Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 5


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The whole house was peaceful without SwaRagini’s endless war but Swara was surely missed by everyone, especially her husband.
Sanskaar was about to leave when his best friend called out to him.
“Sanskaar, wait!”
Ragini shouted out to him and ran towards the door as he was about to go.
Sanskaar didnt even look at her and was about to leave when Ragini said “Sanskaar, you miss her dont you?? I know you do but dont worry, if Swara is not here to take care of you then I will as your best friend, you may have forgotten that we once shared a lovely bond but I can never forget the time when you supported me and became my best dupatte wala friend!” Sanskaar was melting by her concern but the picture of Ragini pushing Swara into the river flashed in his mind and he became “the cold Sanskaar” again.
However, he could thank her one bit for that, if this whole incident hadnt taken place then he would never have been able to love again and wouldnt have experienced the most wonderful feeling of his life.
Guilt was evident from her eyes, he had experinced this himself and he wouldnt want anyone to suffer from this, especially the girl who was once his bestie!
He took the container from her hand and blankly said “Thanks Ragini”
Ragini lit up like a light bulb as it was after decades that Sanskaar spoke to her without taunting her. She said “I made paneer for you, you like it, dont you?? I know you love my paaneer recipe. Please let me know if you like it” Sanskaar just murmured “hmmm” and left. Ragini stopped him again and said “Sanksaar, thank you humse baat karne k liye.”
Ragini was over the moon when Sanskaar spoke to her, despite being with her husband, her love, she wasnt happy, she didnt manage to achieve his love, she may be a sanskaari daughter-in-law but she was still an incomplete suhaagan! She smiled, wiped her tears and walked into the kitchen. Laksh, who witnessed all this looked extremely irked and gave Ragini a disgusted look which she didnt manage to see.

Around 3pm at MM:
“Annapurna, Where is Sanskaar, I havent seen him since morning??” asked a curious Dp.
“Ji, wo sanskaar just left for the airport, Laksh said he went Dehli for a meeting” said Ap obediently.
Swara heard this and stopped at the door step, she lost her balance and struggeled to breath without her love, she immediately ran towards Ap and screamed “Badi maa, Sanskaar kahan hain, wo kab ayein gau, bataiye na!” Everyone gathered into the hall, hearing Swara screaming at the malkin of the house.
“Swara, calm down, he will be back in 2-3 days”
Swara stood there like a corpse as if her whole world turned upside down, she knew Sanskaar left because of her so she said “wo meri wajah se do teen din mai wapis nahi ayeingay” saying this she sprinted towards the door shocking the whole family, especially Laksh and his beloved wife, Ragini.

Kaaga sab tan khaiyo, mera chun chun khaiyo maas, do naina mat khaiyo mohe piya milan ki aas……jana jogi de naal ni mai…plays…
Swara running like Usain Bolt, thought to herself ” Sanskaar, im so sorry, I know its my fault but you cant leave me like this. I wont let you go warna mai tumhare bina mar jaungi!” (Ranjha ranjha kardi di mai, aape ranjha hoyi…ranjha mai wich mai ranjhe wich…..jana jogi de naal ni mein…)

She reached near and park and saw a figure which her heart recognised immediately…it was her love!
She ran towards him super speedily and Sanskaar thought it was his misconception but it was all cleared the moment Swara jumped on him, threw her arms around him and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug (jana jogi de naal ni mai….)
Sanskaar was stunned at her reaction but he didnt wait for a millisecond to reciprocate the hug and he could feel the same intensity in her hug! (how cute!???)

Swara broke the hug, held him by his collar and stepped onto his feet so their faces were closer together, she started shouting “Samajhte kya ho apne aap ko, tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe akela chod ke jaane ki, huh?? Pyaar karte ho na mujhse toh phir mujhe ek thappad mar k nahi bata sakte the k mai galat hun?!”
Sanskaar took a moment to gather himself and super confused at her reaction, he just stared at her.
“Pagal, bhuddu, I LOVE YOU” said Swara in the most romantic, aggressive and heart breaking voice!
Sanksaar’s face lit up, blood rushed to his cheeks, yes he was blushing.
He was the happiest man on the earth and he thought “Swara, agar muje abhi, iss waqt maut aajayye to phir b mujhe koi gham nai, tumne muje aaj saari khushi de di hai but Swara, I cant trust you because a person cant change overnight, Im sorry!”
Swara shook him and said “yes Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, I Love You, I really do!”
He was overwhelmed and had tears in his eyes but he controlled his emotions and said “No Swara, you dont love me, you’re just sympathetic towards me lekin please mere pyaar ko hamdardi samaj kar uski insult matt karo, please go away from here and live your life happily. Without me!”
She lost her balance, let go of his collar and stepped back so she wasnt stood on top of his feet anymore. Swara was angry and p*ssed at his reaction, moreover, she was deeply hurt, how could he just name her love as sympathy but now did she realise how hurt he would have been whe she declared his love as a “dhoka!”
She stared at him and gave him deatly glares, she moved closer, stood on top of his feet again and directly staring into his eyes, in a dangerouly low and sinister voice, she said “khabardaar, mere pyaar ko sympathy kaha. I have give you 1 hour to decide whether you want to leave me or do you want to make your bride, take me to our home, have children together and grow old with each other. Its upto you. Till then bye,Mr.husband!”
Sanskaar could see the agony and aggression in her eyes.
He was stunned at her reaction.
His legs froze and he just stared at her as she started to leave. He felt like “he’s missing a train!” (Jab We Met dialogue) but his ego stopped him!

Precap: Dp slaps Sanskaar and just as he is about to fall, someome hold him.

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