Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 4

Eid mubarak to all of you!
Thank you so much for liking my fanfiction and i will try my best to meet your expectations and Divyarani I will not let you down, I will try to make Ragini’s character positive!
Anyways, here are the links for first three chapters:
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Here is chapter 4:
Swara was overwhelmed with her realisation and she thanked God for blesseing her with such an understanding mum and not to mention, an amazing husband(you know who- our one and only, charming Sanskaar????)

Tears tearing down her cheeks, she said “Maa, I have pushed him away from me, Im so bad and selfish. I fe-el guilty for ruining his life, I d-ont des-erve him!”
She started to cry bitterly and worried to see her daughter’s condition, Shomi just hugged her tight, wiped her tears and said “Shona, you made a mistake by rejecting his love but now you have realised how valuable his love is so why are you crying”
Swara feeling a little better said “Ma-a, Im af-raid of lo-si-ng hi-m, what if he doesnt love me anymore, what if he doesnt want to accept me after I rejected him so brutally!”
“Shona, you just told me about the phone call, then how can you doubt his pure love, Im sure Sanskaar would understand that you were afraid of losing your love again”
Swara thought about the way he confessed his love to her before the whole family, how bravely and fearlessly he stood up for her, not caring about what his family would think about him and how he confessed his crime just to prove her innocent.

“Maa, I will profess my love to Sanskaar. Im going to meet him” saying this Swara grabbed her sindoor and sprinted towards the door but Shomi stopped her and said:
“Shona, tum mere damaad ko aise milne jao gi kya??”
Swara super confused, stared at her to which Shomi replied “Array, you are his wife, dress up properly and go meet him tomorrow. After all, pati ko patni ka intezaar toh karna hi ho ga!” She giggled and blessed her daughter who was someone’s wife now and in future, she would be mother of his children too!
Swara felt heat and blood rushing to her cheeks, she was crimson red and her rosy cheeks clearly highlighted her blush, how cute she looked?????
Soon Shomi left the room.
Swara just stared into the mirror.
Preet ki latt mohe aasi laagi
Ho gayi mai matwaali
Bal bal chahun apne piya ko…. plays…
She opened her sindoor bottle and took a pinch of the sacred red powder and smeared it on her forehead (haari mai dil haari) She thought of how Sanskaar grabbed her hand, took her to Mandir and filled sindoor in her maang. (Tere naam se jee loon, tere naam se mar jaun)

She could see the guilt in his eyes for filling her maang but could not tolerate his wife’s insult either!
She said “Sanskaar, Im your wife now and yours only. From now on, this minute, this second, our hearts beat together and no matter what happens, I would never ever let you seperate from me because our hearts belong together. Today Im a completely different woman, Im not a girl anymore, Im your women, who solely has the right to be angry with you and to love you, na sirf agle saath janmo ke liye but mere saare janmo k liye mai sirf tumhari hoon aur mai tumhe bhi kisi aur ka nahi hone doon gi, Swasan are meant to be together!” (Teri deewani teri deewani..)as she said these words, tears streamed down her rosy cheeks.
(Ishq janoon kab hadh se badh jaye…haste haste aashiq suli chadh jaye….yahi ishq ki marzi hai…) All she could hear was “I love Swara”. She blushed again and said “Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, Mrs Swara Maheshwari is coming back because she loves you!”??????

She slept peacefully tonight, thinking about her man, her Sanskaar (song continues to play), she has flashbacks of her and him: sharing chocolates, his handkerchief, when he challenged her to wash their tea cups and how he lifted her in his strong arms at the hospital.
There were many things which proved his endless love for her but there could never be enough time to mention them all (actions talk louder than words you know!)

At MM:
“Sanskaar, papa said you have to go sign this deal tomorrow and you might have to stay away from house for a couple of days as the construction is in progress and papa needs you to keep an eye on it till its done” said Laksh in a harsh tone to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar thought it would be best for him to stay away from home at this time to avoid all the questioning as to why Swara left the house so he said: “Lucky, I will talk to Bade papa and discuss the project so there’s….” as he was about to finish, Laksh interrupted him and hurriedly said “no need for that, actually Im handling the project and I cant go at the moment so you have to, I will send the files to your room”
Sanskaar was confuded at Laksh’s behaviour so he headed towards his room.

Baadi, 2am:
There was a shadow at Swara’s window, someone opened the window and tiptoed towards Swara’s bed, he covered her with the sheet and sat on the floor right next to her. It was none other than her husband, Sanskaar!
(Yeh laal ishq, ye malaal ishq…Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa, raha na mai phir apne jaisa…plays..)

He thought “Swara, Im going away from you tomorrow, I know your life would be much more peaceful without me and the thought that you are happy would be enough for me to live the rest of my life. Obviously, it would never be same without you, after all, tum meri zindagi ho lekin tumhari khushi means the most to me. Im leaving tomorrow and will never return unless you need you friend’s help but before I leave, I had to see you once. For the last time. (Yeh kaali raat jakad loon, yeh thanda chaand pakad loon, din raat k bairi bedh ka rukh mod k…)
He kissed her forehead and a tear slipped from his eyes and fell onto her eyelash (tujh sang bair lagaya aisa….)
He wiped his long eyelashes which were drenched in his tears and said “I love you Swara, meri jaan ka khyaal rakhna”. As he was about to leave from her room, he stopped near the window and glanced at her for the last time (yeh laal ishq, yeh malaal ishq).

Precap: “Ji,Sanskaar just left for the airport” says Ap to Dp as Swara walked in to MM.
“Wo meri wajah se do teen mai waapis nai aye ga” says Swara in a crying tone and runs outside MM shocking all family memebers!

So here was chapter 4.
NOTE: Ragini has not accused Sanskaar of molesting her, the scene hasnt taken place and Sanskaar had to fill Swara’s maang as per Lucky’s demand.
Hope you liked it and please leave you comments, it means alot to me!
Once again thank you so much for reading my ff and Eid Mubarak to all!
Enjoy your Eid!????

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