Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 24)

Episode starts with…


Swara sees a trunk on a corner. She gets curious and asks, “Kunwarsa, what’s in that trunk”

Sanskar: it contains some of my toys and other things from my childhood.
Swara: really, can I see
Sanskar: Come I will show you.

Swasan went towards that trunk. Sanskar opened the trunk. Swara sees so many toys and some little boy clothes. Sansakr picked up a pair of plastic sword and gave it to Swara. Swara looked at it and then at sanskar.

Sanskar: In our childhood, we used to play with these swords. Once, shekhar uncle bought this plastic sword for me and you got jealous as I was getting gift from you father. You cried a lot that day, then my papa, bought another this other sword for you.
Swara (amazed): what, I was jealous from you
Sanskar: yes, if you don’t believe me then you can ask your badepapa or shekhar uncle.
Swara: no no, I believe you.

This phrase started to run in sanskar’s mind, “I believe you” Sanskar smiles.

Swara sees two dolls and smiles naughtily, “waise kunwarsa, I never knew that you used to play with dolls…I mean I have seen only girls playing with dolls.”
Sanskar: princess, you are becoming naughty day by day.

Swara giggles.

Sanskar: by the way, these dolls are yours.
Swara: what but how come it’s with you
Sanskar picked a doll and said, “this doll was given by my mum to you as a gift”
Swara: now don’t tell me that you also got jealous and then you cried because and then my ma bought a doll for you and gave it to you as a gift.
Sanskar: You know what princess, you should now stay away from lucky, ragini, uttu and Nikhil. You were so innocent and now you became so naughty.

Swara smiles

Sanskar: this doll used to be your favourite doll then one day you broke one of my toy. Then to take revenge, I stole you this doll. Then you cried for your doll for so many days. So ma bought that second doll again for you. But (sanskar’s expression changes into sad one) the day you were kidnapped, the police found this doll. I took it as your memory. Whenever I used to miss you, I just used to see this doll. I didn’t let anyone touch it, because it was yours.
Swara with moist eyes, “was I that special to you?”
Sanskar: of course, you were my best friend. (monologue): and now you are my love, my life and you are still very special to me my princess.”

Like this sanskar started to show all his toys and other things and keep telling the storied of his childhood and also their childhood. Few hours passed. Swasan didn’t notice the time, it was nearly evening. Uttara and ragini came to the room and saw SwaSan talking and laughing together.

Uttara: Oho, looks like these two have gone back to their childhood days.
Sanskar: areey uttu, ragini..come in. Why are you guys standing outside? I was just telling her childhood days to her.
Ragini: no actually we came as badepapa is calling you sanky.
Sanskar: ok and
Uttara: don’t worry bhai, I am taking your princess to my room with me
Swara widened her eyes listening to ‘your princess’, then she blushed a little
Sanskar: Uttu…I will see you once I come back.
Uttu: I will see
Saying this sanskar goes away.
Uttara: shona, I have few books which will help in learning about history of our ancestors and also how to rule kingdom…also the rules and regulations. Would you like to read them?
Swara: Yes.
Ragini: ok then lets go to uttu’s room.

Swaragutt went to uttara’s room where uttara gave her few books. Swara started reading them. Ragini and uttara smiled seeing swara’s dedication.

After few hours… Sanskar came in uttara’s room and saw swara discussing about some points from the books. Sanskar smiled. He just stood at that place by leaning to the wall and folding his arms near his chest. Kavita was passing by and saw sanskar looking lovingly at swara due to which she got very jealous and went away. Then laksh and Nikhil came and saw sanskar staring swara. They smiled naughtily and went towards him.

Nikhil: sanskar, don’t you have shame in staring a girl and that too infront of her brother.

Sansakr came in senses. Swaragutt heard him and looked towards sanskar who was little embarrassed. Then Ragini and uttara looked at swara who was looking at sanskar with little blush.

Sanskar: Aisa kuch nahi hai, I just wanted to say something to princess.

Sanskar looked at swara and said, “from tomorrow, you will be with me whenever I am doing work related to jaigarh.”

Swara nodded. At night everyone had their dinner and then went to sleep. Days passed and swara was almost whole day with sanskar as she was learning from him. Swara was surprised to see sanskar as strict and arrogant but at the same time helpful and kind. And finally, swara heart started to beat for sanskar…yes she started to fall for him more and more but she didn’t realise it. But Ragini, laksh, uttara and nikhil can see that love for sanskar in swara’s eyes. One evening, swara was in tension and was walking in the hall.

Ragini: di, calm down, sanky might be busy that’s why his phone might be switched off
Laksh: Yes shona, and i know bhai very well, whenever he is in any meeting he always keeps phone switched off.
Swara: but bhai, ragu
Nikhil: Shona, sanskar is not a small kid, he will come..he just went to his office for meeting. Now come and sit on the sofa.

Nikhil makes swara sit on sofa.

Swara (monologue): Hey krishnaji, why i am feeling restless. I feel as if kunwarsa is in some danger. Please god protect him.

Just then uttara and laksh shout, “BHAI!!

Swara, nikhil and ragini sees towards the door and see sanskar wounded with bandage on his head and his p.a helps him walking. Everyone ran to him except swara as she was in shock to see sanskar wounded. Everyone helped sanskar in sitting on sofa.

Uttara (worriedly): bhai, how this happened? OMG you got so many wounds.
Sanskar (weak voice): don’t worry uttu, i think i was driving car little carelessly so i met with an accident.
Nikhil: Sanskar..yaar..what is this….you should have taken driver with you…okay not come we will take you to the room.

But sanskar was gazing swara who was seeing him with concern and little anger for being careless.

Sanskar: princess.

Swara ignored and went towards temple.

Ragini: sanky you go and take rest..don’t worry about your princess, we will handle her.

Sanskar smiled and went to his room with the help of laksh adn nikhil. Swara was in the temple..praying to god for sanskar’s wellbeing. Ragini went to her.

Ragini: don’t worry jiji, sanky is alright

Swara just smiled and they also went to their room.

Next morning.

Doctor came to check sanskar and changed his bandages. Laksh, nikhil and uttara were trying to make sanskar drink soup but he was not drinking.

Uttara: Bhai, what is this….you are behaving like a 6 years old.
Sanskar: uttu, please yaar it’s looks so yuck.
Nikhil: Uttara, lucky…there is only one person who can make him drink. Come lucky

Niklak went

Sanskar: who’s that person

Just then he sees niklak bringing swara with them who was looking cute and beautiful in green anarkali suit and cute anger on her nose.

Laksh: Uttu, nikhil, lets go out..shona will handle him.

Saying everyone went leaving swasan alone.

Swara took the bowl started feeding sanskar. Sanskar quietly drank that soup as he knows that if he will say anything then swara will get more angry on him. Swara finished feeding him and then gave him his medicines. Swara was looking down whole time because….sanskar got hurt on his shoulders so he is shirtless, only a bandage was wrapped on his upper body. Swara was angry but at the same time little shy to see sanskar’s well built body. Swara stood and started to go but sanskar hold her hand and asked, “princess, please yaar…don’t ignore me like that. I know that it was my mistake as i was driving carelessly. But..i am sorry..please don’t be angry”

Swara turned and shouted a little, “Then what should I do. You know kunwarsa, how worried i was.First of all you were late and then you phone was also switched off and…and you could have taken a driver with you. You know I..I was so shocked to see you wounded. My heart stopped beating for a second. Why can’t you take care of yourself? If you will ask you driver to drive you then nothing will happen.But no…yuvraaj sanskar maheshwari wants to drive. He can do anything he wants. He does not needs any one’s help.”

Sanskar had enough, he pulled swara and rolled her beneath him, on the bed. Swara was shocked. Shivers passed through her body, as sanskar’s face was close to her face and he was holding her tiny waist. Sanskar also felt current as swara’s hands were on his chest. They had cute eyelock which was broken by sanskar.

Sanskar (with deep and husky voice): Now say. What happened why are quiet now?
Swara who nervous due to proximity said, “kun..kun…Kunwarsa what..what are you doing? Please leave me.”

Swara started to wiggle but sanskar tightened his grip on her waist which made swara more nervous.

Swara: kunwarsa…

Just then sanskar puts his finger on her lips

Sanskar:Sshhh..listen to me now I didn’t took driver because it was already too late and he had his family so i sent him. And when i was driving, i don’t know from where a truck came and i lost my control on car and met with accident. I hope i answered all you questions princess.

Swara was just looking at him.

Sanskar: Now let me ask some question..Can i ask?

Swara nodded

Sanskar: why do you care for me so much. Why your heart stopped beating after seeing me wounded. Why does it hurts you seeing me wounded.

Swara was shocked. Even she didn’t know what to say because she also didn’t know the answer.

Recap: Swara meeting ahem…kavita trying to seperate SwaSan.

That’s it for today guys. I am really sorry…actually i typed them in hurry so i hope you guys liked it. I am really sorry once again…as i will very irregular so choti bachi samajh kar maaf kar dena :p

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