SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS chapter 4


In car

SwaSan(swara-Sanskar) were laying their beside each other having a hearty conversation.

After a emotional trauma of two weeks swara felt as if she was in heaven, everything around seemed to be peaceful and stress free when suddenly her phone rang showing

YUVI calling

She wondered what got him while sanskar had that little jealousy whenver he called her… Sanskar deep down knew about Yuvraj having a crush on her but never voiced his concerned

Swara: hey buddy!! What happened?

Yuvi: (hastily) swara plzz come home fast!!!! ( saying this he hang upon before letting her speak)

Both swasan were confused as to what came so urgently… Soon both left for her house and when they reached they were startled to see the scenario..

kavita had locked herself in a room and swara’s mother was crying while everyone present their was banging on the door asking her to open it without wasting time they reached over for them and asked them about the matter its then they got to know that few SAMAJ ( society ) people had came before and were cursing kavita badly regarding the fake pics and about a broken engagement and telling her as a black spot on family and society.

It was getting too much for her hence she ran and locked her up in the room and its now been over 2 hours she was still inside and everyone was tensed thinking she might harm herself again.

she refused to listen to her parents and even swara but the sanskar went inside from the window and explained her and cheered her up…

After such a drama kavita really enjoyed the company of sanskar and his thinking regarding the matter it made her respect for him grew more….

Even Swara was proud of him seeing the way he handled everything soo swiftly..

It had been few days regarding the incident but still people taunted kavita few times and every time it was either sanskar or swara saving her..

Kavita was starting to feel something about him the way he cared for her and his thoughts his gentleman behaviour its then she realised that he was everything she wished for…

But again she was scared as he might be feeling pity for her and would turn her down and she was not ready for another heart break yet soo she kept her feelings to herself….

Lets see what destiny has store for them…

Also I am receiving few foul and disrespectful comments about the storyline… Am really sorry for those who didnt liked or settled well with the track so If you are not liking the plot and how the future story will develop you can say it right now… If you all want I can stop the story or complete it in 3-4 parts by moving the story in fast forward And sorry for the short update

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  1. Arshaanya

    Nyc…. bt its too short

  2. Simi

    Its nice

  3. At frst i read dz ff with mhch curiosity! Bt d prologue of sanky marrying kavita. Took ma interest away! Plz dnt let kavitha marry sanskar!
    Let swasan unite
    Guv twist in sm other way
    Or may show lov hate relationship
    M a silnt reader bt cant see sanky mareying smone other than swara

    1. Poota

      Sorry dear I cant change the plot the story is based on dis concept only.. But I assure you dat there will be not much of kav__________san scene and their marriage wont be having any importance and yeah it will and always be swasan only…

  4. Sweeta

    Great. ….now its going to start real story start. ….vvv excited 4r that ???

  5. nice story don’t think about others

  6. Praju


  7. Mahavir

    hey poota dear…dont worry about foul comments and critcism…do what do u want to do and write what to u want to write and this concept is really nice i loved it…so sansky is going to take his revenge frm swara in future…love u dear continue soon….

  8. Deeksha gupta

    Nyc plot yr

  9. Superb…bt i want Swasan

  10. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Awesome… plz update soon

  11. Maryum

    No dear u r going very good contine dont feel bad but if u make sanskar marry with kavita than who u make him marry with swara ?

    1. Poota

      Lets see?

  12. nice story..dnt think about bashers..and dnt end it..continue soon..tc..

  13. Nice…… Please update soon.

  14. awesome.. its too short update next part soon and long one.. now actual story starting waiting for it…
    hey if u feel no one liking it and getting less comments dont think like that bcz there are somany silent readers who readz it.. so update next part soon why u want fast forward when actual story starting now.. update soon… and unite them i think kavita tels swara and family or family tels sanskar to marry kavita something happens so both get married i think update soon

    1. Poota

      Hey dear thankzz for appreciation and about my decision it was not bcoz of less comments yeah I do feel bad bcoz of it but it was not d reason… Actually few commented and msgd me some foul comments on the storyline and thats d reason

  15. Soujanya


  16. Simin

    Dear dont get disheartened
    Everyone has their views
    We cant change their thinking na
    U just keep writing and spreading love

    1. Poota

      Thankzz for ur support?

  17. Whr is ur other ffs ???plz continue tht also….

    1. Poota

      I will but after this one

  18. Superb awesome continue

  19. Nice

  20. Awesome dear. Now the story has begun. So don’t end it soon.
    update soon dear.

  21. Awesome!!! But it’s soo short!!!

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