SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS chapter 3


After two weeks…

Its been two weeks after that dreadful incident.. Everyone was trying to move on and cheering kavita.. Although not fully but yet a little bit stable everything was going… While here one side our shonaa was busy helping her sis their our romeo was busy in missing her….

At same cliff

Swara was standing there thinking deeply about their lives when suddenly sanky came and backhugged her and was inhaling her scent nuzzling his face in her hairs sensually giving a hard time for shona…

Swara:(sensing his presence closes her eyes and feels his love, huskily) saannskarr…

Sanskar: I love it when you moan my name soo innocent yet s*xily… God!! How much I missed you this two weeks…

Suddenly turns her and pins her to a nearby tree and gives her an open mouth kiss…

Soon They were kissing and sucking each other greedily expressing their love, care, desire and lust for each other…

They broke the kiss after sometime and sanky started to give her sensual kisses on her jawline, neck and otherside he started removing the strap of top from her shoulder and gave wet kissses on her weak spot while swara was too busy in feeling his touch that she didn’t even recognised when he draped her legs around his waist and was heading towards his car…

As soon as he reached the car he threw her on the backseat and came on top of her and started removing her top soon her upper part was naked for him tempting his inner devil to feast on her… He without waisting any second feasted on her body like a hungry animal bitting and sucking each and every part as if it was a beautiful meal specially prepared for him….

While swara was going all crazy moaning like hell… He soon removed their other clothes and burried himself deep inside her causing her to shrink back and she tried suppress her pain caused due to his sudden assault…

He always opted it for a rough and harder way despite the gentle one which very well suits him sensing his personality….

Soon her pain was turned into an unimaginable pleasure as his every storke in her got more faster and harder she found herself going greedy which he implied happily…

Swara: ahhh..!! Sa n n s nskkarrr… Faster!!

Listening her demand was like a energy booster for him and he went in all hard and rough on her…

He was thrusting it in her mercilessly when her phone beeped indicating a message before she get it sanky threw the phone away stopping her from leaving him while she pouted at him

Swara: sanskar let me check it… It might be something important..

Sanskar:( thrusting her even harder this time at such limit which caused her pain) even important than me… Sometimes I really think whether you love me or not.. After two weeks finally we got time for ourself and you want to ruin it..(getting angry)

Swara:(lovingly caresses his cheek while he angrily thrust in her) ouch!! Sanskar you know naa nothing is more important in my life than you and my family I can give my whole life for you all…

Sanskar melted by her words and soon gave in…

After few hours having a hard and rough love making both were lying naked at the backseat of the car with sanskar still inside her and his head on her chest and she was playing with his hairs and he was just tired from a recent orgasm he had…

Swara:(while playing with his hairs) sanskar (no reply) sanskar (same , nearly shouts) sanskar

Sanky: ( moving slightly inside her) hmmmm ( almost getting ready for next session)

Swara: you love me!!!

Sanskar: (like WTF) swara are you gone mad… ( Naughtily) I think soo you need another round for your answer… Well am always ready to show it with practical example (says it with a thrust)

Swara: (slightly hitting him on arm) shut up!! I asked you something

Sanskar: ( sincerely) offcourse I LOVE YOU ShONA… Why are you asking this???

Swara:(hugs him tightly) nothing bas aise hi I just wanted to assure that you are with me and will never leave me


Swara: pakka

Sanky: pakka

Swara:pinky promise

Sanky:(chuckling at her childishness) pinky promise… Waise swara I was thinking that now when we really love each other soooo much (hugs tightly) and are not able to live without each other … (Nervously) soo I was I thinking ki I (sighs and breaths sharply) lets get married???

Swara:(stunned) sanskar I also love you very much and getting married to you is like the most beautiful thing but you know both of our careers are not settle and I dont want you to keep your career at stake bcoz of me…( says looking in his eyes deeply)

Sanky: (sighs knowing its true) I know swara but patani kyu it feels like if one more time I let you leave me I would loose you forever (with wet eyes looks at her) I know its rubbish but I love you soo much ki know your love has made me crazy and possesive for you… I dont want anything except telling each and everyone that YOU ARE MINE and only MINE and am YOURS….

Swara: I know sanskar even I cant wait for the day when am truly and fully yours…

Sanskar: well we can atleast tell our family about this…

Swara: even I thought it before only but then all this mess happened with dii and now everything is not stable maybe after sometime we can tell our families plzz

Sanskar sighs knowing he cant win over her but still their was a constant sting in bis heart as if warning him and now the only thing he want is making her his
but he knows that she wont give up so he let the matter drops for the movement and agains went in his romantic mood…

Sanky: waise you know its still good… Like this meeting secretly and having s*x? like this in car.. You know its very much healthy for body (winks)

Saying this he comes on top of her to start their session but as a surprise this time it was soo gentle which was soo unlikely of him….

Sorry guyzz for the short update but for now issi se hi kaam chalana padega?
Comeon now quickly give your views about the story and chapters and I am really sorry for the one who want swasan to be together its not possible for sometime as the storyline demands it so I thought of giving few of their lovey dovey moments before the twist even though after that you will get their moments but it wud be out of hate anger jealousy and lust am really sorry for dis but its the main theme of my track and I cant change it orelse their will be no story only….. Do share your views good and bad everything accepted

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  1. Maryum

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      For sometime its their separation

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  3. ok based on concept she should be his mistress . and u r saying at the last they reunite leaving kavitha. waiting to see how it happens

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    Awesome dear
    Sanskar your fear is right
    Just keep loving her

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