Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 2


Guys Im back with chapter 2.
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Since first chapter was written out of excitement, it was a bit hurried so i couldnt give a precap but i will leave a precap at the end of this one.

So here it goes:
“Sanskaar!” Swara woke up, panicking, breathing heavily, unable to comprehend the situation.
“What just happened. Is sanksaar fine??”
Yes, she had a nightmare in which sanskaar was drinking and driving and suddenly his car crashed….searching for him like a maniac, she starts calling out to him and there she sees him.
In his perfect manly blue blazer and hot red t-shirt, beautifully complementing his fair skin tone, how fit and hot he looked???.
She ran to him but he moved backwards which came as a shock to her.
He said “Lo swara, mai jaa raha hun, tumse door aur is duniya se door”.
Tears welling up in her eyes, she shook her head and tried to speak but words wouldn’t leave her mouth and she felt a lump of guilt stuck in her throat. Finally she said “Sanskaar, wait, I want to tell you something, please listen to me once, I know I have been horrible to you but please hear me out. Pl-ea-se!”her voice shaking at this point.
“Swara, i have to leave, since ab mai jo tumhari zindagi nai nahi hoon ga, I wish you all the happiness, take care of yourself and if you ever feel guilty or lonely then remember that I LOVE YOU and I wouldnt want to see you crying so take care of MY Swara”
The words were not said to taunt her, it was his pure love and concern for her, saying this he started to fade away and swara felt like a dementor(soul-sucking demons in harry potter, yes Im a harry potter fan!) was slowly sucking out her soul, she felt her heart crushing into smithereens.
Bhula dena muje from aashiqui 2 playing in background.
As he faded away, swaras happiness also started to fade away. As reality hit her hard, she realised the love of her life was abandoning her “Sanskaar, wait, sanskaar I love you, Im sorry please come back to me please sanskaarrrrrr!’

Thats when she woke up with a jerk and started breathing heavily.
“What was that?”
“Is my Sanskaar fine??” Wait did she just say “my sanskaar”, she questioned herself but at this time sanskaar’s safety was more important than her silly thoughts so she jumped out of her comforting bed which seemed like a bed of thorns at the moment, she searched for her phone and immediately dialed his number.
No response.
She dialed again. “Sanskaar, pick up the phone, pleasee”
Again no response and at this point, she started crying vigorously, praying to God for his safety.
She ran outside Baadi, her footsteps reverbrating from street to street in search of him, sorry, in search of her life.
Bepanah pyaar hai from Krishna cottage playing in background as she witnesses flashbacks of Sanskaar and her, how he was the only one to support her when everyone stood against her, how they became one for HER mission, how he treated HER mission as THEIR mission.
Even though she was looking for him like a maniac, she was still unaware of her feelings for him.
She thought “he’s my best friend, I can’t risk his safety just because Im angry at him!”

Searching from street to street, she became exhausted, still no sign of him.
Reality hit her then, she realised where he must be, she quickly changed her direction and ran towards him, well where she was hoping to find him.
She ran towads the lake and there she saw his car, it was fine, it hadnt crashed. She thanked God for saving her sanskaar, she let out a sigh of relief and ran towards his car.
He had once brought her here, told her how he would come here to relieve his stress when Kavita had died. How he shared all his secrets with this water, which would only listen to him and never complain. He would say “people talk to books as they are their best friends but Swara, this lake, this water was my companion when I was depressed and no one was there to comfort me. Swara, I wasnt in my senses and the moment Kavita died in my arms, I felt like I couldnt live anymore so I would always come here to make myself feel better” that was when swara felt his pain, how she wished she was there to comfort him like he was always there to make her smile with his handkerchief antics even though she was in no mood to even talk.

She stopped near his Audi and just stared at him, sleeping like a child, she could tell he cried all night, suddenly she felt guilty for being responsible for his condition.
She caressed his swollen hazel eyes through the glass window and saw him shifting and murmuring “Swara, tum aa gayi” she was shocked at how he could sense her presence even in his sleep and just as she was about to shout at him for being careless and not attending the phone calls, he sat up straight, realising she was actually here and said “sorry to bother you, Swara, ab mai tumhari zindagi mai nahi hoon ga toh tum hamesha khush rehna” saying this, he just drove off and Swara was again stunned at his reaction, she was more shocked at the fact that he said exactly the same lines to her that she heard him say in her nightmare “ab mai jo tumhari zindagi mai nahi hoon ga”.
She was speechless or you could say she was rathar angry.
As he drove away, she felt her heart tearing apart. She touched her cheeks only to realise she was crying for her “pagal” and said “why am I crying??”
She left the lake agitated at his reaction and confused because of her feeling. She thought “Sanskaar, wouldnt you support your bestie now. Wouldnt you be the shoulder for me to cry on?? I know you love me unconditionally but I can’t….”

Precap: Sharmishta to Swara “Shona you love Sanskaar, maa hoon mai, tumhari aankhein achay se parh sakti hoon, Shona dont loose him otherwise it will be too late, he is a gem and no one can love you more than him, perhaps not even me, I have seen it in his eyes”.

So how was it??? Please leave your commemts, its very essential for me!!????
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Thanks a ton for your time and for reading it.
Love you guysssss!???

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