Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 10


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Im literally over the moon today. I know its been long but my results were very near and I couldn’t think due to nervousness but finally my hard work has been paid off. Mashallah, I got really amazing grades and Im very happy. So enough of my story…here’s chapter 10.

Outside Baadi:
“Swara, take care of Ragu, I know I need not to say it but Im just worried for her” Sanskaar patted her cheek and turned to leave but halted as Swara called out to him “Suno” (listen) she walked to him with her teeny tiny feet and whispered “Mere pati ka khyaal rakhna” (take care of my husband) a cute smile masked Sanskaar’s face and he nodded. She turned to leave but Sanskaar hummed her name and she stopped “Shona, take care of my wife!” He approached her, kissed her forehead and left where as Swara just smiled to herself and admired every single bit of her husband.

At MM:
“Sanskaar” Laksh screamed his name and approached him as Sanskaar entered MM.
“Sanskaar, I know I was unfair towards you but do you really think Ragini didn’t deserve this. She’s a cheap woman and she fully…” he was ruthlessly cut off by Sanskaar as he smacked his palm against his face. Really hard. “Laksh! Shut up. Watch your words when you’re talking about Ragini. How could you do this to her, I know she was wrong but you could have given her a chance to explain and seriously, how could you accuse your brother of such a henious crime!” Sanskaar gave Laksh a deathly glare but he remained quiet and Sanskaar grabbed him by his shoulders, he sighed to calm himself down and continued “Lucky, its not about me or our relationship. Its rathar about you and Ragini. You have ruined your life as well as hers. Trust me, this would do you no good, I have been through this and by the time you have realised your mistake, there would be no going back from there” Sanskaar left to his room, leaving a furious Laksh behind whom he thought to be changed by now at least.

“Sanskaar, how dare you slap me! I thought to mend relationship with you but who the f**k are you to slap me! I thought you would happily give Swara to me but looks like I have to get rid of you too to get to Swara. Im sorry Bhai!” Laksh smirked whilst thinking of a plan to erase Sanskaar from Swara’s life.

Baadi, at night:
Swara was boiling milk for Ragini when Shekher came “Swara, my dear, I have decided that you won’t go back to MM. I know its hard for you but you will not go back and thats final” Swara tried to argue but shekher protested “I dont want any discussion over this, my decision is final” and he walked off leaving Swara heartbroken and shell shocked. “Baba, how can you do this to me and Sanskaar. I know you’re hurt but whats Sanskaar’s fault in it. Im sure SwaSan’s love will triumph over your anger and you will happily do my farewell and send me with my Sanskaar, after all true love always wins”
Swara reassured herself and whilst walking to the room, she bumped into Ragini and was surprised to see her in new clothes.
“Ragini! Why did you come down. You could have called me, I would have..” Ragini patted her sister’s shoulders and said “Swara please stop worrying so much about me. It worries me, happiness doesn’t last for too long in my life. Anyways, please let me go out. I want to spend some time alone” she paused for a while, wiped her tears, upon seeing Swara’s worry, she continued “Swara, please dont worry about me. I need to think through some things. I have decided to move on. Im going and I have told maa and papa too” saying this Ragini left Baadi and Swara prayed for her safety.

Outside Baadi, on a road:
“Maa, aj ap hamare saath nai hain lekin Sharmishta maa ne hame apni beti ki tarah rakha. Hamne faisla kia hai k hum apni zindagi mai aage badhe gain. Apko humpe fakhar ho ga. Yeh hamara waada hai apse” (Mom, today you’re not with me but Sharmishta Mom has treated me like her own daughter. I have decided that I will move on in life. You will be proud of me and that’s my promise to you” Ragini whispered to herself whilst tears tore down her cheeks. Her emotional moment was crushed when she witnessed a car racing towards her. Out of immense fear, she tightly closed her eyes, ready for another dose of shock, pain and sorrow but to her surprise the car never hit her, instead she felt a manly hand clutching her arms and a very sweet yet masculine voice screeched her fragile ears. The voice screamed “Are you flipping blind??! Can’t you walk carefully. What if you had died, huh??! It would have been all your fault you stupid little girl!” (The man is Shaheer Sheikh, I thought he would be perfect for this role…so here he is.. he would be called Aditya) he shook Ragini where as she just sobbed. “I know, its always my fault but why did it have to be so worse” demanded Ragini where as Dev just stared at her, super confused. He got worried seeing her cry, he took a deep breath and said “Look, Im sorry for shouting at you but you should be more careful, please stop crying now!” He gently patted her shoulder, unable to think. He got a phone call and started to leave but turned around and shouted “Ms Mistery, careful next time. Take care and go home, its starting to get dark” Ragini snapped out of her imagination and believed she needed to thank him for “not killing” her so she replied “Listen, Thank you” she paused for a while and said “sorry too” and left immediately.Dev found her honest and pretty and left with a smile on his face and a spark in his eyes.

Swara lost in Sanskaar’s thoughts, said to herself “Sanskaar, I cant thank God enough for blessing me with you. I dont know what I would do without you. I just hope things settle down so we can start our family” she just realised what she had said and started blushing at the thought of having a family with Sanskaar. Just then Sanskaar rang her, she instantly picked up “Hello, Sanskaar, kaise ho, ghar pe sab theek hai na, tumne apne vitamins khaye,tumne…” (Hello, Sanskaar, how are you, is everything fine at home, have you had your vitamins, have you…) Sanskaar cut her off and said “Shona, Shona, calm down! Yes I have taken my vitamins, everyone is fine at home, now you tell me, did you take care of my wife, last time I saw her she had flu, is she better now, did she take her medicines”
“Absolutely, Mr Maheshwari, your wife is not at all careless about medicines but wait how did you know I had flu” asked a curious Swara to which he confidentally and proudly replied “hmmmm, you see Mrs Maheswari, your husband knows you too well, he knows that your nose turns pink when you’ve got flu and your cheeks turn red too. See, Im a really good husband and I know everything about you”
“Sanskaar, why do you love me so much” Swara got emotional upon seeing Sanskaar’s care and love for her and tears of love, passion and happiness formed in her puppy-like eyes.
“Shona..” he paused realising she got to emotional and continued “Swara Im sorry but I dont love you, my jaan (dear), my shona, I live for you, you’re the one who pulled me out if darkess and taught me to love again and I promise, I would never ever leave you, Im your shadow now and like a shadow, I will always protect you and hide you in my heart, away from the world’s eyes coz the one and only husband you have, has the right to love you and protect you” Sanskaar poured out his emotions and honesty was dripping from every word of his. “Sanskaar, I promise to be always by your side…I love you” Swara was too overwhelmed by his confession and could only manage to say the three golden words which were priceless for him. She continued “My Sanku, your one and only wife loves you the most in the whole entire world and I promise I would never leave you and if you do then I will snatch you from the world and take you to another planet” Swara giggled at the last part and Sanskaar replied “Shonaaa…. whats Sanku, you know if you call me Sanku one more time, I wont come back!” He paused, sighed and dreamily said “my love, my jaan, I love you two, three, infinity” both giggled and blushed.
“Anyways, Im going out of town for a few days for a business deal. Laksh is too busy to go so I have to as per Bade Papa’s order and Im leaving tomorrow so I’ll come to see you in evening till then take care of yourself and Ragu and maa papa too. Love you, bye jaan (dear)”

Baadi, evening:
“Swara, why don’t you eat? Look Im eating too, dont worry about me and eat your food, look its your favourite Aloo sabzi (potato curry)” said a worried Ragini.
“Ragini, I will eat in a bit, you carry on” Swara replied restlessly whilst glancing at the door, waiting for her paneer-lover husband to come and eat with him.

Precap: “Shona, take care, I will come back soon” Sanskaar says whilst wiping Swara’s tears, he kissed her forehead and left.
Swara feels restless and keeps staring at Sanskaar’s pic, prating for his safety.

I know its not a super long chapter but I will tryna make it longer next time.
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