Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 17)

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So lets start…

Sanskar was in his room thinking about the conversation he had with Lakutt. He was really confused. He didn’t know what to do. He came out of his room and entered another room. It was a simple but elegant room. He slowly went infront of a big portrait hanging on the wall. He softly touched the portrait and with moist eyes said, “Hi Ma”
It is revealed to be portrait of late Rani Annapurna Maheshwari.

Sanskar: Ma, I found my childhood friend, crown princess of devgarh and your little doll, Swara, princess swara gadodia. She has a grown up into a fully mature girl, she looks more cuter and beautiful ma. You know ma, she is really innocent, with pure heart which only knows to spread happiness only…just like you. You know, she looks really cute when she makes that confused face. She calls me kunwarsa, even though she is my friend, just like you used to call papa, ranaji. Papa has always taught me that I should make my heart hard as stone and love is not our thing but I am confused today ma. Am I just attracted towards shona or am in love with her. If I am attracted towards he then why do I feel really happy whenever she smiles, why my heart aches, whenever she cries, why do I always want her around me, with me. Please Ma, only you can answer my questions as you used to do before you went away. Please ma tell me, otherwise I will not be able to sleep properly.

“You have fallen in love with swara, sanskar beta” A voice comes from behind

Sanskar turns around and was shocked to see Dp there and smiling but the thing which shocked him more was that he was little tears forming in his eyes. Dp came towards sanskar, he saw the portrait of Ap and touched it with his hands softly and smiled.

Sanskar: Papa, you here
Dp: Why, can’t I come here
Sanskar: no papa, I mean..
Dp: Sanskar, you know, I fell in love with your mother before our marriage.
Sanskar: What!
Dp: Yes, I fell in love with her when I saw her first time, then I had to make her parents agree, then my parents agree and then finally make her fall in love with me. And guess what, she was already in love with me.

Sanskar was little confused

Dp: I know you are thinking that I loved your mother but I told you that love is not our thing. Do you remember your Arnav chacha
Sanskar: ha papa
Dp: After few years of mine and annu’s marriage, Arnar fell in love with a girl but she turned out be a cheater. She cheated him. My brother begged her but she didn’t listen to him and left him. He was really broken, so broken that he started having drugs and then he committed suicide. Since then I was afraid, what is same thing happens with you. The girls around you love you because of your money, fame and most eligible and handsome bachelor of Mumbai. They love you because you are yuvraj sanskar Maheshwari. This is the reason I always told you to not to love someone. I wanted a girl who will love because you are sanskar, who will your soul, your heart…just like annu did. And see, I finally found one. Swara bitiya.

Sanskar smiled a little

Dp: Sanskar, you have fallen in love with her beta. Ok do one thing, close you eyes once and tell me the first thing you see and keep your hand on your heart.
Sanskar kept his hand on his heart and closed his eyes. The first thing he saw, was swara smiling innocently. He realized that his heart was beating faster. He smiled and finally a voice came from his heart, “Oye gadhe (oye donkey), you have fallen in love and confess her before someone else takes her” He opened his eyes, he smiled widely and hugged Dp really tightly.
Sanskar: Papa, I love my swara papa, I love her so much.

Lakutt who were just standing at the gate clapped. Sanskar broke the hug and saw them clapping.

Laksh: Finally bhai, you have realised your love
Uttara: Ha bhai but all credit goes to papa
Lakhs: oye, some credit goes to us also as we were the one who told papa about it.
Dp: thank god you guys told me otherwise this ullu ka patha would never have realised his love
Sanskar: papa
Dp: just joking sanskar, I know that I was the one who build that wall around your heart
Uttara: So what papa, you only broke those walls.
Dp: Toh sanskar, when are you bringing my daughter like DIL, in this house
Sanskar: But papa, she should love me for that
Dp: It’s your duty to make her fall in love with you
Uttara: don’t worry papa, it’s will happen soon
Laksh: What do you mean by that?
Uttara: I just talked to ragini, she thinks that shona has started liking bhai

Sanskar smiled widely.

Laksh: Bhai, she thinks that shona likes you not loves you so stop showing those teeths
Sanskar: lucky
Dp: ok guys, I have meeting tomorrow so good night and good luck sanskar for your love life and ha bring her soon as possible as my DIL
Sanskar: ok papa good night

All of them went to their respective rooms. As soon as sanskar locked the door, he started dancing and jumping.

Sanskar: OMG, I can’t belive that I have fallen in love with my shona.
He took out his phone and opened swara’s photo which he clicked once. He kissed the picture tightly and said, “I LOVE YOU PRINCESS” and be ready to see the romantic side of your kunwarsa” Sanskar blushed and slept dreaming about swara.
(Finally sanskar realised his love but now its swara’s turn.but not yet guys…)

Scene shifts to swaragini’s room in gadodia palace

Swara: so tell me more about my and kunwarsa’s childhood
Ragini: Oh ho jiji, so much interest in your kunwarsa
Swara: It’s nothing like that, I was just asking
Ragini: uffo jiji, I was just joking. Well, none understood your relation because sometimes you guys used fight over little things and then next minute you guys become friends.

Swara: I hate sanky
Shomi: But why beta
Swara: he took my chocolate
Shomi: we can buy you another one
Swara: no
Saying this she went to the garden where sanskar was standing and eating chocolate. Swara pushed sanskar and he fell down. Swara was laughing. Sanskar stood up and shouted at her, “What is this swara”
Swara: you took my chocolate
Sanskar: oh really,
Sanskar pinched swara and swara made a cry face. Sanskar felt bad, he took her to swing, made her sit and started to swing her. Swara was laughing.
Flahsback ends

Swara smiled.

Ragini: Whenever you got sick, sanky used to take care of you and stay with you whole time. Whenever sanky got sick, you stayed with him whole time. He use to tease you like pulling your hair, stealing your toys, chocolates. He used to play pranks on you but once

Sanskar wore a dress of gorilla to scare swara who was sitting in her room. He slowly came and scare her and swara got so scared that she got sick started to get nightmares. He went near her and sat beside her sleeping swara. He kissed her forehead.
Sanskar: I am sorry swara, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have do that prank you.
Swara slowly opened her eyes and smiled
Swara: it’s ok sanku, you are my friend na
Sanskar smiled
Flashback ends

Ragini: since then he stopped playing pranks on you but didn’t stop teasing you but when someone else teases you or make you cry he used get really angry. You know jiji, He cried when you were kidnapped. He didn’t came outside his room for one week. But slowly he started to become that old sanky but still he always missed you, When he was matured, he hired his own detective to find you. Finally he found you.
Swara smiled and said, “what about rani sa, I mean sanlakutt’s mum
Ragini: Annu aunty left us after few months you were kidnapped. She suffered from cancer and died. Sanky was really close to aunty. Since aunty died, sanky never shared his feelings with anyone. Never.

Swara felt bad for him. Her heart ached by imagining what he went through.

Ragini: What happened jiji
Ragini: jiji
Swara: Nothing…let’s sleep..good night
Ragini: good night
Swaragini lied down on the bed, ragini slept but swara was in deep thoughts
Swara (monologue): Hey kanhaji, kunwarsa went through so much pain. First he lost his best friend, which was me then his mum…he never shared his feelings. He is hiding his pain, fear in his heart. Oh god, please help him always.

Swara slept after thinking about sanskar.

Next morning

Sanlakutt came to gadodia house saw everyone sitting and laughing but sanskar’s eyes was only seeing one person. That is swara who was laughing, giggling. Sanskar was smiling seeing her with lots of love.

Laksh: Bhai, stop staring Bhabhi otherwise she doubt on you
Uttara: bhai
Laksh: choti, bhai is suffering loveria
Uttara: Loveria
Laksh: Yes loveria, see how much he is lost in Bhabhi that he is not even listening to us
Suddenly Kavita, who was wearing short dress, came and hugged sanskar and he was startled by this sudden hug.
Kavita: How are you sanky?
Laksh (murmured): He was good till you came and hug him

Everyone in the hall saw sanlakutt. Swara was happy but sad because of the proximity between sanskar and Kavita. Kavita released the hug and said hi to lakutt

Laksh (murmuring to uttara): choti, I am for the day when she will say by to us.

Uttara giggled.

Nikhil: oh bandariya, don’t laugh otherwise people will get scared by listening to you withchy laugh
Uttara: Hehehe…if it was the joke than it was the worst joke of the year….no no no…worst joke of the century
Sujata: uffo, you two are always fighting. Nikhil atleast let the trio come in

Sanlakutt came in. Uttara hugged swara and all the ladies.

Sanskar: good morning princess
Swara smiled: good morning kunwarsa
Sanskar: oh ho, you sound so happy what’s the matter
Ragini: who kya haina sanky, we were talking about our childhood
Sanskar: ohh
Shomi: sanskar, uttara, laksh…have breakfast
Laksh: aunty, you know that we can’t say no to you but the thing is that we already had our breakfast and we all are full.
Shomi: ok
Uttara: aunty a good news is that we all three will stay here till the party
Ragini: OMG!!! That’s great news

Ragini went and hugged uttara tightly and after releasing she whispered to sanskar, which was unnoticed by everyone,

Ragini: Waise sanky thanks god you realised your love otherwise I thought that I have to so much hardwork. I am really happy for you and jiji

Sanskar smiled and then he looked towards swara. Swara also looked towards him and they had a cute eyelock which was broken by shekhar

Shekhar: waise sanskar yesterday you taught doll about eating but today what will you teach her
Sanskar: uncle, the speed in chich she learning, I don’t think we have to do much hardwork. I mean she already knows English very well and…
Kavita: oh thank god swara atleast you know English otherwise I thought that we have to teach you everything

Sanskar glared at Kavita

Sanskar: today I will teach her couple dancing
Nikhil: toh feer, what are waiting for lets go to the Basement
Kavita: can I also come
Nikhil: yes but don’t do anything which makes us angry
Kavita: don’t worry bhai
Kavita (monologue): everyone is just praising this swara, I don’t know what black magic she did

Recap: Dance sequence and swasan locked…

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