Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 9


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Outside MM, lonely road:
Ragini is seen walking lifelessly, dragging herself, holding herslef together with great difficulty.
Sau dard hain, sau raahatein
Sab mila dil nasheen, ek tu hi nahi….. (sau dard from Jaaneman plays..)
Pictures of Raglak marriage, Ragini pushing Swara in the river, Sanskaar trying to make Ragini understand, Laksh hugging Ragini flashed in her mind. A ghostly smile creeps in and takes over her face but it vanished as she recalled Laksh’s molestation case (ek tu hi nahii…)
Rukhi Rukhi se ye hawa….Shehar ki sadkon pe mai…laawaris udta hua….
“Why did you do this to me Laksh??? I was ready to kill my own sister for you…then why would you do that!” Ragini breaksdown, screams and cries bitterly. She recalls the moment she pushed Swara into river and says “this is my fault! Im being punished for my sins! Humne apni behan ko nahi choda toh Laksh humme kaise chodte. Hum bohat nadaan thay. Humme ghin aa rahi hai apne aap se, Swara kaise maafi mange hum tumse aur Sanskaar se” (I didnt spare my sister then how could Laksh spare me. I was so stupid. I feel disgusted, Swara, how do I seek forgiveness from you and Sanskaar!)
Sau Raaste, par teri raahi nahi…
Her voice starts to break and she screams even loudly now “hum toh maafi ke layak bhi nahi, Im sorry Swara, Im sorry Sanskaar, Im sorry Laksh, Im sorry eveyone, Im sorry!!!!” (I dont even deserve fogiveness. Im sorry Swara, Im sorry Sanskaar, Im sorry Laksh, Im sorry eveyone, Im sorry!!!!)
Tanha dil, tanhaa…sau dard hain….
Ragini lost conciousness, crashed to the floor and fainted but tears never stopped tearing down her rosy cheeks.

“Sanskaar, Im really scared. What will happen now. We will find Ragini,wont we??!” Swara demanded and cried in Sanskaar’s arms who just gently patted her back, trying to calm her down.
“Swara, dont worry, we will find her for sure but first you need to gather yourself. Stop crying now” he wipes her tears, encouraged her to not lose hope and both started to search for Ragini.

After good 30 mins of hunting for Ragini, Swara found her lying unconciously in the middle of a road “Ragini…Sanskaar, Ragu is here!” Swara too shocked to react, finally screamed to which he came running and was eqaully shocked to find his bestie lying unconciously in the middle of the road.
“Ragu, what happened, wake up please, get up!” Swara shouted, tryimg to wake her up and cried upon seeing her sister’s condition.
“Swara, come on, get up, we’ll take her to hospital” Sanskaar begged Swara to get up as he picked up Ragini in his arms and raced towards the other end of the road.

Swasan were waiting outside the ward room.
“Sanskaar, why does this always happen to our family. Just when I think everything is going smoothly, a hurricane comes, hits me and proudly tells me that no swara! You’re wrong, nothing can be fine!” She broke down, side hugged Sanskaar and cried to an extent that her tears dried out.
Sanskaar gently patted her shoulder, wiped her tears wih his napkin “Princess, dont worry at all. I will set everything fine. Hmm, what is your prince here for” he weakly chuckled at the last part, to cheer his life up and to hide his worry.
“Sanskaar, how do you always manage to stay strong. You really inspire me and thank you for coming into my black and white life and filling it with thousands of colours. Im very lucky to have you” Sanskaar moved away from Swara which surprised her but she instantly started smiling as he in a lame tone said “Swara how many times do I need to say no sorry and no thank you in friendship…oh sorry, its love now!” Both smiled and hugged, thanking the Almighty for blessing them with such wonderful partners.

Few minutes later, the doctor came and informed them of Ragini’s condition “Excuse me, Sanskaar and Mrs Maheshwari, I believe your sister is going through a traumatised phase. She is too stressed to deal a normal life at the moment, by that I mean, she has recieved a heavy amount of shock and stress at the same time. She needs a break.”
Both Swara and Sanskaar were expecting this answer but Swara started sobbing as reality hit her.
“Amir, we are clueless about how to deal with this situation. Please recommend something for Ragini” asked a worried Sanskaar.
“Sanskaar, since I know you well, I wouldnt give any false hopes. Take extra care of her otherwise her situation can worsen. Actually you know what I suggest you consult this psychologist. I know him well. I will send you his details”
Sanskaar hugged him and both thanked the doctor and left to visit Ragini.
Swara walked into the room, ran towards Ragini and hugged her tight. “Ragu, you know what, Im gonna kill you, you almost killed me today. Do you have any idea about how scared I was to see your condition!” Swaragini played in the background and the sisters hugged.
“Swara, I tried to kill you before too. I know apology itself wont be enough to repay my sins but will you forgive me. Im solely responsible for my condiotion today. Im sorry. Please forgive me!” Ragini in a low voice cried in her sisters arms. Sanskaar was just too overwhelmed to see the sisterly bond restoring once again.

Sanskaar sat on the bed, next to the sisters, gently patted Ragini’s head.
Dil se dil ka rishta juda, pal do pal me mitta nahi..bandhan dilon ka toota nahi..tere dil ka mere dil se plays…
Ragini stared at her bestie with puppy eyes and instantly hugged him, thanking him for supporting her once again. “Sanskaar, thank you, you have supported your sister once again. I cant thank God enough for blessing me with such an understanding sister and such a supportive bestie.” Ragini sobbed and cried her heart out.
SwaSan were also crying at this point. Sanskaar’s eyes turned moist where as the sisters cried bitterly. Swara took a moment to observe their pure friendship tied with just love between the two. Sanskaar looked over at his love, extended his arm, asking her to join in the hug too.
Swara didnt hesitate even a bit and hugged the two.
Teri bechaini ka, teri tanhai ka…..dard baant leingay hum…..
Sanskaar shared a very special bond with the two of them. For one, Swara, he was the support, friend and love of her life or you could say he was her life, if she was the heart then he was the heartbeat without whom the heart wouldnt survive. If he was Swara’s love, he was as important for Ragini too. He was a supportive and understanding friend and a brother she never had. He was a strong pillar of support on whom both, his love and bestie could always count on!
Swara and Ragini were one of the most important women in his lives. Swara was the light where as he was the dark, she lit up his life with her bubbly nature and how he just couldnt afford to lose her otherwise he would be lost again and will never be found without her. Ragini had every solution of his problem, both could solve every problem together and Swara was never jealous of them, instead she was happy to witness such a cute bonding. They were like the brother-sister duo who would always tease Swara which she prentended to hate but initially loved it secretly.
Swasan left the hospital and took Ragini to baadi.

Precap: Laksh, how could you do this to Ragini, I know she was wrong but you could have given her a chance to explain and seriously, how could you accuse your brother of such a henious crime!” Sanskaar to Lakshm. Ragini carelessly walking, a car ia about to hit her but stops at the right time. He gets out, shouts at her.

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