SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS chapter 6


Royal Palace Hotel

All the arrangements of the biggest party of the year was done.. Guest started arriving and soon the place was full of people gossiping , drinking, dancing..

Bussiness men all around the country many famous models and actors all were present… Soon our hero made a dashing entry.. All the paparazzi, reporters , camera men’s and people were focused on him…

He was looking all dashing, hot and sizzling in short an eye candy for all womens…

Where every women were drooling on him and men envying him his eyes were searching for his angel whom he has not heard from 3 weeks!!! God! How he have survived with her!!! But not now, it was time for taking what is rightfully his, a smile crept on his face thinking about it….

Soon swara entered the party and was lashed on by the reporters.. Giving a small wave she hastily moved inside not wanting to be more late than she already was…

She had prepared a perfect date on the hotel’s terrace with all those romantic things which you see in movies or read in novels and it took a lot more of hard work than she thought…

Seeing her sanskar was about to move towards her to talk to her but she was been dragged by kavita in a corner who was nervous about the announcement and wanted to share it with her while she gave her a puzzled look

Kavita:(nervously) I wanted to tell you something vo vohhh (while fumbling)

Swara:(looking confussed) what happened dii.. Are you fine? Why are you trembling so much?

Kavita:( sighs) I wanted to share with you something actuall ( her words die down as the lights went off and a spot light was focussed on where Mr Gadodia was standing with a mike)

Mr Gadodia: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen… Hope you are having fun!!! I wanted to thank all of you for coming here.. Actually we have another announcement to make (saying this he signals sanskar’s parent to come over)

Mr Maheshwari:( taking mike) Today is the best day of my life.. Its not only my only son’s birthday but today I am tying an unbreakable bond with my childhood bestfriend Shekhar.. After this moment we wont just be friends or bussiness associate but also SAMDHI’S (in-laws)..
So guyzz I proudly announce that my son SANSKAR MAHESHWARI is going to be tied down in a beautiful relation of marriage with one and only KAVITA GADODIA.. Give a large applause for them

(all cheers and congo’s were spread throughout the hall everyone seems to be happy but it was like a huge mountain has been dropped on our love birds they were numb and shocked by the turn of events just a minute before they were all happy and excited about their future and now its like all the beautiful dreams broke out in millions and millions of pieces which wont be able to gather again)

Soon both Sanskar and Kavita were called on stage for the engagement ceremony its then when Sanskar broke out of his trance and was about to stop the engagement when swara signalled him to be quite as it would affect both families reputation…

He looked at her with tears of pain and helplessness in his eyes while she looked like a lost soul who just lost the only reason to live…

Soon they were asked to make each other wear the rings and thats when all the tears broke out for swara and she ran out of the hall without anyone noticing…

After the party he was madly searching for her crying all the way and praying that wherever she is let her be fine…

Outside it was raining heavily as if the nature was crying seeing the separation of the love-birds…

On the other side she was walking aimlessly on the middle of the road all soaking wet not caring where to go? How to go? Anything!! All she needed was to let the pain the hurt the heartbreak take over her….

She found herself on the same cliff where they used to spend time together. It was their own LOVERS POINT , their heaven . But this place also didnt worked today on relaxing her heart. It was as if she has lost her ownself.. She sat their thinking and drowning herself in deep thoughts…

She knew if this marriage would be called off it wont just affect both the families reputation but it would mentally affect her sister whom she was on verge of losing 4 months ago…

She knew kavita’s mind state it was still not over that incident, kavita still has to take sleeping pills because of her nightmares and even worst sometimes she even have to take the anti-depressing pills… Another such a heartbreak would be poison for her mental stability and she cant see her sister nor her family in that state..

But on the other hand its Sanskar her Sanskar whom she loves to the moon and back, with whom she has taken vow to always be with… She was hell confussed!! It all was too much for her..

She sat there for hours and thats when she decided what has to be done.. With a determined look she messaged Sanskar and called him at the same place where she had planned there special date, just thinking of which brought tears in her eyes and asked him to be there within 15 mins…

A relief spread over Sanskar after he got her messaged.. He cant even measure the pain which she would have got seeing him HER LOVE getting engaged to her own sister… Hell!! He himself was all confussed and shocked about the events which took place few moments before and now he wanted to sought everything out after talking with swara…

They both together can explain to both the families and probably kavita…

Thinking of kavita he felt bad about her that poor girl didnt deserved to face all this again specially after the exchange of rings.. But he knew if he would have said something before it would have created a big issue and would have affected both the families fames.. But now he was determined to sought out everything….
Thinking this he went out to meet Swara not knowing about how his life was going to get changed

An early update.. Yipeeee!!!
Guyzz buckle up now the story is going to take on all roller coaster ride.. Lets see how far will these two go….

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