Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 9)

Hi guys, sorry for late update. I am really happy that you all loved my ff and the OS also. Don’t worry soon naughty sanky, supportive ragini, funny lucky and friendly uttara will be seen.

Here we go:

Episode starts with swara fainting.

“Swaraa/ jiji” Everyone shouted.

Swara was falling down but sanskar and shekhar caught her at same time. Shekhar started to tap swara’s cheek.

Shekhar: Swara beta, doll…Please wake up.
Sanskar: Uncle, we should call the doctor.

Ragini called their family doctor

Sanskar picked her up and took her to ragini’s room…everyone was following him. Everyone surrounded the bed. Shemish and paravti sat the bed.

Ragini: Uttara, what happened to jiji, why she is not waking up.
Uttara: Calm down ragu, doctor uncle is coming na. Don’t worry nothing will happen to her

Doctor came.

(Doctor Arjun singh: Maheshwari and gadodia’s family doctor. Owns a big hospital, a kindhearted doctor. He is also friends with shekhar and durga. He treats their children as his own children.)

Shekhar: Arjun, please check my doll. Why she is not waking up?
Arjun: She..she is our swara
Parvati: Haan arjun beta, she is our princess
Arjun: That’s great news, congrats but how did you find her?
Dp: Arjun first please check her and then we will tell you.
Arjun: ok.

Arjun checked swara. He was giving her injection so he moved swara’s sleeved little up. (Swara was wearing suit but the sleeves were till elbow). Everyone was shocked to see a burnt mark on her arm. Mishti, Parvati and ragini were cryin to see this mark. Still arjun gave her injection.

Ragini: Doctor uncle, what happened to jiji and what’s…th..that mark on her hand.
Arjun: well, she is really weak physically. I have given her injection so she will wake tomorrow morning.
Laksh: What….Today morning in canteen, she did ate infront of us.
Uttara: Yes bhai is correct.
Arjun: Uttara, laksh. Eventhough she did ate today morning that doesn’t mean she ate everyday. Looks like, she isn’t given proper diet and proper care. I think she was tortured. But where did you find her and how.
Laksh told him everything from starts, their meeting till sanskar making swara understand. Arjun was shocked.
Arjun: it means that raj and Urvashi tortured her. That burnt was given by them and by seeing this mark I can say that it was few years before.

Everyone was dazzled specially shemish, Parvati and ragini.

Mishti put her hand on her mouth.

Shekhar: Sambhalo mishti.
Mishti (crying): Kaise sambhalu apne ap ko. My daughter had bear so much. It’s my fault. I should have taken care of her properly on the birthday party otherwise she wouldn’t have got kidnapped. Meri bachi kitna royi hogi, tadpi hogi. But those people were so merciless that they burnt her hand, beat her.
Uttara: Aunty, whatever happened we can’t change it but now we should be strong for swara as she need lots of love and care.
Ragini: Han ma, jiji would have never got that love from them. But now we will give her so much love that she will never be able to spate herself from us.
Mishti: ha beta, you both are right. I should not cry. I should be strong for her.

Saying this she wiped her tears and sat beside swara and started to caress her hair.

Dp got a call, he picked and talked with the person.

Dp: See, I can’t come now..please you all handle it.
Shekhar: No durga, don’t miss your work for us. You can go.
Dp: What are you saying shekhar, swara is also like my daughter.
Shekhar: Then I will feel bad and if swara got to know that her taklu uncle is ignoring his work because of her then she will not leave you

Laksh started to laugh loudly.

Laksh: Oh…g..god… taklu….dad….taklu..uncle.

Laksh raised his hand to hifi but no one hified him.

Dp glared at him, laksh put his fingers on his lips.

Dp: Yaar please, atleast don’t say this infront of everyone
Shekhar: acha sorry, you go to your work
Dp: ok but sanskar, laksh and uttara will stay here.
Shekhar: Ok
Dp: take care of swara and everyone. Don’t worry, swara will definitely accept all of you back.
Shekhar: I hope so.
Dp went and shekhar called servants to take sanlakutt their rooms.

(Guys, sanlakutt’s have their own room in gadodia palace as they stay here for few day every month. So some of clothes are also in those rooms)

Mishti and parvati sat on either side of swara and rested their heads on the headboard. Shekar sat opposite to Parvati and mishti, there was headboard at the opposite also, so he also rested his head there. Ragini sat on the chair, held swara’s hands and slept by placing her head on the bed. Like this all four of them sleeping surrounding swara.

After about half an hour, sanskar came back to the room as he forgot his phone there, saw them and started smiling to see the love and care towards swara. He went near them and glared at swara who was sleeping. He was again smiling. He stood there and watched swara for few minutes.

Sanskar (monologue): How innocent and sweet princess looks while sleeping. Princess, I hope you accept everyone soon as your family is waiting for you.

Laksh who came to the room also as sansakr didn’t came back, him looking at swara. He ran back called uttara. Both of them were standing at the door and looking.

(Sanlakutt were sitting in a room talking, and sanskar realised that he forgot his phone so he went back to the room)

Lakutt started whispering.

Uttara: Bhai, don’t you think that sanky bhai started loving swara
Laksh: What are you saying uttu, he doesn’t believes in love
Uttara: But lucky bhai you only think, he never called any of the girls or girlfriends by their nickname nor he put nicknames for them because he find it cheesy but he called swara by her nickname. Then he got lost when swara was dancing, he never got lost like that as he saw many girls dancing, classical or non-classical. Right now he is just staring her
Laksh: Actually you are right, when he and swara collided in the college, he was lost in her and then when she rejected bhai’s friendship, he didn’t say anything.

Suddenly they saw something unexpected which make them shocked and dropped their jaws on the ground.

Even sanskar was shocked for his own actions. He kissed swara’s forehead without disturbing shemish, Parvati and ragini.

Sanskar (monologue): What the hell, why did I kissed her…and on the forehead which I never did excep uttara. Oh god, sanskar, something is happening to you.

Sanskar took his phone and went, seeing sanskar coming, lakutt ran to the room. Sanskar entered the romm where he was talking with lakutt. When he entered, he saw them smiling.

Sanskar: What happened, why you guys are smiling.
Laksh went towards him, put his hand on sanskar’s head and then on neck.
Laksh: uttu, bhai is ok, he is not ill
Uttara: oh then what would be the reason.
Sanskar: What you guys are talking about?

Lakutt winked at each other.

Laksh: Bhai do you love swara.
Sanskar was shoked and numb as he himself doesn’t know his feelings
Sanskar: N…No. I don’t love her.
Uttara: Really then why did you kissed her on her forehead which you never did to any girl.
Sanskar: See, this love, I don’t believe in it.
Laksh: Bhai you are in love, we can clearly see it. You called her by her nickname, you get lost whenever you see her, you admire her often, you kissed on her forehead. What else you want to know.
Sanskar: See lucky, uttara I don’t love her. Good night.

Saying this he went to his room. Lakutt sighed. Laksh went to his room and uttara also slept.

Sanskar who laying on the bed and thinking, “Do I love swara. Love can’t happen so suddenly, so it’s just attraction towards her that’s it. This lucky and uttu are gone crazy and are making me also crazy.” Then Sanskar also slept.

Midnight in ragini’s room.

Swara was sweating, she gripped the bedsheet with one hand and ragini’s hand from the other one as ragini was still holding swara’s hand. She started to murmur, “No..please don’t beat me…I will work…it hurt…it pains…don’t beat me…please chachji….please chachiji…it hurts.”

Ragini woke up because of the tight grip on her hand. She saw swara murmuring, sweating and crying. Ragini got worried, “Jiji calm down, no one is beating you…jiji, ma, papa, dadisa. Wake up. Jiji, I ma here na see open your eyes.” Ragini was tapping her cheeks but swara was just murmuring same thing.

Shemish and Parvati also woke up start to console swara.

Misti hugged swara tightly and consoled her. Swara slowly start to drift into sleep again. Swara also hugged mishti and in sleep she said, “MAA”. Everyone got really happy to listen to it.

Shekhar: Masa, mishti , see she..she called you ma
Mishti: Ha shekhar, I am really happy
Parvati: She recognised your touch and warmth Shomi. She is just little angry but not for long.
Ragini: see ma, I told you that she just need love and care that’s it.
Shekhar: you are correct ragu. Let’s sleep now.

All of them slept in same position as they were sleeping.


Swara opened her eyes slowly, she looked around and got scared.

Swara (monologue): Hey knahaji, where am I, oh god chachaji and chachiji might be waiting for breakfast. But where am I?

Swara looked around and saw Parvati and mishti on her either side, shekhar on the opposite and ragini near her hand. She slowly remembered everything, how she discovered that she was princess then he running away, sanskar bringing her back and making her understand and then her fainting.

She slightly remembers how shemish, Parvati and ragini consoled her in midnight.

Swara (monologue): It means I am really their daughter. All of them were saying truth. The dna reports were positive and the mark at my back is also same as the one in photo. Oh god, it means I was really kidnapped and I behaved so badly with them. Still I am unable to believe that I am a princess.

Swara slowly sat on the bed without disturbing everyone. She was just looking at all of them. She was observing them.

Swara (monologue): They are so caring, they stayed with me whole night and slept here. I also feel like I know them for ages, I have seen them, it must during my childhood. See swara, you should also accept the truth, they are your family.

Swara was lost in her own world, then she saw sumi, shekhar and Parvati waking up. Trio woke and saw swara who was just staring at them blankly.

Sumi caressed her hair and said, “Why you woke up so early beta, you need rest so you should rest”
Parvati: Ha, mishti is right, you should take rest as your are very weak.
Shekhar: Yes doll, and see your younger sister, she is fit and fine but still sleeping like a kumbhkaran.

Swara slightly smiled. Shemish and Parvati were happy to see her smiling. Ragini also woke up at same time.

Ragini: Jiji, good morning

Saying she hugged her tightly. Swara slowly put her hands on ragini’s back and hugged her. Everyone was happy so see her accepting them.
Swaragini released the hug. Mishti kissed swara’s forhead and said, “I am really happy that you are slowly accepting us”

Ragini: But jiji, why woke up so early. You should rest. Come on now sleep like a good girl.
Swara finally spoke: Wo, I..I am used to waking up early.
Shekhar: Good beta, this is a good habit, teach something to ragini also.
Ragini: papa, what I can do if jiji is habituated to waking early. (She turned towards swara) and jiji what you used to by waking so early.
Swara got teary eyed and said, “I had to clean the house and make breakfast and lunch for chachaji and chachiji”

Everyone got sad. Ragini also got teary eyed and held her ears and said, “Sorry jiji, I didn’t want to make your cry.”

Swara wiped her tears and said, “No ragini, what are you doing, it’s now your fault” But ragini was still crying as she hurted swara and made her cry.
Swara hugged Ragini and said, “whatever happened was past and we can’t change it na.” Shemish and Parvati were happy to see their daughters bond, even they met few days before but still have a beautiful bond.

Msihti: Shekhar, masa, ragini you three get fresh, till then I will bring breakfast for swara.
Swara: M..M..MAA

Mishti frozed at her place while shekhar, Parvati and ragini, got really happy and emotional as they know how desperate Mishti was to listen to this word and how much she missed swara.

Screen stops on Mishti’s face.

Recap: Swara getting treated as princess by her family, family time, emotional time and tiny mini swasan…

Sorry guys I bored you all, you all can give advice if you want. I will try my best to balance in family time, swasan, raglak, romantic scenes and romantic scenes

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