SwaSan Marriage Or Love (one shot)


**********MARRIAGE OR LOVE********

It was a huge room which was fully decorated like it was a frist night of any couples and girl is shown who is standing near the window looking at the Moon light she was dressed in a bridel attire she was looking very nervous. The light of the moon falls on her face now her face is visible she was not less than any divine s
Her beauty is not measurable her big eyes was has soo many emotion in it her beuty is spell bounded (now say guys who is she yes ofcourse she is our beautiful swara)

Swara P.O.V

Oh god I’m soo nervous today i don’t wat to do how should i react if come .i don’t even know who is he,wat is his nature, i just know his name SANSKAR MAHESWARI .it still remmber tat day when a marriage proposle came for me from maheswari’s all were happy in my family becoz mahewari’s r very reputed family which parents will not like there daughter to become a dil of such family. I agreed for marriage for my family sake evethough i dint see him not even once becoz he used to leave in America he came to india just before our marriage day. My ma asked me to see his pic but i refused becoz i want to see him infront of my eyes my friends used to tease me tat he is very handsome. I don’t know much about him but his family oops now its our family r very good people i just love them.
Our marriage got over I’m waiting for him to come but I’m very nervous to face him while thinking all thz i heared some crying voices from outside i sliently opened the door and peeped out to see who is crying my eyes falls on my MIL yeh she was crying but y? All others were looking sad as well as anger i was so confused. I thought to ask them so slowly walked out of my room and went to them
“Mom wat happen y r u crying ” i asked .all were shocked to see me my Mil sujatha mom brust out into cry and hugged me

“Swara I’m sorry im really sorry” she replied now i was totally confused but then i came to know tat ki my husband left to America they even told me tat ki he was least interest in marrying but they froced him to marry me becoz they thought ki after marriage his opinion would change but no he left in our marriage night itself . I was broken wat should i do now? I was crying but my ma and mom came and clamed me after lil time i stopped crying
We r sorry swara! Said ap ma . Its k ma it wasn’t ur fault i said and was about go from their just then bade papa stopped me ” swara u want to become a doctor right” asked bade papa yes becoming doctor was my beautiful dream
” yes badepapa” i said “hmmm then k complete ur further stuidies become a sucessfull doctor ” said badepapa “but..ba”

Before i could complete “swara now u r our responsibilty so if and buts …u complete ur studies i will book ur tickets for london ” said rp dad all insisted me so finally i agreed they want to keep me happy becoz they were guilty for wat there son had done ……….
Days passed i was veryyy happy in my sasural all r very sweet they take care of me like there own child never felt me alone finally the day came to go for london i was veryyy sad to leave them but they cheered me up “k bye swara” Said my family yes they, r my family they never let me to think about that Man my hubby who left me in very 1st night of our marriage .

Soon i reached london a gurd was standing holding my name plate in the airport. It went towards him he greeted me, made me sit in the car and drived off to a place of my staying which Bade papa arranged. It was a huge hotel we went inside. The staff took me to the room …..wwwaaooo it is a inneed a beautifull room i was about to unpack my stff but just then i got a call from my institution to meet them so i got ready to leave …..
I vistied the institution they asked me to clear some formatilities i did so and took a leave from their
..on my way to hotel i collides with a girl ..she was ubstable yehh she was drunken .i thought to go but seeing her condition and the boys around i thought to leave her at her home soo i asked her address …she told me ..i took her their ..
Yeh it was a huge manshion type house ..i took her inside made her sit on the couch and left to kicthen to make lemon juice so tat she get sense i feeling connected to thz house as if someone close to me leaves here ….i brushed my thoughts and brought lemon juice and made her drink tat soon aftersome time she was in sense.

“How it is now ” i asked
“Mmm fine” she said
“oh sorry u dont know me right…..” is said
“I know u r the one who took me here right …..i know i was not in sense but not so much ” she said smilling
“Waise thank u Ms…….
“Swara my self swara and welcome ” i said
“Oh swara nice name myself Ragini (smiles and shakes hand) waise swara i think u r indian right.
“Yes i came here today only for study”

She smiles and hugged me in excitment i was confused

“Then.u r my sister ” she said
“Wat?? I asked her confusingly
“Arrey swara dnt u heared all indians are brothers and sisters I’m also a indian soo meet ur sis na “(chuckles)
“(Smiles) and nodded”
“Acha swara in india where do u live”
,”kolkota” is said

She jumped in exicetment

“Oh my oh my god oh my god wat a conincidence u know meet too from kolkota i miss my place very much”she sair
“Really ” my eyes glowed up

It will be a nice feeling if u meet anyone of ur place i was happy ….we both indulge in talk i totally forget about to back hotel

After some there was a knock on the door ragini opened it and a man about 24ss came inside he was suprised to see me as same to me

“Ragini who is……(confused) he asked
“Laksh she is swara u know (she narrated whole story)
“Ooh thank u swara “(shakes hand and smiles)
“Raginiiiiiiiii” i glares at her
“Oh haan laksh no thank u no sorry becoz we r friends” she said
“Hmm its better” i said

I don’t when i became soo close to ragini she was very familiar to me

Laksh smiles:”don’t u introduce me to ur friend sweetheart”

I was confused

“Yeh laksh…….swara he is my hubby laksh”

I took a relife

“Oh hi ” is said and smiles

We talked for sometime just then we heared another knockkk laksh opened the door a man of about 25sss came

He was sooo dashing, handsome,cute i realised wat i was thinking i brushed all my thoughts and made myself to understand tat I’m married

He came inside

Bhai u know wat happen (he narrated whole incident) laksh said
“(Worried) ragini r u alright na uu…..”
“Arrey arrey bhai clam down nothing happen to me swara saved me “ragini said
“Swara” he asked confusly
“Haan swara meet swara “(she pointed towards me)
“And swara meet sanskar bhai my bhai cum brother-in- law” ragini said

Sanskar i murmured ….
For a sceond i thought is he same sanskar my hubby nono it is impossible as far i know he has only one bro adarsh bhaiya
Hmmm he is not tat sanskar becoz his bro is laksh

“Hmmmm k i will leave now it is already late” i said
“Wat u r leaving?” Plz be here only na swara it was soo good to be with u plz” she insisted
“Yes swara she is right see its raining also and y u r staying alone haa its not safe” laksh said

“See swara u r like my lil sis u r not gonna stay alone u saved ragini and more over u r our friend okay so its final u r staying only got tat ” laksh said
“(Smiles and nodded) but my luggage”
” we will take it by 2mrow ” ragini said
“Soo all is done…sweetheart plz prepare something I’m hungry” laksh said
“Okay “ragini said
“Ragini i will prepare plz” i said
“No swara u sit in will……..
“So u don’t think me as ur family haa then y should i live here ” i said dramatically
“Okay k swara u will only prepare abb khush ” ragini said
“Super duper khush ” i said

Swara P.O.V ends

Sanskar P.V.O

Oh my heaven she is sooo beautifull like an angel i just can’t take off my eyes from her wat is this feeling i don’t know but it is very nice. Her sweetness,smile,laugh ,talks,lips movement ,eyes everything of her is making me crazy yaar
I was continuesly stairing her just then my bro patted my shoulder
And said “love at first.sight haa ”
I blushed for thz statement
“Oh my god the great sanskar is blushing haa i just can’t belive it ” lucky teased me
“Lucky!!!'” I glared at him

Actually he is right i never paid interest to any girl nor gave damn look to them
But she is different i feel tat ki she belongs to me but how i was confused

SWARA thz name i heared somewhere but I’m not getting where i heared it

I brushed my thoughts seeing her coming to the dining area with a bowl

“Hmmm dinnier is ready guys” she said
“Oooooh I’m hungry come let’s have it bhai” lucky asked me
“Hmm okay” i said

We all sat and started eating it …really it was very delicious i wanted kiss her hand becoz i think tat its belongs to me

“Ahem ahem swara where is ur institution” i managed to ask
“Its xyz place”
“Oh its quite near to my office “i said
“Ooooohh well nice” she.said

Ohh god i thought she will ask me to drop her there but no she dnt
Here ragini and laksh was giving me a glare

Yeh i know they will do so becoz my office far away from her institution.i lied her so tat i could get some time to.spend with her

We had our dinner
swara went inside to keep vessles

Wat is thz ” sanskar bhai” asked ragini
Love at first sight”laksh chuckles
“Really” asked ragini in suprising tone
“Hmmmm ”
Smiles and scratches my head
“Oh my god I’m sooo happy bhai”said ragini
They hugged me
“U don’t worry bhai be ready to drop her to her institution from 2mrow ” ragini said
“But how” i asked
“Its secreat bhai” ragini said

Saying thz she leaves from their
The next for my suprise she came with i droped her to her place ..she sat beside her fragance was making me crazy her rosy lips aaaaaa god wat a creation she is vert talkative but I’m ready listen her how can i miss a golden chance to be with her

Day passed we became very close to eachother i was falling more and more for her
i myself don’t belive a boy who hates to love or marriage is actually in love at first sight

One day it was my b’day there was a party in our house all guest came
Swara my swara she came along with ragini she was looking gorgeous oooohhhh my god my angel
Some boys were stairing her i gave i-will-kill- u look to them they kept quite
how dare they see to my girl

We all enjoyed. Ragini and laksh asked me to propose her i agreed becoz i can see the love for me in her eyes

All took a leave…raglak also left saying tat they have some work actually they wanted to give us privacy

I and swara was alone she was cleaning
I held her by her wrist and sat on my knees

“Swara ur innocence,ur smile,ur non stop talks make me love u swara I don’t know any dialouges but want to say I LOVE U SWARA “u r my life swara u know wat i always feels tat u belongs to me u r only mine I love swara

There was tears in her eyes i got up and hugged her

“I know swara even u love me i knew it”

But the the next thing shocked me she pushed me and gave tight slap and said

“I’m married”

I was beyond shock no no it is not true she belongs to me only

“U r joking right i know u also love me”
“No i dont love u got tat and I’m married'”(she shouts)

She leaves to her room
I fall in thud and cried all my heart
Don’t know when i slept there itself


I got up and found my self in my room
Just then lucky came i asked him about swara he said tat she left …..
She left to india

I cried miserbly
Suddenly i realised something

“Thz is my punishment lucky for the sin i commited now i feel how it will be when someone close u leaves u and goes far away”
“I left a girl who left her house and came to.me married me but wat did i do to her i left her alone in very first night of our marriagr”

“I paying back lucky”

Ragini and laksh consoles him

He wiped all his tears

“Lucky I’m going back to india i don’t want tat girl to suffer like me”
“Bhai even we will come with u”said ragini
“But ragini,……..said laksh
“Laksh don’t lie i saw u many times crying and craving for ur family …laksh we can ask them for forgiveness I’m sure they will forgive us plz talk to them atleast once plz”
said ragini
“Ragini u very well know tat ki they don’t like our marriage! Then how……………..
“Laksh plzzzzz for me plzzzz

After much argument laksh finally agreed and all 3 leaves to india

We finally reached to our house MAHESWARI MANSHION

We all went inside all were shocked suprised,happy,angery,to see us
we asked for forgiveness they forgave us as parents are parents they love there children very much

“Bhai i call n come bhabhi she will be very happy to see u” said my lil sis uttara

My face turnes into pale becoz i never imagined rather than swara anyone as my wife but i composes myself

My sis leaves

After sometime my sis came with her bhabhi i mean my wife
I lift up head to see her and it was my lifes biggest suprise My love My life My swara was standing infront of me i just can’t belive My love is My wife oooh god i rubbed my eyes i realise tat it is true yes she is only my wife i was at cloud nine i wanted to jump in happiness but controlled myself she wasn’t looking at me her eyes was sticked to ground

Raglak were also very happy as i got my love they were about to talk swara but i signalled them not to talk
The kept quite

Oh heaven how fool I’m the girl who i used to hate the most becoz my family forced me to marry her is my love

She without looking at me left from there

Sanskar P.O.V ends

Yet again the room was decorated and swara was sitting in middle of the bed now she was scared just then sanskar enters locks the door
he was coming towards her she was getting more scared
He stops hearing her

Swara:listen stop there itself i know u r my husband but….but..i….don’t …love..u.i love someone…wat u think of urself whenever u want u will leave me whenever u want u will come haa….
U r name is also sanskar
The boy whom i love name is also sanskar
But u r diffrent from him ..he loves me very much but becoz I’m married i thought i would be betrayle for u as u r my husband but i cant betray my love also i love only him

Sanskar smiles and comes towards her and sat beside her

Sanskar:just see me once im also very handsome…


Immideatly looked up and was suprised to see sanskar

Sanskar:swara sorry for leaving u at marriage day I’m a big fool to leave my beautifull wife plz forgive me I’m sorry(puppy eyes)

Swara hugged him tightly

(Brokes the hug)
Sanskar:but swara u slapped me very hard its still paining (kept his hand on cheeks)

Swara:(tears) I’m sorry sanskar i was happy tat u proposed me but i confused which should i choice b/w MARRIAGE OR LOVE im sorry
Sanskar:okay hmmm but u should kiss me
Swara:(smiles) okay

She was about kiss his cheeks but he turns and there lips meet eachother she was about to pat back but sanskar pulled her and kiss her hard as she did the same with equal passion and love they falll on the bed as sanskar on top of swara they naked eachother kissed all over and consumnated there marriage

The End

Hi guys I’m tanu u writer “swasan you r my life” hmmmm how was thz os plz do comments guys if u liked it plz

Credit to: tanu

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