SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS chapter 7

At Terrace

Sanskar entered the teraace and was startled to see all the preparations.. He got speechless and thats when it all striked him that she did all this and this was the reason behind her ignorance.. He felt happy and lucky that he got such a girl but at the same time got sad thinking what had happened with them…. But he was detemined to set everything again in its PERFECT place…

He saw Swara standing near the railing of the teraace her back was facing towards him thats when relief spread through his vein.. She was alright and nothing bad had happened to her….

Without wasting anytime he rushed towards her and tightly embraced her in his arms which got her by suprise..

Sanskar: ohh swara!! Thank God you are okay… I was soo much scared.. All types of negative thoughts were coming in my minds.. How are you? Where did you went?

Not getting any response from her he turned her facing him and saw her cold face without any emotionsss… He searched her face and other parts for any harm but she kept her face stern… Her eyes boring in his without even blinking.. He knew she was hurt but her texture was getting on his nerves, he was hell confussed.. But soon it was faded and replaced with a shock and pain one with her next words

Swara: Its over!!!

Sanskar:( hell confussed) what are you saying ( then it strikes him) WHAT?? What do you mean by its over??

Swara: I mean to say is YOU ME this RELATIONSHIP is over…!!!

Sanskar : (stunned) Swara.. baby I know what happened today the engagement and everything it was just a mistake.. I promise you Shona I will make everything right.. You know naa our parents and even Kavita love us soo much they will understand it for our happ..

Swara: what happiness Sanskar??? What happiness?? Would we be happy seeing our families getting embarrassed and humiliated in front of society?? Would we be happy seeing Kavita di again breaking?? Would we be happy seeing people again taunting my di for a brokern engagement?? Would we be happy seeing her soul her life getting shattered again?? Would we be happy?? Say na sanskar would we be happy???

(Sanskar was speechless, about listening the consciquences of their step)

Sanskar: I don’t know about this swara but I know only one thing that I would never be happy without you( tears eyes).. plzz we can find a solution

Swara:(breaking down) there is nothing sanskar that we can do..(sobbing) everything is over..!!! The engagement is done and our parents even have fixed the marriage dates after a week.. Whole world knows about it now we can’t do anything…..

Both remained silent for what felt like eternity than again remembering about her family and di’s happiness Swara gains courage and with determination says

Swara: Its better if we separate our ways now…!! We should move on from each oth (she gets cut off by an angry sanskar)

Sanskar: ( getting angry) No I would never leave you and not let you leave me… Do you understand YOU ARE MINE and I will not move on and will not let you too… I am not going to accept this marriage proposal.. I am going to our parents and will cancel all this shit right now…( he walks past her but suddenly halts listening her next voice)

Swara: You will not go sanskar.. tumhe meri kasam hai( you have my swear)

He turns towards her with blood shot eyes clenching his fists while she continues

“You will not go Sanskar… plzzz it will spoil my sisters life plzzz don’t do this to her… If you ever have loved me respecting the love we had you will fulfill my wish plzzzz (sobbing continuously) plzz marry her ”

Sanskar closes his eyes he knew that he can’t deny her the only thing she asked in the name of their love Dammit!!! Why has it to be soo much complicated… with anger burning in him he destroyed the entire place while Swara was seeing it with helplessness..

It reminded her of their broken love.. While after taking his anger out but still frustrated sanskar marched out from there….

It was 2 a.m in the morning he was roughly driving his car not knowing where to go? what to do? His life felt useless and without an aim… a hurricane of emotions were moving in his head suddenly he jolted his car to stop and found himself outside the GADODIA mansion where Swara was standing in the balcony looking outside in the horizon all lost in her thoughts..

Suddenly as if on cue she turned her head and their eyes met.. A lond eye lock was there both the eyes showed pain and grief and longingness for each other after few moments Swara broke the eye lock and went in the room locking the balcony door and slid down crying helplessly…

While sanskar’s eyes were now having a murderous look

Sanskar:(in mind) no Swara no you can’t do this with me with us…I would not let you control me never.. you want me to marry your sister na (smirking) than as you say my dear.. But that doesn’t mean I would let you get over me over our love… You are making me suffer through a hell now I will make your life hell I would show you what happens when someone opposes me.. what you thought forcing me to marry Kavita in the name of our love I would agree and leave you… NEVER sweetheart NEVER.. nobody and I mean nobody can snatch what’s mine and what I want I get it by hook or crook.. so what if I won’t be getting you as my wife I want you and I would get you wife or not but you are and will always be MINE.. you have not become just my lover but you are my obsession now my need and I would get it at any cost… Your body your soul your heart everything is mine so what if I can’t get it legally I will have it one way or the other…but for that I have to marry Kavita (thinking about his further plan he called a person and instructed him about something and asked it to get ready as soon as it can) (seeing in her rooms direction he says while smirking) soon baby doll very soon I will have you all for myself… you have only seen my love now you will see my madness my possession (laughs humorously) Am really excited about your reaction regarding my new change BABY.. ( smirks evilly)

The screen splits on swara’s crying face and Sanskar smirking and thinking about his plan….

I know am wishing very late and am really Sorry for the very very late update but I had an accident and have broken my left hand it would be taking a month to recover this chapter I made my sis to type it but she is also busy not sure when will I post next one but will surely try to post it as soon as possible

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