Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 25)

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Episode starts with swara being underneath sanskar on his bed…

Sanskar: why do you care for me so much. Why your heart stopped beating after seeing me wounded. Why does it hurts you seeing me wounded.

Swara was shocked. Even she didn’t know what to say because she also didn’t know the answer.

Swara looked at him for few seconds, who looking at her intensely. She was getting really nervous because this is the first time swara is so close to sanskar who is shirtless. Swara slowly takes off her hands from his well built chests and looks other side while closing her eyes.

Swara: Kun…kunwarsa, wh..what are you doing. Please anyone will come. And what are you talking about. I care for you as a bestfriend, not as what you think.

Sanskar (huskily): Really

Swara nods. Sanskar leans towards her ear and says huskily, leaving his breath on her neck and her ear, “then why do you breath heavily when I come near you?”

Swara closes her eyes even more tightly. Sanskar kisses her cheeks, which shocks swara, “don’t you feel anything when I kiss you like this.”

Swara gulps and nods in a no. Suddenly sanskar’s eyes started getting heavy because of medicines and because of that he wasn’t able to speak further. Swara senses the silence, she slowly opens her eyes and sees sanskar whose eyes are getting heavy, and sanskar is trying to open his eyes. Swara holds sanskar’s bare shoulders and said, “kunwarsa, you look tired, you should sleep. Wait let me help you.” Saying swara helped sanskar in laying back down on the bed. After covering him with blanket, she stood up and literally ran away towards her room. Swara entered her room and sat on the bed and was panting.

Swara (monologue): Oh god, what was that. Kunwarsa kissed me (swara touched her cheek where sanskar kissed and unknowingly blushes). What’s happening to me? Why I couldn’t resist him? Why do I feel pain after seeing kunwarsa in pain? Hey krishnaji, I should stay atleast 10 feet away from kunwarsa. Otherwise what if he kisses me again. No no no. I should stay away from him now….

Swara stood up and went out, she was passing by uttara’s room but she stopped hearing something.

Uttara: What are you saying kavi?
Kavita: Yes, I am saying correct. Now you guys think that sanskar is a really good driver. He never met with an accident even when he drives upto 150km/hour. Plus he is a young leading business man and yuvraj of devgarh. Maybe it’s a conspiracy by someone.
Laksh (serious face): Guys kavi is correct. I think we should report to police once, atleast we will know that whether it’s a conspiracy or really an accident.
Nikhil: If sanskar really in danger then
Laksh sighs, “then we have to increase security”

Ragini: I hope jiji…
Just then ragini sees swara standing on the doorstep with tears rolling down her cheeks.
Ragini (tensely): jiji!
Everyone saw her and got little worried except kavita, who was smirking.

Swara (worriedly and crying): Wh..What were you saying…Kun…Kunwarsa’s life is in danger.

Laksh goes to swara and says, “No shona, your kunwarsa’s life is not in danger.”
Swara: Then why were you guys saying to report in police.
Uttara: Shona, to confirm that whether it was really an accident or not. You don’t worry.”
Kavita: but guys, if we will report to police then this news will spread and sanky will never let us do further investigations. We also can’t believe any police officer.
Laksh: true, it’s about bhai’s life. We need a trustworthy police officer who can keep this confidential.

Swara: bhai, i know one
Ragini: Jiji, are you talking about ahem bhaiya…who you consider as your brother.
Swara: yes, I have faith in him and he will definitely tell us soon
Laksh: ok then who will meet him…i mean we should meet him personally.
Swara: don’t worry, i will meet him today.
Nikhil: Shona, don’t take tension…ok.
Uttara: ha shona, bhai is very strong. Nothing will happen to him.

Swara smiles.

Laksh: And guys, bhai should not know about it otherwise he won’t let us do anything.
Everyone nods.

Laksh wanted to lighten the environment, “Waise shona, did bhai drank the soup.”
Swara was going to say something but then nikhil interrupted, “Ha shona, you took so much time in feeding sanskar.”

Swara remembers their proximity blushes a little.

Uttara (smiling naughtily): Shona….what happened? Why are you blushing?
Swara: Me..no no no I am not blushing.
Ragini: Really jiji then why your cheeks are turning red. Did something happened?
Swara touches her red and heated cheeks and says, “Ragini, wh..what are you saying. Nothing like that happened.”

Saying this swara goes away. Everyone smiles seeing swara’s blush except kavita. Swara went back to her room and called Ahem.

Swara: Hello Ahem bhai
Ahem: Hello shona…after so many days your remembered me
Swara: Bhai, i need your help
Ahem: What happened? Is everything alright
Swara: Bhai actually, (swara tells about the accident and the conversation with raglakutthil)
Ahem: Hmmm..don’t worry shona, i will find out as soon as possible. After all yuvraj sanskar is the most eligible bachelor, youngest business tycoon and…
Swara: And

Ahem: And the person who took my shona’s heart
Swara: Bhaaiiii…please now you also don’t starts. He is just my bestfriend…that’s it
Ahem (smilingly): Are you saying this to me or telling it to your self.
Swara: Bhai…
Ahem: acha ok ok…now listen, meet me tomorrow at JW cafe at 2pm.
Swara: Ok…thank you bhaiyaa and take care of bhabhi and arachana tai.
Ahem: ok baba..bye

Swara sighs, just then kavita comes.

Kavita: swara, so did you talked to him
Swara: yes di, he will do the investigation today and will meet me at JW cafe at 2pm.
Kavita: Ok…good but beware, don’t tell to sanskar ok
Swara: Yes

Kavita goes away. After few hours, sanskar wakes up. He slowly opens his eyes and sits on the bed while wincing in pain. He slowly remembers his proximity with swara and smiles after remembering her nervousness.

Sanskar: It means, my closeness does affects her. She also feel pain after seeing me wounded…it means she has feelings for me but does not accepts it. Huh. Princess, even I am yuvra…sorry sorry, your kunwarsa will definitely make you confess.

Just then kavita enters and sees him smiling.

Kavita: looks like someone is happy here.
Sanskar gets irked but does not show it, “hi kavi”
Kavita goes and sits near sanskar and touches his chest and then the wound, “OMG sanky,see how much you are wounded…don’t worry sanky, my care will heal these wounds.”
Sanskar removes her hands and says, “Kavi, you don’t worry about me because princess and everyone is here to take care of me.”

Kavita: not bad, but if your princess will get time then she will take care of you.
Sanskar (sternly): What do you mean?
Kavita: i mean, swara is beautiful and talented. She lived in a middle class area for so many years. She must have find someone with whom she shared her pain. Maybe she found her love there.
Sanskar (angrily): shut up kavita, swara is not like that. If she would have loved someone, she would have told me or ragini or anyone.

Kavita: may be she is afraid to tell you guys.
Sanskar: Kavita, my swara is not like that and i know that she loves me, i can see that clearly in her eyes.
Kavita: wow…the great flirty yuvraj sanskar maheshwari is talking about love. Maybe that love is for someone else. Or she is faking…
Sanskar (angrily and stern voice): kavita, one more word and I swear I will not leave you. Swara is very innocent, she cannot even think to betray me, even in her dreams. So just get out.
Kavita (smirkingly): ok, as you wish…see you

Saying this kavita goes away and just then uttara, laksh and nikhil enters with a servant who is carrying a bowl. Uttara takes the bowl and sends the servant.

Nikhil: arrey, why volcano is ready to erupt today. Wait wait…sanskar did kavita did something, if she did then i am sorry from her side yaar.
Sanskar: it’s ok nikhil…leave it. By the way what’s that in the bowl
Nikhil: Your princess has sent haldi lep to apply on your wounds.
Sanskar: ohh
Uttara (naughtily): by the way bhai, what happened between you and shona, i mean since she came out of your room. She is behaving little wierdly. Whenever we talk about you, she starts to stammer and starts blushing a little.

Sanskar smiles listening to this.

Nikhil: ohhhh…it means something did happen…(nikhil sits beside sanskar) tell me…what happened?
Sanskar: shut up lucky, nothing like that happened..ok…uttara I will apply this later but first I want to go outside to have some fresh air, it am fed up of staying in between these four walls.
Nikhil: we will take but first wear your shirt man…otherwise all female servants will faint seeing your hot body

Sanskar glares at nikhil. Sanskar wears his shirt and goes to the hall with the uttara and nikhil. Sanskar is finding someone but couldn’t find anyone.

Nikhil (smiling naughtily): Bhai she in the garden with lucky and ragu.
Sanskar: oh…actually let’s go to garden also..
Nikhil: Go to garden or go to swara
Sanskar: Ok..fine….swara..happy

The trio went to the garden where they see swara and raglak sitting together and talking. Swara sees sanskar who was gazing swara intensely which made swara bit nervous as she remembers the morning incident. Sanskar sits beside laksh.

Laksh: how are you feeling bhai?
Sanskar: better
Swara: woh..i i need to go
Ragini: Where di?
Swara: umm…woh i have some work…

Saying this she goes away.

Recap: Swara meeting ahem…

That’s it for today guys. See you next week…till then keep smiling and keep commenting.

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