SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS (chapter 1)

Girl: (moaning)Ahhh sa  nsss kaa a a rrr… Ouchhhh

Sanskar: I.Love.You.Shona (says each word with a thrust)💋💋

Swara: ohhhhhhhh

Suddenly her phone rings

“MOM calling”

Swara:(receiving it indicated sanky to be quiet) haa maa!!

Sharmishta: shona were are you today is your sister’s engagement and you are still in your dreamland

Swara: ( about to speak but our naughty sanky suddenly thrust in her😁😜) ouchhh slow san ( stops realizing what she was gonna blurt out and angrily glares sanky while he pretends to be innocent😉)

Sharmishta: What happened shona?? Why did you shouted?

Swara: ( trembling) no..nothing maa.. A cockroach (eyeing sanky😡😡)  was on my leg so I shouted.. Leave all this am on my way will be there in 30 mins

Sharmishta: okk come fast…

Ends call

Swara: (stops sanky and glares him) what were you doing haa??

Sanky: ( shrugging normally) I was making my soon to be mother-in-law aware of my presence😊😉

Swara:(narrows her eyes at him) sanskar what if she get to know what we were doing.. She would have killed me

Sanskar: (kissing her and speaking huskily)nobody can harm my darling and she would have been happy listening what we were doing (winks) 😎

Swara: (lost in his kisses) can you elaborate MR Maheshwari☺️☺️

Sanskar: are afterall we were trying too give her a grandchild ( sees her blushing😊☺️) every mother keeps poking their children for it only naa (says this naughtily while thrusting deeper😋)

Swara: auuuchhh sannsskar…. stop it..! Today is my di’s engagement I have to go home fast

Sanskar: okayy!! But after two more sessions😉

Swara: two😨😨…

Sanskar: yeah.! Thats ur punishment being away from me for a week😘😋

Swara: sanky are you mad we already did it five times I am to sore and I have to reach home in 30 mins

Sanskar: sorry babes..! But no compensation ( saying this he comes on top of her and they start their business soon forgetting about time and people)

After 3 hours

Finally after a long sessionssss of their love swara reached her home fully tired and sore but was excited for her sister’s engagement but what she saw made her shocked…. Soon she rushed out of the house to go somewhere with the driver…

After few minutes


Swara reached their and soon rushed to the receptionist and asked her while trembling

Swara: ma..mam cann yyyou plzz tell me we… were is my sisterrrr

Receptionist: plzz calm down mam!!! Can you tell me the name of your sister

Swara: kavita… Miss kavita Gadodia

Receptionist:( after checking) she is admitted in room no. 280 and…

Without listening her swara rushed out and straight to the room her sister was in

Room No. 280

As soon as she entered the room she was devastated seeing her only sister in such a condition struggling between life and death… She ran out and sat on the chair and began crying for her darlinggg sister and then she felt a hand on her shoulder as she looked up it was none other than her best friend cum chaddibuddi YUVRAJ seeing him she again burst out crying hugging him for her life and pouring all her pain out

Yuvi: shhhh bas shona!!! Nothing is going too happen to dii… She is going to be fine

Swara: no yuvi its its all my fault.. I was not their for her when she needed me the most.. I am a very bad sister a very selfish one I couldnnnt protect my own sis….

Yuvi: Its not your fault shona.. Even you couldnt have prevented it from happening…Infact di is very lucky to have a sister like you.. Now stop crying you have to be strong for dii…

Swara: 😫😭😭

After some time doctors comes out and tells that she is out off danger and allows them to meet kavita.. As soon as swara hears it she rushes inside her sister’s room and is shocked to see her….???

So what will happen in our lovers life??

What happened to her sister??

Why was she in hospital??

What about Sanskar??

What is their about swara-yuvraj relation??

Well to get these answers stay tuned…!


  1. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    In last chappy u said sanskar is married to swaraz sister bt in dis chappy hez was saying shomi as soon to be mother in law…
    Its confusing yr plz clear is he married or not ???

  2. sindhura

    awsm..waitng for nxt chappy…i thnk itz 1 st episod and previous 1 was prologue…but whatever it was a nyc concept..but dnt make swara characterless…..and dnt show any type romance btw kavitha & sanky

  3. pavani

    sanky really loves swara..thatz why he is angry on swara for making him to marry kavitha..and dnt elaborate scenes of kavitha..not at all intrstd..only want swasan

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