SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS chapter 5


4 Months Later…..

It was a beautiful day all were preparing for the birthday party of Sanskar everyone was busy in respective jobs and finally forgetting the incident…

All were happy and excited for the party except the birthday boy SANSKAR.. He was hell irritated as swara is avoiding him from part 3 weeks…

He didnt knew why is she not picking his calls and avoided to be with him alone and not responding to his message..

He was damn frustrated from this 3 WEEKS long silent treatment of her and was ready to burst anytime…

Again a fear came crawling in his mind what if she is over him or over their relation bcoz last time they did had a fight over some issue.. No!No!No!

Even if she is he would turn the whole world upside down rather than letting her go away from him from their relation….

Suddenly an idea popped down in his mind, he wont let her go away from him even if he have to tie her up to his bed forever… So decided to propose her tonight at the party and keep her in such a situation that she wont be able to say no to him…

Yes! Thinking of his plan he went towards a jewellery shop to buy her the PERFECT ring, afterall she was going to be MRS MAHESHWARI….

While here our swara was working her ass of to make everthing PERFECT for the special date she is planning for his birthday.. A smile crept on her beautiful face thinking his actions from past weeks as he desperately tried to talk to her, hold her, to spend some time with her… She was being distant from him on purpose so that she could shock him on his birthday

Whereas on one side where our love-birds were preparing for a suprise for each other on the other hand destiny was planning a shock for them when kavita expressed her feeling for sanskar to her parents and they decided to discuss the matters with sanskar’s mom and together both family decided to break the news of their marriage to sanskar and media on his birthday eve…

Lets see what happens on the birthday eve.. How many hearts are gonna break…

Thankzz guyzz for ur support and appreciation.. Am glad that u all understood that kav________san marriage is imp for the plot orelse the story has no meaning in it but I assure you that its swasan and soon I will remove this cavity from the picture.. And sorry for another short chappy the next one is going to be big and having the biggest twist in it…

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  1. Simi

    Plz remove kavita as soon as possible. Plz

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      sorry but there is a small correction it’s cavity not kavita… she will always be a cavity….chudail…

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    Awesome dear

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    Bechare swasan

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  5. Superb twist…plz upload quickly….nd upload ur other ffs….

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    Post the nxt part soon.

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