Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 7


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Anyways, here is chapter 7:

Sanskaar driving home:
Tenu itna mai pyaar karaan…mai tujh ko itna chahta hun k tu kabhi soch na sake playing in background. He has flashback of Swara hugging him, confessing her love and he absolutely loved how she threatened him to choose. He chuckled at her statement “have children together.”
“How innocent Swara is…MY Swara. Now she’s Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari…Now we are only Swasan!”
While he was lost in his own thoughts, Swara was also busy dreaming of their future together. “Sanskaar, aaj saare fasley mit gaye, mujhe maloom tha k hum zaroor mileingay, aakhir hamara pyaar jo sachcha tha aur ab mai waada karti hun k mai tumhe kabhi chod k nai jaun gi…(Sanskaar, our seperation has extinguished today, I knew we would meet for sure, after all our love is ture and I promise I would never leave you) never ever in my life will I go away from you, you’re my life and one cant live without their life, can they??” She smiled to herself and continued “I Love you Sanskaar, I love you” she closed her eyes, feeling blessed and a tear of love, peace and joy escaped her eye.

Later on at Baadi:
“Come, lets go Mishti and dont worry, I have already spoken to lawyer about Swara’s divorce. Come, lets go to our home” he grabbed Shomi’s arm but Shomi did not move, she didnt want to. She was stood there like a rock and said to a confused Shekher that “Shekher, thats not my home, this is my home, where my daughter lives. I cant live where my daughter isnt respected. Why do you wish to take me and Swara home??? Huh?” She paused and looked at him with teared eyes. Shekher had no answer for her questions and remained quiet. As she was about to continue, she stopped as the couple witnessed Swara coming down the stairs wearing a perfect pink dress, looking absolutely stunning and angelic (the dress is the one she wore when she brought Kavita back to MM) She was wearing her mangalsutra and sindoor too. She was a wife now but what shocked Shomi even more was the fact that Swara was carrying her suitcase.
The couple just stared at their daughter blankly as Swara approached them and said “Maa, Im going home” she looked at Shekher and still staring at him, she said “To my home, my husband is coming to pick me up” Shekher was shell shocked where as Shomi was surprised and elated. She immediately hugged her daughter, blessed her and said “Shona, Im so happy, you’re finally going to your house, Im glad to see you dressed up like a wife” she kissed her daughter’s forehead and blessed her again.
Shekher furiously grabbed Swara’s arm and slapped her tightly across the face. She lost her balance but Shomi held her.
“Shekher!” Shomi screamed where as Shekher just blanked her and said “You finally showed your true colours today. So shameless you are, first you promised me and then backed out, you know what its not your fault. Its my fault that you’re my daughter, you have proved the difference between a legitimate and illegitimate child today….” he was harshly cut off by Shomi as she ruthlessly slapped her husband. Swara was shocked and traumatised, she wasnt in a state to react. Swara was shaking and cried vigorously.
“Just shut up. Dont you even dare say a word against my daughter. Do you understand that! If you dont love us then you have no right to come to my house. I cant live with a man who doesnt trust me and my daughter!!” With tears in her eyes, she joined her hand and begged him to leave “please leave now!”
The moment Shekher left, Dadi stormed in, stared at Swara who was brutally crying in her mother’s arms. She dragged Swara out of the house, brought her at the entrance of Baadi, Shomi followed but was too late to stop Dadi from slapping Swara. Dadi screamed infront of whole Baadi “Besharam Chori hai tu (you’re a shameless girl), you just want to ruin my Laado’s life, dont you, you’re such a characterless woman..” she stared at Shomi and stated “Just like you’re mother” Swara was shocked yet again, she never expected such hatred from her grand parents and her dad. She missed Sanskaar, she needed him. Now. Badly.
Just as Dadi rose her hand to slap her again, Swara closed her eyes tightly, ready for the pain that was coming her way but she never felt it coz her saviour was here to save her. Yet again!
Sanksaar’s bg tune playing..
She opened her puffy eyes slowly and witnessed Sanskaar, her husband, clutching her Dadi’s hand tightly and throwing deathly glares at her with his hazel bloodshot eyes.
She stared at him with all the love in her eyes, she felt blessed to have a friend like him who was a saviour and her husband too! He left Dadi’s hand with a jerk and in a calm but a voice full of rage he demanded “Shayad Swara apki kuch na lagti ho lekin ab wo meri biwi hai..” (Swara may not be related to you but she is my wife now) he placed his hand around Swara’s shoulder, side hugged her and declared “aur mai yeh hargiz bardaasht nai karun ga k koi meri biwi pe galat ya ghatiya ilzaam lagaye. Jahan tak mera khyaal hai ap Swara ki Dadi haina?? Toh phir Bari bazurg hone k naate, baroon wale kaam b karein aur please meri biwi par dobara yeh befazool ilzaam mat lagiye, mai bardaasht nahi karun ga aur baron se badtameezi karna, is baat ki ijazat muje mere sanskaar nahi dete!”
(And I will never tolerate it if someone falsely acusses my wife of such hineous thing. As far as I know, I believe you’re Swara’s Dadi, right?? So being an elderly, behave like one too and please dont inculpate my wife again, I wont tolerate it and my principles dont allow me to misbehave with elders” he gave her a deathy stare one last time and realised Swara was shaking due to fear. He got super worried, cupped her face, wiped her tears and said “its ok Swara, you dont need to take it to heart, who are they to accuse you” he wiped her tears again, while staring at Dadi and Shekher, he said “Shona, Im here with you and you dont need to cry for them, they’re not worth it!” Saying this, he took Swara inside to avoid further chaos.

Sanskaar made Swara drink water, patted her back and said “Shona, please dont cry now, you look ridiculous.hmmmm….you know what, you look like the villain in Alladin movie when you cry” she laughed at this and he felt relieved on seeing that his attempt of making her laugh was a success.

He left her to freshen up and Shomi came in. “Sanskaar, thank you so much. Shona is very lucky to be blessed with a husband and a friend like you.”
“Aunty, please dont say that. I love her and its my reaponsibility to protect her so please dont say that again..” he said with the care and love dripping from his eyes.
“Naa, dont you dare call me aunty again. You’re not my son-in-law but my son so call me maa” said Shomi while cupping her son’s face with one hand. Sanskaar immediately hugged her and thanked God for blessing him with three mothers (Sujata,Ap and Shomi).
Soon Swara came, Shomi blessed Swasan and as they were about to leave, Swara glanced back and sobbed but hid her tears. “Lets go Sanskaar”
“Wait, Swara” Sanskaar, held her hand as she turned to leave “Maa is coming with us, after all she’s officially going to her son’s house for the first time” Swara was confused but overwhelmed by his caring nature. She stared at him and sobbed again. Sanskaar realises his wife was crying so he stated “Oh madam, Im not doing this for you, Im doing it for my Maa so dont get over excited and I’ll make sure you dont come near Maa coz she’s my maa and your mum-in-law” he chuckled while Swara just smiled.
“But I cant come to MM, its not good to stay at daughter’s in-laws for too long and…” she was cut off by Sanskaar “Maa, im your son right?? then please dont deny now and it’ll be a good change for you too” he said with puppy eyes.
After alot of convincing and reasoning, Shomi finally agreed to go to MM and the trio left in Sanskaar’s car.

At MM:
Someone quietly enters Sanskaar’s room in search of something. The person searches drawers, his cupboad but finds nothing. The person finally searches the dresser and finds a gold bracelet. He looks at Sanskaar’ photo frame, keeps it back and leaves with the bracelet.

Precap: Sanskaar slapped by Dp, someone holds him as he loses his balance. Swara returns to MM with Shomi and Sanskaar.

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