙁 nuzzling her neck sensually with his nose spoke huskily) why I don’t have a right to call my ex lover …

Swara:( greeting her teeth) I have other important works also to do

Sanskar: (grabbed her waist from back and pushed her body into his) more important than me..

Swara:( finally sighing) what do you want Sanskar (teary eyes) plzz move on except this wedding

Sanskar: I am doing that only… I have called you for that only here… (sees her with a different emotion and then hands her a file she looks at it confusingly) I will marry Kavita ( Swara gets hurt but becomes happy for her sister) but in one condition you will have to sign this papers… ( eyes her suspectively)

Swara was soo happy for her sisters happiness that without reading she grabs the papers and a pen from nearby stand and signs the paper and hands it to sanskar

Swara:( handing the paper with tears in eyes but still happy for atleast her sister) now you will marry Kavita (asks hopefully)

Sanskar :(chuckles dryly) didn’t knew you wanted to get rid of me soo fast that you even didn’t read the papers ( hands her the copy of papers)

Swara: ( reads it her eyes suddenly becomes large, outragely) WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? (Wide eyes)……

Yeah!! Finally an update…
Sorry guys for being late I was really into something that had to be solved..
Well do give your views on the story soo far
What has Swara signed herself into?
What will happen of sanskar’s sudden obsession and hatred?
Will they be together or destiny will separate the two?

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