Swasan Mere Qatil Mere Dildar Chapter 1

This is my first fanfic on my one and only favourite couple Swasan.
The set up is when Sanskaar confesses his love to Swara in front of whole family and next morning Swara leaves MM without informing anyone.
Hope you guys like it and please comment, feedback from you is valuable.
So here is the first chapter:
Outside Baadi:

“Swara!” He screamed again and again but his words had no affect on her and she kept on walking and thats when she felt a strong arm grabbing her fragile wrist. Sanskaar pulled her with immense force and started shouting “what are you doing Swara?? Huh?? We were friends right then why would you not understand my situation. Tumne bi toh pyaar kia tha na Laksh se, kia tha na then Swar you very well know that love is uncontrollable, it happens without a reason and mujhe bhi aik Shravan Kumar aur selfless ladki se pyaar ho gaya.” His voice breaking at this point and Swara just stares at him blankly.
Gathering his broken pieces, he starts again, hoping to convince her “i love you and this is the most wonderful feeling of my life so you tell me ke tumhare best friend ki most wonderful feeling tumhare liye DHOKA hai kya??” Tears visible in his eyes, confused and speechless at his outburst, Swara keeps mum due to lack of words.
“I never ever in my life will force you to come back to me because mai zabardasti ke rishton mai yakeen nahi karta. If you want to live here then by all means do so and even if you want to go back to Laksh then i would happily accept you decision, after i love you and you happiness matters to me the most” saying this he placed his rough lips on her forehead and tear of guilt, love and sadness escaped his eye and rolled down her forehead. He silently left the place, midway he stopped and said something which shocked her “Swara, if I have hurt you so much that you dont wish to proceed with this mission then im sorry and i promise you wont see me again hereafter”.

Swaras room:
Picture of Sanskaar crying flashing in her mind made her restless to an extent that she started to doubt her decision of leaving MM.
“What have I done??
Am I doing the right thing? I think I over reacted but sanskaar has betrayed me”
Not willling to accept her mistake, she brushed away the thoughts and said ro herself “I dont know if Im right or wrong but one thing is for sure, I will not return to MM” saying this she closed her eyes and sleep crept in.

Sanskaar’s POV:
Sanskaar bg tune playing in background (the tune when he confessed his love before whole family).
Driving at full speed, the word “dhoka” repeating in his mind. The hatred in her eyes just killed him, he wished for death the moment she classified his pure love as “dhoka”.
Hating himself for being the reason for her sorrowz he started wondering if he never was destined to be with his true love, first kavita died and the person who brought him out of the dark, the person who broke the walls he had built around him and taught him to love again had abandoned him.
How was he going to live without his soul?
He sat in his audi and cried his heart out like a child seperated from his family.
He weeped, craving for his mother’s lap, the peace he knew he never was going to find anywhere in this cruel world!

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      The name might be same but story is a little different.
      I thought this title was a perfect fit for Sanskaar’s situation-Swara is his Qatil and Dildar too or vice versa later on!

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      You know I just loved the drama but it was to sad, felt sorry for Umar and Maham too.

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      Chapter 2 has been published, if you want to read it

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