Swasan – MEMORIES (OS)

Swasan – MEMORIES (OS)

I am here with one more OS. This i already wrote for MMZ series for Ardhika and now giving it for Swasan.

Note: This OS—an inspiration from the Tamil Movie Kaakha Kaakha which is remaked as FORCE in Hindi. So in Tamil, they shooted two climaxes. One is, the heroine will die and the hero moves on in his life with her memories. The another climax is, heroine will get saved and leading a happy life with him. The movie released with the first climax and it becomes a block buster..there is no need of adding the second climax. But what i thought is..how it will be if we mix these both climax..and here it comes as my OS.


Date: 14-April-2016
Place: Binni Mills, Chennai
Incident: Encounter Mission D (D for Danny – A gangster kidnaps and kills the children, if he is not getting the money he wants, Drugs dealer and smuggler)
Lead by: Mr. Sanskar (ACP – Encounter Specialist)

The Binni mills is located in the outskirts of the chennai city, where in now it is full and fully covered by the Police vehicles, Media reporters and the common people. Everyone is waiting eagerly outside to know what happened exactly whether the encounter is successfull or not. The media people are on their toe to shoot out their questions to the Police who comes out first.

Inside the mill, the forensic department team covers all the finger prints and the police officers just helping them to get the evidences. The commissioner of police Mr. Samrat, looks at the body of Danny who shot by Mr. Sanskar.

FB starts——————

Date: 13-March-2016
Place: Comm. Office

The Commissioner Mr.Samrat looks at the police officers in the conference room and waits for their answers on how to trap Danny. No one gave an impressive answer to Samrat to trap him. He sends them out and holds his head in confusion…suddenly a spark comes to his mind and immediately he dialled to a number and asks them to inform Mr. Sanskar to meet him immediately.

A small intro for Mr. Sanskar, ACP:

A 6 feet tall, handsome hunk Mr. Sanskar..the honest and daring IPS officer works with the Chennai Police as the ACP in the Crime Branch. According to his records, he is a violent, volcanic, ruthless in confronting the criminals and often warned by the Human rights authorities…but there is no change in his behaviour to the criminals…he has no fear. But he is totally a different person when it comes to his personal life and that too he will behave softly to only one person in the world is none other than his wife…Mrs. Swara Sanskar…who is a house wife. He loves his wife a lot..actually theirs is a love marriage…a cute love ?

He is an orphan, brought up by an orphanage and by his effort he studied well and passed his IPS exams and joins the department. He loves his job a lot and at the same time his life is now Swara.

A glimpse of Swasan’s life:
A year back, Swara and her friend Sahil drives to home at late night after watching Second show movie and gets caught by the Police patrol team who is controlling by Sanskar and when the constables questions them about their night out and driving without a license…Sahil gets into an arguement with them. Swara gets pissed of seeing this. Sanskar who sits in his car watching all this, walks towards them and questions, “Where you both are coming from?”

Sahil, “Sir…we went for a second show movie and going back to home”

Sanskar looks at Swara and asks, “Who is she?”

Sahil, “My Friend sir”

Sanskar narrows his eyebrows and asks, “Friend means?”

Swara interferes, “Friend means Friend”

Sanskar stares her for a while..she too stares him but angrily and moves her gaze from him soon. He looks at Sahil, “Where is your license?”

Sahil stammers saying, “Sorry sir…i forgot to bring”

Sanskar gives an accusing look to Swara stating the carelessness her friend has. Swara gives Sahil a cold look and avoid facing Sanskar’s face.

Sanskar then gives him a warning and let them go off. Swara sits behind Sahil and looks at him once..and Sanskar just stares her till she gets disappeared in the dark night.

After few days, when Swara’s friend falls into a trouble, they both decides to meet the ACP and informs about the trouble. Swara gets shocked and surprise seeing Sanskar seating there in Police Uniform. She stuns seeing him and actually she forgets to blink at all after seeing him. She remembers their first encounter and keeps down her gaze of unable to face him. Her friend states him the problem she is facing that, one goon is threatening her to love him and he is blackmailing her that he will throw acid on her face if she is not. She cries a lot and tells Sanskar to help her.

Sanskar looks at Swara and asks, “What is your Name?”

Swara gives him a look as if “why should i give?”

Sanskar understands it stating, “To fill up the FIR details stating the witness details also”

Swara rolls her eyes and finally says, “Swara”

Sanskar collects all the details and sends them off safely. He followed them and identifies the goon who is troubling the girl, he beats each and every one black and blue and arrests them. The very first time, she smiles seeing him arresting the goons…and Sanskar did not miss to notice the smile but he neglects it and goes from there.

A mutual respect grows between them and they meet each coincidently in few places, where Swara herself goes and talks to him nicely…and he too starts conversing with her. The unknown bond grows between them which they are not aware untill Swara’s parents comes with an alliance for her. Swara is in confusion and did not know how to react. She couldn’t understand her feelings and cannot accept the proposal which her parents got.

She sits nervously in her room and prays infront of god to make her understand her feelings clearly. She closes her eyes and prays deeply, and for a sec..Sanskar’s face comes infront of her and she opens her eyes with a jerk. She breathes heavily of not understanding what it means. She closes her eyes, and again she sees Sanskar’s face ..but this time she did not open her eyes but smiles seeing his face. Slowly she opens her eyes and thanks to god for clearing her doubt. She decides to propose him that day itself.

She messages him whether she will get time to meet him today evening. She waits for his message impatiently and finally after a long silence, he replies saying yes.

She jumps in happy and replies him about the place and time. The whole day she gets restless and gets herself ready to meet him. The time has arrived and they both met on Ocean Restaurant which is on ECR road facing the Bay of Bengal.

Sanskar stares her and questions, “You said you need to talk something but it’s been half an hour we came here…not even a word you spoke”

Swara looks at him, thinks for a min, drinks a glass of water and says, “I LOVE YOU ACP SIR. WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Sanskar is shocked, surprised, excited, dumbstruck all kinds of reactions are started floating on his face. He don’t know what to reply, he knows he too likes her but he suppressing his emotions and maintains a distance with her..just because he earns more enemies coz of his job and he did not want any weakness in his life and mainly he did not want to see Swara gets hurt by his unknown enemies. But when she proposes him, he is really numb of not knowing what to do.

He thinks for a while and says, “What made you say like that?”

Swara blinks at him for a sec and says, “means…i didn’t get it”

Sanskar, “I mean…did i create any wrong impression that i am interested in you..if so, then i am sorry…i don’t have any kind of thoughts like that”

Swara is little shaky and tears starts forming in her eyes which is hiding her vision clearly…she blinks slightly once..soon the tears drops down and rolling on her cheeks. Sanskar holds his fist after seeing her tears…he tries his maximum level to control his emotions.

Swara, “You mean..you never had any feelings on me?”

Sanskar sighs, “No Swara…i am sorry for hurting you but that is the truth”

Swara immediately gets up from there and rushes outside. He too comes to her and offers a drop in his car..but she denied it and takes a cab from there. He feels bad seeing her going and silently follows the cab and he leaves from her place after making sure that she reaches her home safely.

He comes to his home and throws the keys and mobile to each corner and falls on the couch without even changing his dress. He losts in her thoughts from their first meeting to till date and slowly dozes off.

It’s been around 10 days, After that meeting…he did not meet her and did not get message from her. He feels so restless and showing all his frustration to his colleagues and to his lovely criminals. He starts missing her badly and understands that he cannot live without her.

He decides to go to her house in the evening and asks her hand from her parents. He gets ready and starts whistling himself his favourite songs..he feels so light and relax after deciding to propose her. He parks his car aside and enters into her home but gets shocked seeing so many people in the hall and his eyes searching for only one person..Swara. Yes..there she is…she is standing infront of them by bowing her head down and dressed beautifully in a silk saree but something is missing in her face…yes her cute smile. He gets puzzled seeing her and understands that her engagement is going on. He gets angry but controls his anger and looks at her parents Mr. Shekar and Mrs. Mishti, “I am in love with your daughter and i would like to marry her with your permission”

Shekar and Mishti is speechless looks each other and glares Swara who is just starring Sanskar..ONLY. Mixed emotions are floating in between them and it gets disturbed when mala shakes her and asks, “What’s all this drama?”

Swara is about to reply but Sanskar replies saying, “Pls don’t ask her anything…when she proposed..its me who rejected her and hurts her feelings..but now i realised my love for her and wanna live my life happily with her”

Mishti stares Swara who is smiling with tears oozing from her eyes. Sanskar looks at her and says, “I LOVE YOU Swara…WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Swara nods her head happily…but Shekar and Mishti did not agree for this. But Swara is stubborn in his decision in marrying him..so she left her home and goes with him.

Next day, they both get married in a temple and he welcomes her into his world..now it becomes their own world. They spends each and every moment of their life happily. After seeing them happy, Swara’s parents also accepted them later.


After 20 mins of his waiting, Samrat welcomes Sanskar to his cabin and explains him about the problems created by Danny and tells him the seriousness of this issue. He hands over the case file to Sanskar and gives him all the power to handle this case. Sanskar starts his investigation on the very first day itself, he set his own team and they plans a encounter for Danny. They starts observing him day and night as a common people and gets to know his complete dealings and his schedules. It’s been a month now and Sanskar submits his case details to Samrat and gets his approval for doing an encounter…Samrat too agrees for it and they decided the date as 14-April-2016. They gets to know from informer that Danny is going to do some dealings on that date in Binni Mills.

Sanskar & co. team puts a proper plan to trap him and everything is going as per the plan…except one thing.

FB ends————————————————————–

Samrat comes out from the mills and answers for the media questions and he wraps the meeting saying, “Encounter is successful, we have captured the complete details of where and all Danny has contacts and with whom. Soon we will take action against them”. He finishes his statement and goes to his car and informs one of the police something and looks little sad by staring the Binni Mills.

2 months leap, Sanskar is getting ready in his uniform and shouts calling his wife, “Swara….Swaraaaaa..where are you?”

Swara comes and stands behind him, “Y r u shouting like this? What you need?”

Sanskar, “Where is my gun? My purse?”

Swara sighs and gives him an unbelievable look and shows the dining table to him where his gun and purse kept. He smiles and takes it from the table & goes towards the entrance…he stops and turns to looks at her. He sees Swara standing behind him, smiles at him and waving her hands to give him a send off.

Sanskar, “Stay carefully…i will come soon in the evening”

Swara nods and smiles starring him. He sits in his police jeep and signs the driver to move on…the drivers looks at him wierdly when he waves to Swara at the doorstep.

Sanskar reaches the station and involves in his work…Samrat comes to him and have a normal discussion and leaves from there. Before leaving he turns and looks at him once n moves from there.

Sanskar finishes his work and leaves home early. He enters inside the home and gets surprised seeing Shekar and Mishti sitting in the hall. They smiles seeing him and he too welcomes them happily and calls Swara, “Swara…why u didnt tell me that Maa and Papa came. You are becoming so careless day by day. I have to teach you a lesson” he then looks at Shekar and Mishti who stares him without any reaction, “Papa…Maa…you both don’t get worry…you know your daughter right…she is making me mad only. You sit here..i will change my dress and come back”

Shekar and Mishti stares the way he goes and sits in the sofa..waiting for him. They hear Sanskar’s conversation with Swara..Mishti moves near to the room and stands outside to hear him.

Sanskar, “What are you doing sitting here? You should go and serve them some tea and snacks right”


Sanskar, “Aaaahhhh…i forgot that you legs are wounded…i am sorry my baby. No worries…i ll prepare tea and will serve them. You happy?”


Sanskar, “okay..i ll go now”


Mishti closes her mouth and dilip comes and takes her before Sanskar comes. Sanskar comes out, gives them a gentle smile and goes to kitchen. He prepares a nice tea and serves them. He sits with them and says, “Swara gets hurt in her leg when she climbs the stairs yesterday…that’s y she made me to do all the work”.

Shekar and Mishti just nods their head and they sit there for sometime and tells him that they are leaving. He goes till door and sends them. Mala while going often looksback starring Sanskar with a smile and waving his hands to them.


FB starts—–

2 months back……Sanskar and Team puts a proper plan to do the encounter on Danny…but Danny also has some agent working in Police department who leaks him about the encounter planned on him at the last moment. Danny gets furious and gets more details from the Agent about who and all got involved in that. He tells about Sanskar details and before he gives others…his seniors came and he disconnected the call. Danny gets furious and orders his men to kidnap his beloved ones. When they reached his home, they find only Swara inside, they kidnaps her and makes her as the victim to get escape from the encounter.

Sanskar & team enters into the Binni Mills and starts shooting the goons mercilessly. Sanskar follows the place where Danny hides and finds him sitting there very relaxely. He points the gun at him and is about to shoot but stops hearing a voice calling him….it is none other than Swara. He moves his vision from Danny to left side and finds Swara tied with a rope and cries looking at him. Sanskar is in extreme shock and his eyes are burning in anger seeing Danny laughs at him and so as the other goons.

Still he is in the same position where he points his gun at Danny…but Danny starts moving to Swara and says to Sanskar, “You did a big mistake by coming here. Now your wife is with me…what you gonna do…gonna shoot me…come on shoot me…shoot me?”. Sanskar looks at Danny and Swara alternatively….and is about to trigger the gun…but before that Danny stabs her…Sanskar screams “Swaraaaaaaa” and trigger the shot…the bullet pierces head…he did a head shot and danny falls down lifelessly.

Sanskar runs to Swara who falls down in the pool of blood. He takes her in his lap and cries vigourously saying, “Don’t leave me Swara…Pls don’t leave me and go..What i will do without you….”

Swara holds his face stammers, “You become a father”…she smiles and takes his hands and keeps it in her stomach. Sanskar cries and tears are oozing from his eyes
non-stop…he holds her hands and shakes her…but there is no movement in her body. His body gets freeze seeing his Swara lifeless…he couldn’t do anything but simply stares her. His team gathers there and informs this to Samrat..who gets shocked and immediately reaches that place. Soon the Media also surrounds the place and tries to cover the latest news.

The bodies gets cleared from that place…samrat finds Sanskar kneels down near Swara’s body and feels sad for his loss. He gets guilty of putting him in this case and he too cries seeing Swara in blood pool.

After much effort, they takes Swara’s body when Sanskar is unconscious..coz he did not allow anyone to touch her…so they injected him a sedative and takes Swara’s body from there and Samrat takes care of Sanskar. Sanskar gets conscious and the first word he asks about Swara only.

When Samrat informs him about her death, Sanskar holds his collar and shouts, “NOOOOOO…she cannot go leaving me alone. She is alive. I know she is alive. She is with me only…she will not go leaving me alone” he continuously blabbering the same thing.

Shekar and Mishti has been informed about this and they cried seeing Sanskar’s mental stability and Swara’s body. But Somehow, they managed to take Sanskar to home and when he enters his home, he finds Swara everwhere standing and smiling at him. He feels that she is with him always. Shekar and Mishti tries to make him understand the reality but he shoves them and believes that Swara is still alive. He starts living his life with her memories and living a shadow life. Only he can see Swara everywhere in his home but no one else. Mala and Dilip often comes and visit him…they too gets worried seeing him talking alone with no one beside him.

His Jeep driver, the neighbours, his colleagues everyone knows his situation and no one dares to say anything to him about Swara..if any one says so..that’s it then that will be the last day for that person.

FB ends—————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Shekar and Mishti walks on the road from his home, where mala turns back and finds Sanskar smiles and talking alone. For her, Sanskar lives a shadow life with Swara’s memories…but as per Sanskar…Swara is alive and still living with him in that house.


***********************************************THE END***********************************************

So…how is this OS guys….Hope you all like it. Please give me your views on this OS..am waiting eagerly.

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        Dear all cried coz it touched our souls
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    Haa!! i love d ending.. duuno why i like sad ending then happy ending…
    Anyway beautiful n soo heart touching story..Thnk u…

    1. Sathya

      Thank I soooooo much kakali dear… It means a lot for me. Actually I don’t like sad endings but this OS needs it n even I felt bad after writing it.

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