SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS chapter 2


As soon as she entered the room her heart clenched on seeing her only sister on the bed with all types of machines joint in her system to keep her alive…. She was unable to see this and bursted crying while hugging her sister

Swara: dii what have you done to yourself.. Just because of someone who doesn’t care about you why are you punishing the ones who love you for your life…

Kavita:(stone face, emotionless) whats the meaning of life shonaa.. When the one you love betrays you doesnt loves you back… I am very bad thats why he didnt wanted me…

Swara: noo dii… You are the best its his loss plzz dont blame yourself.. He didnt understood your value.. Infact you should move on from a person who broke the engagement just for some money…

Yes! Kavita and Sahil were to be getting married but due to dowry kavita’s parent refused to give and Sahil broke the engagement…. And he gave the reason of breaking the tie as kavita cheated him with some fake photoshop thus defaming her and her family…. Bcoz of which kavita attempted suicide.. And now she was in hospital

Soon after some emotional talks and lectures between the sisters both were having some light moment forgetting what happened with them a few hours ago.. When Yuvi entered the room…

Yuvi: ohh!!! See.. Both the sisters are having fun here and there I am getting tensed bcoz of you… Thats not fair…

Listening this again kavita got teary eyes

Kavi: I am sorry swara and yuvi bcoz of me not only you both but both the families always got tensed and worried I really am a bad news for all

Swara: what rubbish you are talking dii.. If one more time you will say like this no than I will never talk to you again…

Kavi: areeyy!!! Ok! Am sorry meri shona… I will never talk this stuff again.. But for now can you plzz take me to my home sweet home bcoz I really hate this place its so depressing and boring (says it with a pout)

Seeing this both yuvara(yuvraj-swara) burst laughing

Yuvi: what dii here you are not well and still complaining about the place… Dont worry you will be getting discharged in two days now take rest..

Saying this both exited the room… as soon as swara opened her phone it was flooded with 30 missed calls and 15 messages from our romeo.. Who was concerned about her as he got to know about everything..

Swara messaged him that now everything was under control and soon asked him to meet her at their usual spot…

After 15 mins

At certain cliff

Sanskar was waiting for swara at their usual meeting point which was a 5 min distance from their house soon he saw swara arriving their and immediately a relief spread on his face seeing her without wasting anytime he ran towards her and kissed her hungrily reminding her that whatever happened he will always be with her as a pillar… Swara also felt his love and protection in his kiss and felt relaxed after such a emotional turmoil… Both stood their kissing each other as if it was their LAST KISS..

After breaking kiss..

Sanky: (panicking) Thank God!! You are ok swara… I got to knew everything that happened.. But you dont have to worry swara.. We will handle everything I myself will deal with kavi… (His words died as swara pecked his lips to stop him)

Swara: shant romeo shant… Dont stress yourself everything is fine now

Sanky gave a puzzled look she indicated him to sit down and she sat in her usual place i.e. His lap and kept her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his torso and was inhaling his scent which gave her peace..

Swara: I know sanky its hard time for us.. After what happened today.. But you know whats the best thing… That we are together and with you I can fight the world (said sincerily looking in his eyes)

Sanskar: yeah swara… Whenver you are with me I can do anything.. Waise how is kavita now

Swara: she is stable now… I tried to make her see that its good whatever happened today just imagine if that blo*dy monster had done anything with my dii aur family after marriage (gets angry)

Sanky: its better we got to know his true face before only orelse you know

Swara: yeah!! But it will be little difficult for dii now as she loved him very much he was her life (sees sanksar) I cant even imagine to live a second without you I dont know how might she be feeling

Sanky:(kissing her) its ok!! My Love!! Everything will be fine.. And for your kind info you dont have to imagine what will happen to you being away from me bcoz thats never and I mean it NEVER going to happen.. I will always be with you like a SHADOW

Swara:(smiles seeing his love, thoughts to see) but sanky shadows disappear in dark than what will you do??

Sanky:(smilling) I will lit the whole world with my love so their will not be any place were you will see darkness

Swara was like awww listening his answer and hugged him tightly.. Both sat their silently hugging each other and living their moments with their loved ones unaware of the storm coming on their way to destroy each and everyones
Lets see what happens next till then guyzz I need a lot of comments? About the storyline orelse forget about next part
Hehehe sorry for the dhamki but seriouslly plz share your views whether good or bad all accepted

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