Swasan: How I met him??? (by shanaya) OS


Hey guys look who is back??? ??it’s me shanaya back with another os just for u all….
Swara s POV :
I pop my head out of the blanket and open my eyes….
I see my beautiful room around me which is located on the 25th floor in New York!!! I fell in love with this place the day I came here…
My room was like the ones you see in movies with a part of the wall showing the city…. Ain’t it beautiful??? Sorry u cant see it na???
By the way…..
How did I get up so early???? Then I notice something vibrating beside me… And it strikes me…my brother is calling me…
Oh god!!! He’ll with this guy..
I spoke” helloooo…. ” in a sleepy tone.

” Hey sis ” he replied in a cheerful and happy tone.
” I guess it is something important that u woke me up from a nice sleep lucky!!! ”
“Come on shona who sleeps at 1:30 in the noon???”
” for your kind information lucky I stay at the other end of the world and it is 3 in morning right now… ” I reply as I yawn…
It was a hectic day so I needed a good night’s sleep and my idiot brother was discussing about an idiotic topic… How nice ?..
” oh sorry I didn’t know that. ?!!! Ok listen what I am going to say next with the atmost attention Kk??? ” exclaimed lucky that is my brother Laksh gadodia….
” Ok speak…. ”
” my marriage got fixed!!! ?” he squealed like a small boy of 6
” oh nice! Wait what???? Your marriage got fixed and you r telling me now??? ” I screamed at him
“if it got fixed today I’ll tell today only na…” he replied innocently…. I just love him and his innocence…
” Ok tell me everything…. By the way are u marrying ur ragini aka ur girl friend??? ”
” YA dii I am marrying her!!!! The wedding is in a month and u should leave soon… Kk???”
” Omg a month… I’ll leave soon Kk byeee and congo…”
” bye dii take care… Love u ”
” love u too lucky…. ?”
I cut the phone and fall back on the bed… And I think of all the moments with my brother… We both are twins but I came to New York City to complete my studies and later on settle down here….
Whereas by brother stayed with my parents and granny in india where he had a girlfriend named ragini and now he was going to marry her…..
His life was so cool and mine sucked!!!!
I went into a deep sleep and woke up at 10am….
After a few days :
I landed in india at last!!!

I was currently standing in front of Indira gandhi international airport Delhi in a crop top with a white shorts that reached half way to my knees and a beach hat with goggles ( i love this outfit ?) I hired a taxi since I had to catch a train and travel for 2 hours by road to reach village….
My dad and his best friend dp where the important heads in the village… So the wedding was going to be grand….
After 5 hours….
After that unclean and hectic journey through train… I walked through the railway station with my suitcase…. I walked up to the departure place where people stand for their relatives, friends family members etc.
I called lucky…
” hey lucky kahan hai tu??? ( where r u) ”
” sorry di my in laws didn’t let me come… But they sent a driver so u come with him… ”
” Kk bye…”
I didn’t know who came to pick me up…
I glanced around and found a guy holding a Board with my name….
He looked so hot and handsome… He was wearing a T shirt with a coat and jeans…. I went to him and asked ” u don’t look like a driver…. ”
He chuckled and said ” no I am not the driver but now I will be… ”
I look at him confused of what he has just said…
He replies ” I came with the driver to pick u up and he had some work so I will drive u back to the place myself…. ”
I nodded and asked ” that’s fine but who r u?? ”
He was shocked by my question and asked ” don’t remember your sanky??? ”
Realisation hit me hard…. Oh my god it was sanky my sanky…. I didn’t even recognise him…. Oh god what was wrong with me…
Without hesitation I took him into a tight hug and he hugged me back with the same passion…
I withdrew and asked him ” u forgot me na… Not a call not a message…. ”
He raised his eyebrows and said ” I can say the same about u??? ”
Hmmm that was quite the answer I was expecting…
” forget that I have come back from so far and u r treating ur guest like this…. I am ur sister s fiancé s sister….”
Yes u r right he is sanskar maheswari aka ragini s brother who is elder than ragini and a year elder than me… So the order goes like this sanskar is the eldest and me and Laksh are next and ragini is the last…. She was the apple of our eyes…. And then I went to the US and didn’t get time… I glanced a last time at sanskar and climbed into his car…
Sanskar s POV :
She glanced at me and climbed into the car…. She was so cute and hot and beautiful. Before going to the Us she was very simple and now… Just look at her… So adorable…
I remember the days when I Laksh and swara used to play when we were small…
I got into the car and started it…. The whole time she kept on speaking and I listened patiently…. To her sweet voice……
After the drive she gave me a hug and left to meet her parents….

It was the day before sangeet and I saw swara pacing back and forth in the garden… I decided to start a conversation…
We talked for about 2 hours and split up…
In the sangeet all of us danced and enjoyed ourselves… And soon I was standing in front of the the banner Laksh weds ragini…
I entered and saw the most beautiful girl on earth in an stunning black and red ghagra… I walked to her…
Swara s POV:

I walked into the wedding hall and was busy in my work when I felt as if someone very close to me has come…. I turn my head and see sanky standing at the door staring at me… He was looking like a hot angel who has just come down from heaven…. I moved towards him and he moved towards me.. We got closer and we were just inches apart… I was just mesmerised seeing him… Just then I heard a coughing sound behind me… We immediately parted.. And ran of in different directions due to awkwardness… But kept glancing at each other…
Third person s POV :
It was soon bidaai and everyone was in tears including sanskar who was sad seeing his sister go away. Everyone was shedding tears of sadness and happiness except one person. Swara. Sanskar saw this and was shocked. He was crying and she was consoling her mom without even showing little emotion on her face.
It was late night and according to sanky everyone was asleep. Sanskar wasnt sleepy so he decided to stroll around. He was passing by a room and he saw the door slightly open… He peeped in and saw swara sitting on the bed. She looked very depressed. He walked in and kept an arm on her shoulder. She turned and saw him and hugged him tight. He was shocked but hugged her back.
” what happened shona??”
“sanky u know I wanted to tell u something from so many days!!! ”
“what shona?? ”
” sanky I Love you ”
” I love you too… ”
” what sanky is this the way u tell that.. ”
” I didn’t know u were going to propose me today!! “?
” can I sleep in your arms sanky please…. ”
” Ok..come sleep ”
Both of them fall asleep in each others arms…
Next day morning sanky comes back from his morning walk. He was crossing swara s parents room and hears a conversation…
Sumi: swara u should listen to ur dad..
Swara: mom please that guy is 9 years older than me… I can’t marry him.
Shekhar: don’t quarrel or raise ur voice u r a girl…
Swara: that was my mistake…. I am a girl.. A burden right..???. Want to get me married of to an old guy and get rid of me forever??? Laksh can do anything… From childhood it had been like that… U give him everything he wants but give me nothing!!! I am fed up… R u people even my parents or??

Before she could continue she gets a tight slap from Sumi… ” u r my daughter don’t forget that… And yes we love your brother more since he is a boy… He will be the heir to our property… We would have given u away but a sense of humanity stopped us…”
Swara storms out of the room.
Sanskar s POV :
I saw her coming out and quickly hide behind a pillar. She hid years of grief inside her and yet behaved as if she was strong. I went to her room and for the first time I saw her crying…
I went to her and engulfed her in a hug.I could feel her tears on my back as she cried out the pain she had been hiding from years…
She placed her head on my chest and silently sobbed while I wrapped my arms around her… She started speaking ” I know sanky u heard the whole conversation… I never wanted u to know… U remember when we were 8 years old we played together…. And then one day I disappeared all of a sudden…. ”
“YA shona I remember how I and lucky used to think of all the fun we had…. when u were not there ”
” I was put into a boarding school a third standard child all alone in a boarding school. Life wasnt easy. I never asked anything from my parents cause I knew they were too much immersed in their son s love. I studied there. For my college I moved to the Us since I was a good student and received scholarships. I lived on the money I earned through part time. I came to India once for some work and my parents wanted me to get married off to some guy. They didn’t know I liked u in fact loved u from when we were small kids. So I stopped coming to India… But this time I couldn’t miss my own bro s marriage…. So I came here but these
people don’t want me at
” don’t say like that swara you r a strong girl right…. Look I am always there for you ”
” thanks sanky if u weren’t there then I…. ”
” shshhhh…. No more speaking come sleep ”

” Ok…”?
” you know sanky till today no one asked me this sweetly to sleep…. ?”
” yay!!! I am the first one..now sleep ?”
” sanky I saw u wondering y I don’t cry for the bidaai right??
” I have never received the love ragini receives from ur parents they have never cared for me…. So I don’t understand the feelings ragini must have felt at the bidaai…”
For the first time I felt she is the most innocent person on earth… I consoled her and put her to sleep.
Swara s POV :
It was 4:30 or say the time to escape…. Yes?I was going to escape from everyone and go back to my life…. All this messed up my brain so much.. I tiptoed into lucky s room and kissed him on the head and gave him a light hug…
This guy was a sound sleeper so no chance that he was going to wake up…. I was going to miss him so much… All the fun we had during this wedding was not going to be forgotten…
I went into my room where sanky was sleeping…. Seeing him itself made me cry…I stifled my cry and sat beside him…he looked so hot in his sleep… I gently pecked his lips and was about to go away when I felt a strong hand on my wrist…. I turned and saw that he was catching my hand in his sleep….

Sleep protection security I guess(???)…. I slowly released his hand from my wrist and went away….
Sanskar s POV:
I got up to find my angel missing…. Though I never confessed she knew that I loved her more than anyone else but where was she now…. I saw a letter on the side table and took it and opened it….
It read:
” dear sanky,
I am writing this to u as I will never meet u again…I love you and will always love only u…please forgive me and for me…. Please move on marry a girl and settle down…. Good bye….
With lots of kisses and hugs
Swara ”
I was in tears by the time I finished reading it…. How could she??? Leave me alone and go and ask me to move on….I will never forgive her…
Swara s POV:
It had been a hectic week…. None of the work I submited are being accepted…. I always enter my dream world and forget about my work….
The boss walked to me and said ” you are fired!!!! ”
I walked out of the place in tears.. Now my only source of living was destroyed…. I went to my room and threw everything I saw…. I was in a Miserable state and I broke all the things I treasured and hurt myself
Just then I heard the bell ring…. I ignored it…
Again it rang…
Again I ignored it..
Again it rang…
This time I was furious I went and opened the door and was taken into a bone crushing hug… I just needed that at the moment and I knew who it was….
Sanskar s POV:
I took her into a bone crushing hug and both stood like that for some time…. I parted and took her hands in mine while she was busy staring at me… I realised her hands were. wet…. I looked down to see them immersed in blood…. I immediately made her to sit down on the couch and aided her hands that were bleeding….
” what is wrong with u??? Is this the way u behave???? Running away from everyone??? ”
She looked at me with tears and said ” I am s…s… sorry.

I immediately hug her…. And consoled her completely forgetting that there was a couple standing behind us…. U guessed it right… It was Laksh and ragini they were here for their honeymoon….
Lucky comes to swara and speaks to her ” I am sorry… I didn’t understand ur problems I am such an idiot…the worst brother ”
” no lucky u r the best brother a girl can get…. ” swara says and they share a cute sibling hug while I hug ragini…. Next I hug lucky and swara hugs ragini and then?????I hug swara and lucky hugs ragini ( besharam hai sabhi ???)
third person’s POV:

After three hours:
Swara is standing in a nice gown and waiting for sanky…. He comes there in a nice suit….
They walk into the restaurant and sit down at the table and have a calm candle light dinner suddenly sanky says he has to go to the washroom…. Swara continues to look around as sanky leaves to the washroom…. Suddenly she hear a noise and some one starts speaking in the mike….
” roses are red
Violets are blue
I didn’t know the meaning of love
Till I met you….
Hey swara its me sanskar!!! ”
Swara sees sanky come to her with a mike in one hand and a ring in the other…
” wondering what I am doing??? You know I never proposed u right??? So here I am.. Listen to this:
You know I am in love with u since I was eight
Since then all I did was wait
Then I did meet you
And u too knew
That I had fallen all over again in love
And u didn’t ask me to prove
But one last time I am here
To make u mine forever…..
So miss swara will u adopt my surname to ur cute name for a lifetime????
Will u marry me swara??? ”
All she could do was kiss him tightly.. It was a long passionate kiss and people around then clapped…

*The end*
So I end my os here…. I guess it was long… I need the maximum no. Of comments guys…
And try reading my short story on swaragini. The name is my love story…. Do try it… Love you all lots… ??
And a sincere request please respect the girl child they are indeed beautiful creations of God…..
I’ll post the next part of ‘my love story’ on Wednesday…

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