Swasan Why me??What is my fault??2 shots….part 2


Well , well , well….I am back with the second , yet the last part of my 2S. Recently I uploaded my part 1 and now I am here with my part 2 which is the last part of it. So where were we?? Yes , Swara and Sanskaar’s relation introduced ,SwaSan marriage , Swara shocked after seeing a picture which came out from Sanskaar’s diary…….

The journey continues…………

Swara is shocked after seeing the picture, it was picture of Sanskaar and Ragini , she moved towards the table where Sanskaar’s diary was placed , she opened it and found more pictures of RagSan , she was shell shocked after reading his diary , let’s check out what was in it…

” Dear diary February 14th 2014

Today was Valentine’s and Ragini gave me a beautiful gift by saying those magical words , I LOVE U!! The words en lightend me. Ragini , huh , let me introduce her , she is a sweet , shy , humble , possessive and a fun loving girl. We study in the same college , and doing MBA , we were having a soft corner for each other but never expressed , but today we exchanged our feelings , we both are incomplete without each other. We decided that we will run away together as we know our families will not accept us as I am Marwari and she is Bengali , and our status and social life is totally different from one another but as it is said ” Everything is fair in love and war ” We will be running today night itself and start a new life where only our love will blossom. Bye”

Swara was teary eyed after reading this and understood that Snskaar was her sister’s lover but with Ragini he also died so how can he be alive , after a lot of thinking she came to this conclusion that Sanskaar is the reason behind her sister’s death , and vows that she will ruin his life as he did with her sister’s. Sanskaar came out of washroom and Swara keeps the diary back. He asks Swara did she read his diary and she nods in no. Sanskaar politely , ” Don’t touch my personal things ever again.” He goes to sleep………

next day , morning
Swara comes out of bathroom after having a bath , she is wearing a red sari , she applies vermilion , and thinks , ” This vermilion will change into your blood Mr.Maheshwari”
She comes out of the room , Sanskaar is mesmerized in her beauty , but Ragini flashes in his mind. Swara sets dining table , no one in the house except of Uttara talks to her properly. Each day Swara gives new tortures to Sanskaar , but he takes them as her mistakes. Sometimes she make the tea fall over him , or place broken piece of glass before the entrance and once placed mice under his side of bed , (how rude)……..

A month passed and Swara’s plan of ruining Sanskaar was progressing day by day but unknowingly Sanskaar started to develop a soft corner for her.Maheshwari family now accepted Swara due to her kind and loving nature , Swara only wanted to ruin Sanskaar for what he did with Ragini and didn’t wanted to hurt any of the family member as she found a new family in them. It was PariDarsh ‘ s wedding anniversary , and Sanskaar was happy for them , Swara decided that this will be the last day of Sanskaar’s life. Sanskaar went to take the cake which he ordered for his lovely bro and his bhabhi. As he left , Swara asked her goon to kill Sanskaar today itself. Swara came to her room , and opened Sanskaar’s wardrobe , where a paper falls. After reading it , tears filled her eyes , she rushed out of MM , grabbed an auto , and reached an isolated area , where it is seen Sanskaar is surrounded by 4 goons , and 1 is pointing a gun towards him. The trigger pulls and the bullet comes out of the gun Sanskaar closes his eyes due to fear. As he opens it , he founds Swara laying in front of him injured in order to save him. Sanskaar rushes her to the hospital. Swara’s operation is successful and she is discharged. She is brought back to MM. Sanskaar takes care of her well and his love and care made her fall for him.

An year passed and it is SwaSan’s 1st wedding anniversary.
Swara have made beautiful preps for this day. Swara is seen wearing a beautiful red gown , diamond accessories with bangs and a light touch up of make up. Sanskaar comes dressed in black and white classical suit. Swara says ” Mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari today want to express all my love to you , I love you to the core , to the eternity even death can’t separate us…”
Sanskaar cups her face and says , ” Swara I wanted to express my love to you since an year but I always had a fear that you will leave me after knowing my truth , and the truth is that …”
Swara continues , ” You loved Ragini , but she betrayed you when you were eloping , and eloped with Laksh and they suffered an accident.”
(Yes this was written on the paper which she found that day and saved Sanskaar)
Sanskaar asks her , ” How do you know this.”
Swara replies , ” That is a long story , I will tell you that reality on our next anniversary , as I told you this time the story of my heart.”
They both were very happy after realizing their beautiful love , and they sealed their relationship with a passionate kiss.

The End…..

Credit to: Zuha

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