Swasan: how they met?? SS (part-4)

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Part 3
here is the next part:


Swara is having chocolate in her hand while the sanky,raglak,sumi,karan,sara and shekhar is seeing her with a wide open eyes…. Not only they but all the servants of the house is seeing her with open eyes and open mouths… because swara is eating her bigggggg dairy milk silk by sitting on the wife on suraj gadodia who is lying on the floor by face and swara is sitting on her bumpy is eating chocolate like she is sitting on her comfortable bed or couch… (guys confuse???? Then don’t worry I’ll tell u the flashback 😉


It starts from the call which sanky has done to karan for finding out the truth of sahil….
next day one day before the party karan came to meet sanky and raglak…

karan: hello sanky dude

sanky: hi dude.. u came early??

Kara: yes my work has been finished so I came personally for solving the case..

Laksh: karan did u find something about sahil???

Karan: yes laksh I got the complete information about sahil gadodia…

Ragini: please tell us naa

Karan: actually he is not the actual sahil gadodia..

Trio: what????

Karan: yes he is not infact when I was investigating about sahil I also came to know that the suraj gadodia is also not the actual suraj gadodia

Sanky: what??? Please yar karan tell us clearly…

Karan: okay I tell u everything clearly….

Actually real suraj gadodia is the 2nd cousin of shekhar gadodia means suraj gadodia is the son of cousin of deendiyal gadodia who is the father of shekhar gadodia….

But suraj’s family didn’t met shekhar’s from last 30 yrs.. shekhar and suraj only met when they both are kids that’s why shekhar sir didn’t recognize the suraj gadodia..

I don’t know that where is the actual suraj gadodia and his family because I only able to get the info about this fake sahil and suraj gadodia… this fake sahil is a play boy who spend nights with girls or ladies for money and his father fake suraj is running a small general store…

Karan: I don’t know that from where they got the info about suraj gadodia but I only got to know that they both came from small city…

Sanky: I think they both blackmail shekhar sir related to his cousin..

Ragini: ya u r right

Laksh: guys now we have to do something surely in the party

Karan: I’ll also help u infact I have a gut feeling that shekhar sir and his family will also be somewhere in the house

Sanky: ragini u know the swara’s house completely??

Ragini: not completely sanky but I know most of the areas of the house

Laksh: guys I think we four.. but before he complete the sentence a voice came

Not four infact five… they all turns and saw sara is standing there…

Sara: sir not u four infact I’ll also help u all

Sanky: that’s very good what’s say karan?? By saying this sanky turns towards the karan but karan is lost somewhere… not actually somewhere but he is lost in sara 😀

Sanky: karann????


Laksh: karan????


Ragini: karan???

Karan again:——-

Sanky stamps his foot

Karan starts jumping and said sanky what’s this nonsense

Sanky: non sense??? We trio is calling u but u lost somewhere

Ragini: I think not somewhere he is lost in sara she said with a wink while karan turns red and sara also blushesss

Laksh: I think new love story has started

Sanky: u both continue your love story after the rescue plan

Raglak laughs while kara (karan and sara) turns red due to embarrassment

Next day in party:

Sanskar and ragini came as a guests because sahil and suraj didn’t saw ragini they only knows about laksh… soo ragini came as a sister of sanky… while laksh and karan dressed
up in the getup of waiters… while sara dressed up as a dancer whose face is covered with a veil…

Laksh and karan were reached to the party before the arrival of ragsan… while sara will come after sometime…

Lucky and karan hides the cameras in this the party hall and few in the corridors…

Party starts…

Ragsan came…. Sanky shakehands with suraj and sahil and introduced ragini as his sister……

After sometime of ragsan arrival sara also camee on seeing her karan who is serving the drinks freeze on the point and lost in her…. On seeing karan laksh who is also serving drinks giggles but later stamps karan foot..

Karan: ouchhhhh what the hell lucky??? Why u both sanky and u always stamp my foot??

Lucky chuckles and said: dude it is the best way to get u from your dream world u later stares sara know first focus on the mission

Karan embarrassed and nodes ok

While on the other side sanky said to ragini to go and search in the house

Sanky: ragini u go and search the house

Ragini: said okay and she goes by giving the excuse of using the washroom….

Ragini is searching the house carefully when she is going from the corridor she saw that sahil is coming from one room.. the room is locked from the outside…. When sahil goes and ragini after confirming from sanky that sahil is in the party or not.. she goes toward that room…

She first listening by keeping her ear in the room for any noise… she heard the talking of more than 2 people…

She tries to open the lock for the hair pin… finally she succeeded and when she open the door she shocked to see the 3 men inside the room

One man saw her and said ragini beta???

Ragini who is in state of shock came in her senses and close the door behind and runs toward the man and hugs him

Ragini: shekhar uncle how r u??? where u have gone???

Yes the man is shekhar

Shekhar: ragni beta relax I didn’t go anywhere actually those people prisoned us in our house

Ragini but uncle who r these two?? And where is sumi aunty and shona??

Shekhar: beta these 2 our my brother suraj gadodia and his son sahil gadodia

Ragini: u mean the real suraj and sahil gaodia??

Shekhar : yes the real one but how do u know?? And how u came here?? Please beta go from here they are very dangerous

Ragini: unlce I tell u later all this and don’t worry im not alone lucky and few more people are there now I will go and tell them about u and I also search sumi aunty and shona u please wait for some time..

Shekhar: okay beta but u please take care of yourself

Ragini hugs him again and goes out after locking the door again…

Raginii msg the all about the complete detail because meeting and calling all is may be risky so she messaged all and ask them about the further plan…
Conversation in the msg:

Sanky: ragini u now should came back because vanishing for a long time my create doubt

Ragini: okay I’ll come but what about shona and sumi aunty??

Laksh: now me and karan will search next

Sara: okay guys best of luck

Sanky: guys go and search them fast

Lucky and karan: okay guys we’ll inform u after finding them…

Conversation end…

Lucky and karan is searching the house very carefully… while going they heard the talking voices from a room which is also locked from outside they both break the lock and found to ladies their…

One lady: who r u both??

Lucky remove his beard and said sumi aunty me lucky

Sumi: lucky my son by saying this she hugs him

Sumi: lucky how u came here??

Lucky: aunty we came for the rescue of u all

Sumi: beta but they are very dangerous

Lucky: u don’t worry aunty we planned all the things and we also found shekhar uncle but who is she with u??

Sumi: beta he is shekhar’s cousin suraj’s wife Anjali

Lucky: oo hello aunty and don’t worry aunty we also found suraj uncle and sahil

Anjali: thanku soo much beta

Lucky: sumi aunty where is shona??

Sumi: I don’t know beta where is my shona I just hope that she is fine

Lucky: u don’t worry aunty shona will be fine okay aunty we will come after sometime u please wait here for sometime

Sumi and Anjali nodes…

Lucky and karan after coming out tells about sumi and Anjali to all on the msg…

Ragini: guys but what about shona??

Sanky: I think now I will go and search swara

Lucky: ya dude u r right

Sanky: okay guys u all take care here I will go and search her…

All nodes..

Sanky goes toward the opposite side of the house…

Sanky is searching for swara when he is going from the corridor he felt something strange… he goes toward one room and kept his ear on the door but he didn’t heard any noise but
he don’t know what come in his heart he opened the door the door is only closed from outside but not locked….

When her entered in the room the light is on but he found nobody…

He turned to go but suddenly he got hold of someone’s hand… because there is a vase in the hand of that person…

Sanky grabs the person’s hand and twist his hand but later realize that it’s the hand of the girl…

Sanky lost in the hazel brown eyes of the girl.. girl is also looking him in amusement but later came in her senses and jerks him…

Girl: how dare u to twist my hand??

Sanky came in his senses and said ooo sorry mis swara

Yes the girl is swara

Swara: how u know my name and who the hell r u?? by saying this she again attacks him with the vase..

Sanky again grabs her hand and said relax swara ragini told me about u and me lucky and ragini came for your rescue…

swara after listening ragini’s name throws the vase which fall on the sanky’s foot and he start dancing

Sanky: ouchhhhhh

Swara ignores his scream and said in a chirpy voice raguuuu where is ragu and lucky?? Please take me to themmm

Sanky who is now also dancing said: cant u see my foot in injured

Swara: oo please stop dancing u will do it later first take me too ragu and lucky

Sanky who saw her with open mouth said I saw the first girl like u who is chirping even in the house arrest

Swara: ya I know im unique know praise me later first took me to them…

Sanky: relax relax first I’ll inform all of them about u till then u wait here for some time

Swara: what wait??? Noway u know what I didn’t ate my dairy milk silk from a long time and u r saying to wait here more?? Noo way

Sanky who is looking her with open mouth said please wait for some time I surely get u out from here

Swara thinks for some time and said okay but do inform ragu and lucky to take my dairy milk silk with them

Sanky shook his head in a shock and goes out

Sanky after coming out from the room tells all of them about swara and also her demand about chocolate

Raglak is laughing on swara’s aantics and said okay we will grab the choco for her…

After getting to know about everyone ssanky and lucky calls the commissioner and told him about everything.. after half an hr commissioner arrives in the party and arrests fake suraj and sahil and rescue all…

Swara who came out first she demand for the chocolate later she hugs all the people her mom dad and raglak.. while sanky is seeing her with a smile on his face…

Swara who got her chocolate which ragu gave her…said

The party is over… by this all the guests left from their… police is also going to take fake suraj’s family but swara said stop

Swara while eating chocolate said wait for some time commissioner sir

All looks toward her

Swara while licking her finger said before u took them we also have a right to punish them… I think u don’t mind??

Commissioner no no mis swara what they have done with u and your family u don’t have any problem iff u punished them

Swara: okay thanks but first they should tell us how they do all this??

Fake suraj and sahil starts telling about their plan…

Sahil: I met real sahil in a rstuarant there we became frnds.. after sometime of our frnd sahil told me about shekhar gadodia and his family he told me that his father is missing his
brother a lot but they didn’t met from a very long time and also didn’t know how they look now

Fake sahil took all the info from real sahil.. fake sahil knows about shekhar gadodia soo he and his father made a plan for becoming the fake suraj and sahill…

Fake sahil and his dad kidnaps the real suraj and his family and took out the complete information about the shekhar and his family…

After that the executed theire plan.. they first goo to meet shekhar and shekhar welcome fake suraj whole heartedly because he also didn’t know how they look in real so shekhar though him as his cousin… but after 1 2 weeks shekhar have a doubt on fake suraj because due to some of his habits because real suraj is having an allergy from smoking while
fake suraj always do smoking…

But shekhar ignores it… but one day he listened their talks but fake sahil saw him and threatened him that if they tell about this to any one he will kill his cousin so that’s why shekhar keep mum… and after 2 months fake sahil and suraj demand for the whole property from shekhar and threats him that if they didn’t gave them property they will also kills swara.. shekhar loves swara very much soo he gave the whole property to them…

But fake sahil and his father hosue prisoned all of them shekhar with real sahil and suraj and sumi with real suraj’s wife Anjali…

While swara who don’t know anything is also beaing house arrests by fake sahil and fake suraj… fake sahil tries to misbehave with swara but swara being a Jhansi ki rani always protect her from his clutches but sahil slaps swara several times and his mother also torture’s swara very much…

All of them listening all this with a sad faces… shekhar came toward swara and hugs her tightly…

Shekhar: my bachii didn’t they hurt u more???

Swara: no dad u know about mee naa

Shekhar and sumi nodes and hugs her tightly

Swara to fake suraj’s family u all tortures me and my family very much naa now its time for some action

Swara: first u mr soo called fake sahil u slaps mee naa?? By saying this swara grabs the ketchup bottle from the table and pour the whole bottle on his face but before he doo anything swara whistles and her dogs came running and swara ordered them to run behind him… fake sahil is running for his life while swara’s 2 dogs is running behind him and barking finally fake sahill fall down in the swimming pool but this is not the end swara ordered her servant empty the whole swimming pool after pool got empty the dogd jump inside it and fake sahil after seeing this runs outside the pool.. he got tire and taking as a opportunity dogs bite him on his bumpy due to which fake sahil screams loudly and finally falls unconscious.. police arrests him

Swara to fake suraj: your son has gone I think now its your turns…

Fake suraj gulps and said please snd me to the jail

Swara: why soo soon?? First have some entertainment by saying this swara orders her servant to get electric wiree swara gave him electric shock due to which his hairs turns into a spikes ( guys imagine the scene in home alone where the one thief got electric shock from the taps of basin)

Later swara put full bucket of paint on him and ask her servants to put skates in his feet… fake suraj is crying all the time but swara didn’t payed any head and she pushed him outside the house and he is doing skating like falling laying he got many bruises and finally he also fall down unconscious and police also took him

Swara finally to fake suraj’s wife who is shivering due to fear after seeing her husband and son’s state..

Swara: kyn moti hippo???? U enjoyed the entertainment or not??

Moti hippo keeps mum

Swara okay I think u didn’t enjoyed never ind I will entertain u also by saying this swara garbs the choco from lucky’s hand and starts eating while eating swara grabs moti hippo’s braid.. which is actually a wig due to suddenly jerk her braid came in swara’s hand

Swara: ohoo fake people with fake hair…

Swara pushed her and she fall down on ground by facing her back toward swara.. befaore she do anything swara sat down on her bumpy and starts eating her choco while jumping on her…

Swara: uu moti hippo u made me to grab or hippo size bags during shopping na?? now I will till u what is actually swara is

Swara: starts jumping or her back and later turns her toward her and starts jumping on her tummy while she is screaming in pain and after she also fall unconscious… police took all of them

Swara wipping her sweat turns toward her family but her familyyy….

Standing in a shock with open mouths and their eyes is looking that they will come out any time…

Swara: what happened to u all??

But no answer… swara shouts daddddd… mommmmmmm???

All come in senses but all faints at the same time like first

Sumi faints in shekhars arm.. shekhar faints in suraj’s arm… suraj faints in anjali arm… anjalil faints in sahil arms… sahil on karan…..karan on sara.. sara on ragini.. ragini on lucky.. lucky on sanky…… and sanky first saw all of them and then swara……. swara who is standing near sankyy… saw him with narrow eyes and said don’t u want to faint??
Sanky nodes his head and he faints on swara’s arm 😀

Swara signs and turns toward the servant but the also fainted like all 😀

Swara taps her forhead and sat down on the sofa and starts eating her dairy milk silk 😀 😀

to be continued….

precap: start of the lovestory…

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