Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 6


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“Pagal, buddhu I love you!” (Stupid, idiot I love you)
“Have children together”
Sanskaar was stunned, his whole world had turned upside down and the words were haunting him.
He needed answers, he needed answers from himslef as to why he didnt believe her. He hadnt seen her this angry and broken until today and who had caused the pain to her??!!
It was him. He was the cause of it. He cursed himself for doing so and as reality hit him hard he realised she had left.
His heart sank, tears welled up in his hazel eyes and he started to run like Usain Bolt (just like she did a couple of mins ago???). He was searching for her like he had lost his soul!
Tere liye hi jiya mai, khud ko jo yun de dia hai, teri wafe ne mujko sambhala…(song plays)
He stumbled and fell, he got up and ran towards the lake (tum hi ho, song continues to play..)
He sprinted towards the lake where he always went when he felt dejected. Somehow he had the gut feeling that she would be there after all their souls are connected and their hearts beat together so obviously they can sense each other’s presence.???

Swara’s POV:
“You dont love me Swara!” How could he just say that??!!
I love him for godsake but I couldnt really blame him either, it was my fault anyway but he should understand that I was afraid of this feeling classified as “love” but since he came into my life, I started to trust again, I started to live again, love again, it was as if I had gone through reincarnation.

She felt new but this beautiful moment was destroyed by her love! It was as if someone just woke her up from the most wonderful dream of her life in which she was with him. In which they were not Swara and Sanskaar but SwaSan and SwaSan only!
As she wiped her tears, she saw a blurry figure of him.
It was HIM. He came for HER. How elated she felt, she knew he came for her, she knew he realised her love, she knew he realised they were meant to be together, meant to be SwaSan, but she was p*ssed at him, after all she solely had the right to do so therefore she decided to avoid him. As soon as she got up to leave, he ran towards her shouting “Swara, please wait”

Sanskaar’s POV:
There she was.
My life.
I saw her,how broken she looked. “Why the f*ck did I do that??!!”
Im the reason for her sorrow, today I did sonething which I promised myslef never to do. How selfish am I!
She stared at me with those big deer like eyes and got up.
I thought she would come and hug me. I thought she was as desperate for me as I was for her but she got up and started to walk away from me.
Wait whatt??!!
She is leaving??!
I ran towards her, shouted out her name but she didnt stop.
Why the hell wouldnt this woman just stop for a minute and listen to me for once!

He grabbed her hand and stared at her for a deadly minute or two with passion, anger and love in his eyes whilst she stared at him, hurt and angry and then out of the blue, he pulled her into the same bone crushing hug that came from her few minutes ago! He made her stand on his feet, the whole scenario was repeating but the only difference was that it was him before but now she was the victim of his passionate love.
She protested but he wouldnt let go instead he tightened his grip and slowly she stopped protesting too and reciprocated!
“Swara, im so sorry, please forgive me!” He let go of her, cupped her face and both cried.
He wiped her tears with his rough hands and said “matt ro Swara, tumhare iss ek ansoo ki boond k liye mai apna saara khoon bahaa sakta hoon! (Swara, dont cry coz I can flood all my blood for this one teardrop of yours!)
Swara was overwhelmed with his confession, she cupped his face too, both joined their foreheads and cried their heart out.
Sanskaar stepped back, spread out his hands and shouted out to the whole world “Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari, I love you!”
“I love you Swara, I love you!!!” He walked to her and still shouting, he said “Swara, I wish to tell the whole world that I want to grow old with you, I want to declare that I will never leave you alone and…”. He giggled and finally said “we will ha-ve children together too!” He laughed hard at this part and Swara was blushing furiously, she ran towards him, jumped onto him and hugged him tight. She said “Sanskaar, I love you too, three, four, infinity!” She closed her eyes feeling blessed to have him in her life.
They broke the hug, he kissed her forehead and hugged her again. She could feel his heartbeat and said “Sanskaar, you know what your heart beat says, it says Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari, I beat only for you”
She stared into his hazel eyes and said “Sanskaar, Im sorry, I caused you so much pain…” she was cut off by him as he declared “Swara, its in human nature to err, even I made a mistake by not trusting you but since we cant change the past, lets forget it and move on in our lives” after a quick pause he added “together”
Swara felt blessed at this moment, she got everything she desired for;an amazing, loving and caring husband who would happily give up on his life just to see a smile on her face!
“Sanskaar, how would we convince Baba?? He made me promise him that…that I wont… reunite with you!” She said in a guilty voice.
“Dont worry Swara, I will take care of everything and anyways maa is there for us naa and so is Dida, you go home, I will come in the evening to take my beloved wife to her sasural(in laws)”
He said in a teasing tone to reassure her.
Swara had witnessed this side of him the first time and we would be completely wrong to say that she didnt love it! Instead she adored him for that.
She nodded cheerfully and as she started to leave, he shouted out to her and said “Suno.. meri biwi ko uske pati ki favourite pink dress pehnana jo uske ghar 1 hour mai pohanch jaye gi (Listen.. make my wife wear her husband’s favourite pink dress which would arrive at her house in an hour!)” He said with a smirk while she just blushed and nodded.
He gave her a flying kiss and turned around while Swara ran to him, kissed him on his cheek and ran away!
He was surprised at her reaction but absolutely loved it (imagine the scene where Swara kissed Sanskaar on his cheek when he came to give her the blue dress at Baadi)
Both left happily unaware of the danger lurking around!

Precap: Swara slapped Shekher and Dadi.
Sanskaar slapped by Dp, someone holds him.

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