I open my eyes due to sunrays, and I see the most beautiful girl sleeping beside me like a cute baby on my one hand …. I look at her hand which is designed with deep red henna, showing my love towards her. I laugh at my own thought. Seriously my love? Well people only say this, it’s not my word. She was going to marry someone else and BY MISTAKE we got married. So whose love is showing this henna mine or that person’s? I look at her face. I still remember her. I know she doesn’t. That day I saw her for the first time. I quickly close my eyes as I sense that she is now awake. Well this situation is quite uneasy that she is sleeping on my hand. She get down and goes to washroom.
Han toh where was I? han our 1st meet .

15 years ago…..
My mom is crying continuously taking my little sis in her arms. Her one palm is on my sister’s forehead trying to stop the blood flowing from there. My 3 years old sister who always roam here and there in our house and always irritate me by say baiyu whalt ich thich and that (bhaiyu what is this) is sleeping peacefully. We trio are sitting in our car and my father is requesting every person to help us rather than him. A big tree has fallen on the road and for that our car has stopped at the middle of road towards the hospital. I am also feeling like crying seeing my father is trying to push the tree all alone. I step down from the car and starts to request people.
‘uncle please help my papa..please’ I almost begged. Tears were rolling through my cheeks. All are looking at each other but none come forward. Suddenly I feel someone hold my hand and I look back a small girl is holding my hand. She drags me towards the tree. And a small cute smile says

‘I will help you’ and she also starts to push it. My father was now crying very badly looking at her. And suddenly some more girls come and starts to push the tree. Seeing them some more people come forward and help us. Soon the tree was rotated by them. My papa and I run to the car. But again that girl comes.
‘uncle take chhoti to our mother. She is also a doctor. Hos..hospital is very far’
My mom and dad look at each other and then agreed. My dad tells her to seat in car and show us the path. Soon we came in front of sunshine children home. That girl runs towards the gate and soon an mid aged lady weary Christian mother attire comes their. I am sitting silently waiting for a good news of my little sister when that girl again come.
‘She will be fine. Don’t worry. My mother can save every child.’ Saying this with her small hands she wipes my tears. I nodes and look at the hand at my lap. When she put her small hand on my quite big hand as I am now 13 and she is of almost 6 or 7. My father came with a smile. I understood everything is fine.

This was our 1st meet. My chain of thought is broken by bangle’s sweet sound and looks at the door. She comes out in red blue combined netted saree. She look at me with a guilt fill eye and instantly change direction of her eyesight. I sigh and go to her. Her hand stops, which was brushing her long hair. I feel she becomes stiff. I took her one hand and cups her one cheek with my other hand.
‘Look swara whatever it is the main fact is we are married and I don’t want this marriage to break. I want you to be called Mrs. Swara sanskar maheswary. So for god sake can we behave like a normal newly wedded couple?’
She look at me with her deep big teary eyes and then looks down ‘ this is actually not my place. Its someone else’s’
‘Stop this nonsense swara’ I shout at her getting very annoyed. Here I am trying to start my unfinished love story. And she?

Hi after a long time. Should I continue? It’s a 2 or 3 shot only.

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