Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 3

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Many of you may have noticed that the title is very similar to a Pakistani drama but dont worry my friends, the story is a little bit different and as I mentioned in a comment, the title just fits Sanskaar’s emotions perfectly-Swara is his Qatil and Dildar too or vice versa in future episodes!
So enough of me blabbering and here is chapter 3, hope you like it:

Swara lost in her own thoughts or should we say thinking about Sanskaar, lifelessly walks into the baadi and bumps into a strong figure who turns out to be none other than her “baba” (shekhar).
Instantly, Shekhar looks away from her, which was nothing but more pain for Swara.
Swara: (tears in her eyes and in extremely broken voice) Baba, would you not even look at me??

Shekhar: (harsh tone) kyun?? Why should I even look at you! Tell me, if you are ready to destroy your sister’s life then Im also ready to throw you out of my life!

Swara: Baba, do you not trust me at all??!! I have always idealised you thinking that my Baba would never make a wrong decision. Baba, ap hi toh hamesha kehtay thay na ke sab ko galti sudharnay ka mauka milna chahiye, toh phir muje kyun nahi??
(Baba, you always used to say everyone should be given a chance to rectify their mistakes, then why not me??)

Shekhar: Fine, you can stay with us but only if you are ready to leave your so-called husband. Meaning, you should seperate from him forever and stop interfering in Ragini’s married life!

Now this shocked Swara, even though she knew this herself but when it came from others, it seemed much more real and she started to realise what she was losing in form of a best friend.
Not only did she lose a best friend but she also gave up on her love which she was unaware of but now she was starting to realise it!

Swara: Theek hai Baba, if this will improve your and maa’s relationship then Im ready to do this too.

This pierced her heart, she thought “Im sure Sanskaar would understand my decision but I, myself have pushed him away from me then why do I feel so incomplete, why do I miss him, his caring nature, the way he looked at me-those hazel eyes filled with love which was only for me?? Why did I expect him to catch me when I stumbled, why did I expect it to be Him instead of Baba??

She was lost into her own deep thoughts until Shekhar blessed her, gently patting her head and with huge smile plastered over his face, he said:
“I knew you would listen to me and you should anyway because Im your Baba and I know what’s best for you. Get ready and let your mum know too, I shall come in the evening to take you and Mishti home, to our home.”

Swara was experiencing mixed emotions at this moment. She was happy for the fact that her mum would be back with her dad and she would finally get the love she had been craving for, her Baba’s love but somewhere deep down, she missed Sanskaar’s love, how he always believed and never placed conditions before her which was completely opposite of what her baba just did!

Shekhar then walked off after blessing her and Swara too went to her Dida’s house, unaware of the fact that Shomi(her mum) had witnessed the scene between her and her so called “Baba”

Sanskaar’s room:
Lying on Swara’s side of the bed, he just kept thinking about her, he didnt cry at this point, tears had dried out, he thought “why did Swara come to see me, did she need my help, is she ok??”
He quickly grabbed his phone and the mintue he rang her, Ragini walked into his room and said “I want to talk” he didnt respond so she continued “Sanskaar, hume apse koi dushmani nahi hai, its just that you should stop supporting Swara because she is merely playing with your emotions. I completely understand your situation because I’ve been through this and trust me its not easy to give up on your love. I suggest you should move on im your life and believe me I would find a sanskaari Marwari girl for you”
Ragini said these words out of jealousy but it was also her concern for the man who was once her “dupatte wala friend”.
Sanskaar staring at her as blankly as ever, in a sarcastic tone, he said to her bhabhi:
“Ragini, I really appreciate your concern towards your Jeth (brother-in-law) and Behnoi (sister’s husband) but seriously I don’t need anyone, especially you to interfere in my life because I really don’t want to see your face right now”
Ragini expected this response from him so with tears in her eyes she just calmly said “Sanskaar, you know I’m not worrying for my Jeth or my Behnoi, Im just worrying for the man who was once my best friend. The friend who loved my dupatta”

Sanskaar didn’t know how to react as he wasn’t expecting such answer from her so after thinking for a minute or two he said “Ragini, I’m seriously not in the mood to talk to anyone right now so you might as well just leave as you will only see the cold side of me now and if you trusted you dupatte wala best friend so much then you would have listened to me when I told you not to interfere in Swara’s marriage”.
He was nearly shouting at this point but then he calmed down and with remorseful voice, he continued:
“You know I felt guilty for corrupting your bubbly and Sanskaari mind but seriously Ragini, despite being your guru, I never taught you to murder people, I didnt tell you to push Swara in the river, it was your choice to do so and you lost your best friend the day you did it!”

Ragini crying vigorously now said “Sanskaar, hume maaf kar di jiye, we became friends when we both were going through a tough phase of life. You wanted to avenge Kavita’s death where as I wanted my love which Swara had snatched away from me.”

With a sarcastic laugh, she said “Look, where destiny has brought us, we are both going through same phase again. Despite being married to Laksh, I still didnt get his love and you are lonely again! Trust me, we could become friends again and everything…”
She was ruthlessly cut off by Sanskaar.
Sanskaar’s bg tune playing in background.
“Dont you even dare think about it. Ragini, I love Swara and will not tolerate it if you try to harm her. Again. You can take it as a warning or a threat, your wish but just stay away from mine and Swara’s life. Anyways, if you are done with your nonsense then you may leave, your husband must be waiting for you”

Upon seeing that his best friend was not ready to leave, he simply threw his phone on the bed and said “You know what, you can sit here peacefully in my room coz Im leaving”
As soon as he finished, he stormed out of the room and Ragini felt guilty not for ruining Swara’s life but for losing her dupatta-loving best friend!

Ragini crying and in a shaking tone, she said “Sanskaar, no one understand me. I was craving for someone’s love since childhood, Dadimaa was always too strict with her Laado and I really really love Laksh, I couldnt afford to lose him!”
She walked out and the whole conversation was heard by Swara over the phone when Sanskaar rang her but before they could talk, Ragini interrupted them.

Swara’s room:
“Hello, Sanskaar, you there?? I think he mistakenly dialed my number”
Swara used to feel guilty for ruining Ragini’s happiness but after Sanskaar’s long lecture on how she had done nothing to ruin her sister’s life, Swara stopped feeling guilty but she was sorry for Ragini, she heard her cry today, she realised that Ragini had also lost a best friend and this made her cry too, after all, they were SwaRagini and she had also lost the same friend !

However, she felt happy after hearing him say “I love Swara”. All of a sudden she felt special, the agony had vanished, she realised how he always managed to cheer her up and today even though it was unintentional, he managed to make her smile.
“Shona” said her lovely mum as she walked into her room.
Swara quickly wiped her tears, not willing to create a weak image of herself infront of her mother.
“Maa, please come in”
Shomi sat on the bed and just stared at her daughter who hadnt slept since she left Sanskaar’s house (MM).
“Shona, what happened, were you crying??”
“Nai maa, actually something went into my eye”
“Dont lie to me, Im your mother, tell me what happened”
Swara knew she could share this with her mother, who would understand her unlike her father who only trusts his “Laado”.

“Maa, I miss him, I have hurt him alot, I don’t even know why I’m crying” said Swara to Shomi while brutally crying.
“Shona, tell me, what happened, I mean what did Sanskaar say to make my Shona cry so much!”

Swara told her the whole nightmare sequence, how he said he would go away from her and also the phone call.
Shomi was surprised and also overwhelmed to witness the depth of SwaSan’s love for each other but she was dissapointed as Swara hadnt realised her love till now and she knew she had to unite Swara with her loving son-in-law. (Go Shomi go!????)

She said “Shona you love Sanskaar, maa hoon mai, tumhari aankhein achay se parh sakti hoon, Shona dont loose him otherwise it will be too late, he is a gem and no one can love you more than him, perhaps not even me, I have seen it in his eyes”.

Swara was stunned and happy at the same time. She knew she loved Sanskaar but hadnt realised it!

Precap: Swara to Shomi “Maa, I have pushed him away from me, Im so bad and selfish. I feel guilty for ruining his life, I dont deserve him, Ma-a Im afra-id of lo-sin-g him.”

So here was Chapter 3
Sorry, it was pretty long??
Let me know if it was too long, I will shorten it next time, if you want me to.
I wanted to explore Ragini and Sanskaar’s relationship as best friends a bit more. P.s. I didnt want Ragini to be totally maniac like she was in the show so here was a little improvement from my side.
As always please leave your comments and I will tryna reply to all of them .
Thanks for your time and have a good day!??

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