Precap: 1st meeting of swara and sanskar. And glimps of their new married life.
Shit shit shit …what I have done. I hug her softly.
‘I am sorry.’ I mumbled. I feel she is uncomfortable. How can I forgot she is not any random modern girl. She is quite reserved introvert girl. I free her and she steps back quickly and I hate this more. I was about to say something but stop listening door knock.
‘sanskar come down with that girl soon’ I heard kiran’s voice. I am surprised listening her voice . now what she is doing here? I have already so many problems now this. I look at swara. She is looking at the door with teary eyes and her eyes have guilt pain. I can read her eyes. She is thinking that why she is here. The girl who was supposed to be in her place is calling them after their 1st night. I sigh. Great.
After our 1st meeting we met in market. I was with my mother carrying her grocery bag. And she was with her orphanage mother. Her hands are full with toffees. Some are falling on road she was collecting them again and again. Her hand is small Na? I laugh at her and goes to her. I help her she smile whole heartedly with her broken teeth. Oh god that smile.
‘Arey where is you teeth?’ I asked with smile

She pouted ‘rats took them when I was sleeping at night’
I laughed and pulled her cheek and again two toffees fall. I was about to bend she stops me and hand over me her toffees. She bent and collect them then unwrap one wrapper and eat it. Then put the 2nd one in my mouth. I had to bend down to eat from her hand. I saw her dupatta and tie other toffees at its end. She squalled in joy.
After that I never met her. Well I use to see her from far. Childhood crush or love. Kabhi apni dosto ke sath khilkhila k hasti hui or kabhi park mein jhula jhulti hui. Uski dupatta hamesha hawan mwin laherati thi . I don’t know why I used to roam near her orphanage. Why I used to prey for her when I preyed for my family. Its like bhagwan ji please keep my family always happy and her also. This way 5 years passed. I had to go to USA for further studies. And as the time move on her memory somewhere locked in my mind and I also never tried to open them. After returning mom give me kiran’s photo. Perfect modern girl. Perfect for my high-class family. Frank type you know today’s girls. I didn’t mind I was ready. We dated for 2 months. Well sometime she is bit irritating but its ok. But everything changed yesterday and by mistake I married to her. In mandap when I see her , I was suerprised.

‘arey ye toh swara hai’ she is changed. Last I saw her when she was about 11 or 12 years old. But her eyes haven’t changed a bit. I didn’t feel bad. But situation was bad. Most of my family member was bashing her and her mother. and at last I had to stop them and fortunately dad support me.
We both come down. I feel that now my family members and some more unknown person will judge our marriage. And my dumbo wife will definitely accept that.
‘what happened mom’ asked though I know the answer already.
I saw an unknown guy approaching towards us and I feel he is coming to swara. As he is looking at her only. He comes and hold swara’s hand.
‘lets go swara sign the divorce paper and we wiil take you.’ That blo*dy guy says
What the hell…am I here to eat lollipop.
‘mind your words mr whoever you are’ I shouted.

Every person’s eyes focus on me. Swara also look at me surprisingly
‘I think you are forgetting I am her husband and am standing beside her only…so I have the right to take the decision of divorce and so please till then keep a safe distance from her’ I free her hand from his. Low whisper creates.
‘I know what you all will say… so I am only saying that I don’t want any divorce.. I want this marriage to be work. And that’s my final decision. We are going usa today night only. I don’t want any further discussion.’ I look at my father and he nodes with approval. My mom was silent. So I drag her towards our room.
As I enter I realize I am throwing my decisions on her . I don’t know what she wants . I look at her and she is looking down.
‘you are ok with it na swara? If you want you can go…I just wanted to….’ I don’t know I lost my words…what will I say why I want her..that I myself don’t know. I choose her over kiran but why only for some childhood crush……

It will be 10 shots I think.

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