Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 8

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Ragini was in the kitchen whilst others were resting in their respective rooms.
“Hey Bhagwan, why hasnt Sanskaar come yet?? I need to talk to him about Swara. How do I explain him that Swara doesnt deserve him!! But if he’s happy with her than Im happy for my bestie!”
Ragini was smiling but her smile vanished away as the lights turned off and it turned pitch black. She panicked as she witnessed a shadow “Who turned off the lights??” No reply came and she repeated “I asked who turned off the lights?? Who’s there??” She was blanked again and as she moved towards the figure, the person ran towards her and tried to molest her. In defense, she scratched the person’s forearm and let out a scream. The person pushed her to floor and escaped through the window but deliberately left a gold bracelet.
Ragini wasnt in the state to chase the person so she grabbed the bracelet and raced to the main hall, shouting “Maa”.
Ap immediately came to her daughter-in-law’s recue, covered her with shawl.
Later Ragini narrated the whole incident to family and keeping in mind that the bracelet belongs to Sanskaar, everyone in family, especially Laksh (but not Sujata and Ram) concluded that Sanskaar was the culprit.
“Papa, Im telling you only Sanskaar can do such a cheap act” said a furious Laksh but Ragini protested “Nai Laksh, Sanskaar is my best friend, he can never do this to me and he wasnt….” she was cut off by Ap, who was equally furious “Ragini, elders will decide who is to be blamed”

Sanskaar, Swara and Shomi reach MM. “Maa, Swara, please wait here for 2 minutes, I will go talk to family and then take my wife and maa inside. Please give me 2 mins, Sorry” as soon as he finished, he got out of car, slammed the door and sprinted towards mansion. Swara and Shomi could see his happiness and both just smiled at his childish behaviour.

“Maa, Mom, Bade Papa, Papa… I have to say something” words just flew from his mouth, he was filled with happiness and struggled to talk.

“Maa, I think we should go and check, it’s been 5 minutes. Im worried for him, what if he needs my support??” Said a confused Swara.
“Shona, its okay, dont worry…” said Shomi, trying to calm down her daughter.
“No maa, Im going” Swara gently brushed off her hand and ran inside. Shomi tried to protest but in vain so she just followed her daughter.

As soon as Dp saw Sanskaar, he raged, raced to him and slapped him hard across the face. Sanskaar was shell shocked, he looked at Dp and said “Bade Papa” to which he recieved another slap. However, now he lost his balance and was about to fall when Swara came and held him. It was almost a hug. She stared at him with all the concern and love in her eyes. The pain was evident in his eyes, not physical pain but he sure was hurt. She helped him to his feet and held his hand. He stared at her, silently thanking her for supporting him.
“Bade papa, mujhse koi galti hui kya??” (Bade papa, did I make a mistake??) Said a confused and hurt Sanskaar.
“Mistake, you tried to molest my wife and you say its a mistake. Mr Sanskaar, its a sin and you sure would be punished for it!!” Laksh barked at Sanskaar.
Sanskaar was as equally shocked as Swara and both just stared at the family blankly.

“Lucky, Bade Papa, you really think I can do such a henious act! Disgusting!” Rage was evident from his voice and eyes. He was shocked to see no response from family so he moved to Ap and Sujata, with tears in his eyes, frustrated, he begged “Maa, Mom, Papa, you really think I can do this. Mom trust me I wasnt even home, I was with Maa and Swara and moreover, Ragini whatever she is today, she was my best friend once and I can never harm her. Please trust me..” Sanskaar almost cried, he was hurt. Deeply hurt. How could his family not believe him, he didnt live to witness the cruelty of his family. His perfect dream of a lovey dovey life with Swara just got crushed under the weight of the allegations and accusations.
“Just shut up Sanskaar, you know what its not your fault. Its our fault that we let you live with us. How many girls do you have in your life. When Kavita left, you got Swara and when she left you, you thought why not Ragini, after all…” he was cut off by Swara as she smacked his face. Hard. Actually really hard.
“Ek aur shabd nai. Samje tum! Khabardaar mere pati k baare mai kuch bakwaas ki toh warna mujhse bura koi nai hoga. Agar Sanskaar k baare mai kuch b kaha toh mai bilkul b bardaasht nahi karun gi. Samjhay Mr Lakshya Maheshwari. (Not a word more. Understood! Dont you dare say such nonsense about my husband otherwise you will face the worst of me. I will not tolerate a word against Sanskaar. Do you understand Mr Lakshya Maheshwari)” Swara screamed at Laksh, highlighting her Durga avtar and continued to scare him “I, Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari totally trust my husband and I can prove that Sanskaar was with me and Maa so please mind your language!” Swara screamed in rage, it was the fisrt time that the family got to see an aggressive Swara. The whole family was shell shocked to see such avtar of Swara.
Laksh was too shocked to say something but what shocked him even more was when Ragini approached his dad and said “Papa ji, I believe Sanskaar is innocent” she looked at Sanskaar with all the trust and guilt in her eyes for her past doings. She stated “Sanskaar is my beat friend before he is my Jeth or Jeeju (brother-in-law). Our friendship was formed before the wedding and as far as I know him, I can blindly say that Sanskaar would never do such a hedious thing. He respects women and men equally and thats exactly why he holds a very special and reapectable place in my heart” Ragini said with tears dripping from her eyes.

Sanskaar, Swara and Shomi were also shocked to see this change in Ragini’s behaviour. Swara thought it to be another drama of Ragini but Sanskaar knew those words were genuine. He just stared at her, thanking her for everything through his eyes.
Ragini moved towards Laksh, held his hand and as she was about to explain herself, she saw nail marks on Laksh’s forearm. She just stared at his arm lifelessly, lost her balance and moved back. “Laksh!” The only word that managed to escape her mouth. Laksh realised she found out the truth and started to move towards his room when Ragini said “Maa, you have slapped the wrong person and as I said Sanskaar wasnt the one who misbehaved with me…it was your son…it was my husband, Lakshya!!” She said with a breaking voice, she fell to floor and cried miserably.whole family was shell shocked and Ap questioned her daughter-in-law’s acuusations saying “Ragini, what are you saying?? How can you blame your husband!”
“Like I said before Sanskaar and Swara came, I had scratched the forearm of the person and if you check his arm, you sure would find my nail marks. Maa, you said the culprit would be punished but no one will punish Laksh coz…” Ragini cried vigorously, no one consoled her as whole family was too shocked at revelation. Now it was when Sanskaar stepped forth and hugged her. “Rago, stop crying. You supported me first and now I will support you, dont worry, your bestie is here naa!” He wiped her tears, totally feeling her heartbreak. Ragini just stared at him, hugged him and cried miserably yet again.

“Dekha bhaisaa, manne kaha tha na k mara Sanskaar aisa kabhi naa kare gaa balke ay toh Laksh ne hi kaand kia”. (Didnt I tell you brither-in-law that my Sanskaar can never do this but it turned out to be Laksh instead” Sujata screamed and felt proud of her daughter-in-law for supporting her son in tough time.
Meanwhile Ragini stood up straight, walked to Laksh and stated “Laksh, I know its all my fault. I know you found out my truth the night Sanskaar confessed everything in drunken state but then why didnt you confront me. I know you wanted to avenge me for seperating you and Swara but what was Sanskaar’s fault. He’s your brother right!!??” Laksh just stood there with his head dropped down. Guilt was evident from eyes.
Ragini turned to family and accepted all her crime which was 3rd shock of the day for them
“I know I have made a lot of mistakes which indeed are not forgivable but Swara, Sanskaar please forgive me. At least it will reduce my guilt” saying this she fell in Swara and Sanskaar’s feet and cried. Swasan immediately made her stand up and hugged her.
“Ragini I cant forgive you but you are my sister, you surely deserve another chance” Swara patted her back and wiped her tears.
“Ragini, Swara is right and stop crying now”. Ragini just stared at the couple and ran outside the house. Swasan ran to follow her but Sujata stopped them and said “Sanskaar, Swara, let her go, she needs time”
Swara walked to Laksh and slapped him tightly across the face and slapped him again.
“1st slap for accusing my husband and 2nd one for hurting my sister. Laksh I know she did wrong but she loves you but you will never understand and by the time you have realised your mistake, you would have already lost the most beatiful person of your life!” Swara ran outside MM followed by Sanskaar.

Precap: “Why did you do this to me Laksh??? I was ready to kill my own sister for you but this is my fault! Im being punished for my sins!” Ragini walking on a lonely road and crying bitterly.
“Laksh, how could you do this to Ragini, I know she was wrong but you could have given her a chance to explain and seriously, how could you accuse your brother of such a henious crime!” Sanskaar to Laksh

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