Swasan Why me??What is my fault??2 shots….part 1


Well , well , well….I am back with part one of my 2S , recently I gave you a short intro , and now I’ll be writing part 1 of it. So where were we…yes…A girl was seen trying to attempt suicide….so let us read what happens next???

The journey continues ….

The girl picks up the knife and eyes it , she was about to slit his vein when a hand stops her to do so. The person’s face is revealed he is wearing a t-shirt of white colour , with a blazer of blue and blue jeans. Person “Swara!!! Are u insane???!!”
Yeah , the girl was Swara.
Swara”Sir!!!Just get lost , you know what , you are the one because of whom I am suffering.”
Sanskaar “Yeah , yeah only u are suffering , I am also suffering, my parents disowned me today coz of u!! Damn it!!”

Swara”What have I done?!?”
Sanskaar”Exactly , what I have done!? Look Swara life is beautiful , it is a gift of god , if you can not take care of it then don’t end it!! You were giving up because of those who only love to talk , today they are talking about us , tomorrow about someone else , just leave it!!”
Swara”Yeah , it is very easy to say , Just Leave It!! When your own family considers you wrong when you are correct how it feels you will never understand , just leave from here Sir!!”
Sanskaar”Firstly , which family Swara , Your father who is always inebriated , your mother who never took a stand against domestic voilence and for you as well. Your dadi who hates you coz she thinks that you killed her Laado as she ran away with his lover and then both died under an accident. And the person who loved you , your sister Raagini is no more….”
Swara was shell shocked as she never disclosed it to anyone not even her bestie Janvi ( played by Charu Mehra , currently playing Avanti in Ekta’s YKAGH)

Swara”Excuse me , how do you know that much about me??”

Sanskaar was berseck , as he had no answer of her question but she was determined to know, he was about to speak as Shekar enters and grabs him by his collar and shouts “How dare you , came near my daughter?”

Imagine what happened with Laksh but this time it was Sanskaar. And it continues.

Sanskaar was pushed by him and he landed on the ground. Sankaar stood up , “you have a problem because of the people taunting us and think of us as GF and BF but we both kept telling you that we are just Teacher and Student and apart from that good friends.” Actually , Sanky is Swara’s tutor but their relation was given a new name by ppl , I hope you understood.

An in rage Sanskaar hold Swara’s hand , takes her to the inhouse temple and prays to god , leaving all clueless. All of a sudden he dons Vermillion and a chain of him on Swara as mangalsutra. All were shocked speacially Swara. Shekar was about to slap Sanskaar when Swara holds his hand , and says “Not now Papa , and never ever again. He is my husband and you are raising hand on him coz of me pease don’t….”

This shocks all , and Sanskaar is in gay , as he is happy that Swara accepted him infront of all without any misunderstandings and fights.She holds his hand , touches feet of the elders and leave teary eyed , Shekar did not turned back to see her once. While Babul ka aangana chor ke plays. SwaSan enters in MM. AP asks what is going on. Sanskaar “Meet my wife , Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.” Leaving all shocked. AP shouts at him and so does DP , Sanskaar stubbornly , walks off holding Swara’s hand. They reach their room. Sanskaar draws a line on the bed out of pillows , and tells her that we won’t cross our limits until we both are not ready. He leaves for changing. Swara eyes the room , Cold winds blew, windows open , A diary of Sanskaar opens and a picture comes out of it falling before Swara , she picks it up and is left shocked.

To be continued…..

Credit to: Zuha

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