Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 8)

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Here is the episode;

Episode starts with swara’s shocked face with out any emotions. She is just having tears in her eyes. Ragini, uttara, mishti, shekhar and dp’s eyes are also moist.

Swara: Wh…Wh…What are you saying.
Mishti: Ha beta, your dadi sa is saying truth. You are our daughter.
Swara: See, I think you all have a big misunderstanding. First of all, my parents died in an accident and I am living with my chacha chachi.
Shekhar: beta, when you were 6 years old, you were kidnapped at that time from devgarh. We all teried to find you but that raj and ajay (raj’s dead brother) took you far away from us. I will not leave that raj.

Swara still couldn’t believe and started to walk backwards, “no I don’t believe any one of you.you all are joking with me right. How can I be a princess?”

Ragini: Don’t say that jiji, see you believe me right then it is truth. You are my elder sister princess swara gadodia.

Swara started shouting while crying and moving backwards, “nooo..I am not any princes, I am swara bose. Not your princess swara gadodia” Saying this swara turned and started to run. But sanskar ran and caught her by her arms.
Swara: “leave me, I am not your princess swara.” Swara was crying

Sanskar turned he towards her and brought her closer. Swaea became numb by seeing his really close to her.

Sanskar: stop behaving like a child, it doesn’t suits a royal princess. Listen carefully, believe it or not, you are the crown princess of devgarh, princess swara gadodia. If you try to run, then even I don’t know what I will do and your family also will not be able to stop me. Is it clear to you.

Swara got scared with his stern voice but she got some courage and said, “You also listen to me Yuvraj sanskar Maheshwari, I am not princess swara, I am not the daughter and sister of this family. I am daughter of ajay and janki bose, who died in a car accident. They are my parents. Now you leave me, I want to go back home.
Mishti: Swaru, this is your house.
Swara turned towards mishti and said, “please aunty believe me, I am not your daughter and this is not my house.
Sanskar: Swara (he shouted), we are being calm with you that doesn’t mean that you will keep behave like a child. See I am saying you last time, you are princess.
Sanskar was cut by swara, “How many times I have to tell you that I am not any princess. Do whatever you want to do. I don’t care”
Sanskar: you haven’t seen my dare yet, now see what I will do.
He turned towards everyone and said, “I am sorry dadisa, mishti aunty and shekhar uncle but I have to do this for her betterment.” Saying this he started to drag swara towards a room.
Swara: Leave me please, I want to go from here. Ragini, uttara, you are my friends na, please help me.
Ragini and uttara wanted to help her but couldn’t. Sanskar took her into a room and said, “till you don’t believe us, you will remain in this room” Saying this he closed the door.

Swara ran and started to bang the door. Then she sat down and started to cry.

In the hall, sansakr came back and said, “I am sorry but I had to do this other she would have ran away.”
Parvati: what is happening, why is she not believing us?
Ragini: dadisa, I don’t know why she is not believing but I know that she is scared of something. I saw that fear in her eyes.
Uttara: Ha ragu, you are right. Today morning, when I put hands on her shoulders, she got really scared. Maybe that is the reason, she is not believing us.
Dp: first of all, how did you all know that she is princess swara gadodia and what proofs you have.
Ragini: uncle, she is friends with me and uttara in the college and she also works in a dance academy. Before them we became friends, swara saved me and uttara from an accident but we couldn’t say thank her as she was not coming to college also. We somehow found her dance academy’s address and went to there. When she was dancing I took her video. Later I sent that video to uttara because she asked from me as she wanted to see the dance..then..
Sanskar: then, on the night you came back from Jaigarh. Uttara and laksh were seeing the dance video. I also saw that video. I saw a mark on her back, while she swirling around. It was the same mark which I gave in our childhood. I had doubt that she might be the princess. We made a plan of blood test in the college. Swara and ragini gave their blood. We did their DNA test which was positive. Today, I collected all the information about swara. I got to know that her fake parents, ajay bose and janki bose, bhaiya and Bhabhi of Raj and Urvashi bose. I also found out that ajay and raj were shekhar uncle’s employees. Raj was a fraud so hew thrown out of the company. To take revenge he killed ajay’s daughter from a car whick looked similar to shekhar uncle’s car. Then he brainwashed ajay and blamed shekhar uncle. Then he and ajay kidnapped our princess. Ajay wanted to give uncle same pain even though he was innocent. Raj killed ajay and janki and he shifted to Mumbai with swara.

Mishti: thank you so much beta, you are like an angel to us.
Sansakr: no aunty whatever I did, was for me also

Everyone glared at him

Sanskar: I mean she was my bestfriend na toh..
Laksh (only audible to sanskar): Only best friends or more than that.
Sanskar: Shut up lucky.

Shekhar with blood shot eyes: I will not leave that raj, he destroyed my princess’s life.
Sanskar: cool down uncle, raj and Urvashi are already in jail.

Everyone was happy as they got their daughter but sad as she wasn’t believing them. Sanskar, dp and shekar went to police station

Here in the room swara is crying.

Swara (monologue): kanhaji why always me? Why can’t they believe that I swara bose. Ragini and uttara are also like those people, taking advantage of my trust. I don’t know why I blindly believed them. God please help me.

Suddenly she saw a window and thought something.

Scene shifts to the jail in the police station.

As soon as the gate was opened, shekhar ran and pressed the neck of raj tightly because shekhar loved swara a lot.

Shekhar: you moron, how dare you? What was swara’s mistake? You had enemity with me then why the hell you dragged my daughter in between. What was her fault.
Sanskar, Dp and other police officers were pulling shekhar.
Dp: Shekhu please, don’t take law in your hand. We will make sure that he gets worst punishment.
Shekhar: No durga, I will not leave him. He should know that he committed a big sin by kidnapping my daughter.
Sanskar: Uncle please leave him, atleast for swara leave him. What she will think that her father has killed someone and uncle don’t dirty your hand by killing him.

Shekhar finally left raj and raj started to cough and then suddenly he started to laugh. All three of them got angry.

Sanskar: Why the heal you are laughing?
Raj: I feel pity at you guys. What did you said mr prince that what will swara think about her father. She will only able to think when she accepts shekhar as her father and she never do that.
Shekhar: Don’t worry raj, we have enough proofs to prove that she is my daughter.
Raj: Do you think I am a fool, I have brainwashed swara while she was living with me. I brainwashed to such extent that she won’t believe any person and she will never be able to stand for herself. Even if you have brought swara with you, but she will soon run away from you.
Dp: Shut up raj, she will never do that and don’t worry soon we will tell her your truth to her.
Raj: You don’t believe then call at your home, your lovely daughter would have gone by now.
Shekhar, Dp and sanskar look at each other. Sanskar tells that he will call lucky.

Scene shifts to gadodia palace, where lucky and uttara are consoling mishti, Parvati and ragini. Suddenly laksh got call from sanskar.

Laksh: Ha bhai, is there any problem.
Sanskar: Lucky, can please one of you go and check swara
Laksh: ok bhai, I will tell uttara.
Laksh: Uttara, can you please go and check on swara, now
Uttara: ok bhai.

Uttara went and opened the door but she got shocked as swara is not there. She ran back to the hall.

Uttara (worriedly): Bhai, she is not there and I think she ran away as the window was opened.
Parvati, Mishti and Ragini got really worried.
Parvati: Hey mara Thakur shyam ji, where my granddaughter went, please god, please protect her.
Sanskar has listened everything.
Sanskar: Lucky put your phone on speaker

Laksh put the phone on speaker.

Sanskar: Dadisa, mishti aunty, you guys don’t worry I will somehow find her and she will soon be infront of you fit and fine.
Ragini: We believe you Sanky.
Sanskar: ok lucky uttu take care of everyone.

Saying this sanskar cut the call.

Scene shifts to jail.

Shekhar: What happened, you sounded tensed.
Sansakr: Wo uncle, papa, princess swara ran away from the palace.

Shekhar and Dp were shocked but raj started laughing.

Raj: hahaha…see shekhar I told you, I know your daughter very well. She herself ran away from you. Hahaha
Dp: you moron.
Sanskar: Dad please calm down. And uncle you don’t worry I will go with the police force and find her and then Mr raj bose (turned towards raj)…be ready to face the consequences as we will not leave you.

Saying this sansakar went away. Shekhar and Dp went to the gadodia palace.

Scene shifts to an isolated road where a girl is walking and she is really scared. She is none other than swara

Swara: Hey kanhaji please give me strength to face the problems.
Swara was walking but suddenly she saw some goons walking towards her from the opposite side of the road. Swara was shocked and she started shivering. She start to move backwards. The goons ran and surrounded her.

Goon1: Hey beautiful lady, where are you going alone
Goon2: Did your husband or boyfriends left you
Swara (crying): Please let me go, I beg in front of you
Goon3: No no ms beauty, how can we let go such a beautiful thing.

Saying the this the goon moves his hand to touch her but suddenly someone punched him really hard. Swara got really scared and saw towards the direction and it was Yuvraj sanskar Maheshwari who is staring swara with blood shot eyes. Other goons start to approach towards sanskar but he beat all of them. Finally all the goons ran away. Swara was shivering and scared to see the anger of sanskar. Sanskar caught swara’s wrist and started to drag her.

Swara: Please kunwarsa, leave me
Sanskar turned towards her and shouted, “Shut up, just shup up. What the hell do you think you are were doing ha. Do you know what your parents, ragini and specially dadisa are going through.

He grabbed swara’s shoulder tightly and brought her close.

Sanskar: Do you know how happy they were when they got to know that their elder daughter is alive and safe. But you just ran away, they all are so worried that none of them had their dinner yet. All of them are hungry, waiting for their lovely daughter but you being such a egoistic and stubborn girl, not understanding anything. Don’t speak a word now otherwise you have face the consequences.

Swara closed her eyes tightly and she was only weeping and sobbing. Sanskar took her to the car and drove to the palace. They reached the palace and he dragged swara into the hall where everyone else are waiting for swara.

When they saw her, Mishti ran towards swara and kissed her everywhere and said, “Where were you beta, do you know how much worried I was to not to find you in the room. I am sorry shona, we should not have closed you in the room.

Swara was just crying and sobbing.

Sanskar: you are right aunty, we should not have closed her in the room, but we should have tied her to the chair so then she wouldn’t have ran away.
Parvati: What are you saying sanskar

Sanskar left swara’s hand and walked towards Parvati and said, “I am right dadisa, we should have tied her to the chair. You know dadisa, she is the most selfish girl I have ever seen. She doesn’t care about anyone of you and just ran away. I will just come in a minute.

Sanskar went to a room and came back with some photos. He went towards swara and showed a photo. The photo was of swara and sankar during their childhood, when swara got hurt from the plastic sword. He showed her the photo and said, “See this photo, it’s you and you got hurt from a plastic sword. Even though the wounds healed but mark remained there. Now answer me, there is a mark on your back. Am I right or wrong”

Swara was just crying as she didn’t know what to do. Sanskar shouted, “Answer me”

Swara nodded her head. Sanskar showed her the Dna reports and said, “This is the DNA report which is positive. Your blood was matched with ragini’s blood when you gave blood in the college. See this by yourself, the results are positive.”

Then he dragged her towards, parvati’s room. Everyone followed him. He asked Parvati to open the wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and there are so many gifts.
Sanskar: are you seeing these gifts, you know your dadisa collected these gifts on your every birthday with hope that you will come back one day. But you, you are not even accepting us. This is how much she loves you.

He dragged her towards ragini, “You know ragini saw you last time when she was 3 years old but still she loves you so much she has a king sized bed in her room, in hope that you will return back and you will share room with her. She always has your photo with her”

Then dragged her towards shemish. “Mishti aunty always prays to god about your well being and always has hope of you being alive and returning back. Shekhar uncle always celebrates your birthday every year.”

Then he hold swara by her shoulders and said, “this is how much they you princess swara. The whole world believed that you were dead but it was this family who believed that you were alive but you don’t even care about their emotions.

Everyone had tears in their eyes. Swara was crying the whole time. Suddenly everything went blur to her and she went unconscious.

“Swaraaa” everone screamed.

Recap: Swara’s health, everyone taking care of her. Swara slowly starts to believe them.

Finally end of the episode. Soon I will also post the second part of my OS on swasan

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