Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 16)

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So lets start…

Swara: Yes I am ready
Ragini: that’s like my jiji
Sanskar: if priness is ready then why don’t we start now
Parvati: But sanskar we just started our breakfast
Sanskar: oh ho dadisa, I am trying to say that in parties we do eat food so why don’t we teach shona now about the style we eat in parties.
Uttara: good idea bhai
Sanskar: toh princess can you please stand up and lucky, ragini you guys also stand up
Raglak: ok boss

Swara stood up like an obedient child and sanskar also stood up and went towards swara. Cavity….i mean Kavita was just getting jealous by seeing sanskar’s caring side for swara.

Sanskar: Raglak, please show how a gentleman makes the lady sit on the chair.

Laksh pulled the chair for ragini and then she sat down.

Sanskar: That’s how ladies are made sit by a man for dinner in parites ok

Swara nodded.

Sanskar: Now I will pull chair for you

Sanskar pulled chair swara and swara sat down. Sanskar also sat down beside swara.

Sanskar: now put the cloth on you lap.

Swara did what sanskar said.

Uttara: now you have eat with fork and spoon.

Swara picked the fork and knife which were beside her plate. Uttara showed he how to do it but swara was finding difficulties in eating with knife and fork.

Kavita giggles with a smirk: soch lo swara (think about it swara), will be able to do it.
Nikhil: kavi she just started learning and we have one whole week, if you can’t help her then atleast don’t demotivate her.
Kavita: oh common bhai, don’t give swara false hopes
Shekhar: kavi, please don’t say this, I believe my doll and I know my doll will learn everything in this one week
Kavita: but uncle, the way she is (interrupted by sujata)

Sujata: Kavita, behave yourself
Swara with sad face and moist eyes said, “no buasa, kavi is saying right I won’t be able to do it. I won’t be able to become a good princess…I am sorry.
Saying this she was about to go but sanskar stood up and held her elbow and said, “sit down princess, you won’t leave the table unless you eat with knife and folk”
Swara: but kunwarsa
Sanskar: princess, look into my eyes
Swara: huh

Sanskar: look into my eyes
Swara looked into sanskar’s eyes and unknowingly her heart beat raised. Sanskar held her both shoulders and said, “shona, if you will believe yourself then you will 100% become the best princess of India. You know, there are different kinds of people in this world. Some will appreciate you and some will demotivate you and try to make you fall. But you have stand up again, for yourself, for your self-respect. You can’t just run away from problems. You have to prove the world that princess swara gadodia can do anything”

Shomi stood up and went towards swara, “ha beta, sanskar is right. You are my brave bacha and I know that you definitely will able to do it…ok”

Swara nodded

Sanskar smiled and said, “ that’s like my good girl”
Raglakutt, shekhar, nikhil and sujata together: your good girl
Sanskar cleared his throat, “I mean …my…my good friend, so shona sit down…I will teach you how to eat with knife and folk”

Swara sat down and sanskar stood behind the chair of swara.

Sanskar: hold knife and folk.

Swara held knife and folk. Sanskar bent down and held swara’s both hands. His hot breaths on swara’s neck were making her shiver. The heart beats of swasan were rising while everyone around were smiling except Kavita, she was just burning in so much that jealousy that even chef could make omelet on her head. Kavita couldn’t take it anymore and went to her room. Sanskar helped swara in cutting the omelet with knife and then unknowingly fed her (you guys could imagine). Swara smiled and looked at sanskar. Sanskar raised in eyebrows and pointed towards the food. He fed her few times then ragini interrupted.

Ragini: sanky, I think jiji has learnt how to eat now.
Laksh: ha bhai, you should leave her now.

Sanskar left her sat beside swara. Then everyone had their breakfast

Scene shifts to room where Kavita is really angry.

Kavita: the more I try to make that behenji away from sanky the more they get closer. The more I try make her fall down the more sanky helps. What the hell he is in her that I don’t have.
Sanskar who listened everything said, “innocence, kind nature, pure heart, cuteness and natural beauty.
Kavita turned around and said, “What”
Sanskar: yes, you only said that what I see in her and that’s what I told.

Kavita went towards him and put her hand on his chest and other hand on his waist

Kavita: oh come on sanky, I know that you are just attracted towards her beauty that’s it.
Sanskar held kavita’s hands and pushed her and said, “no Kavita, you are wrong. Firstly I am her friend and secondly she has a pure heart and that’s the thing which attracts me not her beauty. And by the way (smirking) she looks much beautiful than you naturally then imagine how beautiful she will look with make up. Kavita I am warning you, don’t dare to harm her otherwise you will see worst of me.”

Saying this he went away. Kavita got really angry and frustrated.

Scene shifts to ragini’s room

Ragini: jiji, these are the heels that you should wear in the party, it will be matching to you dress.

Ragini was holding a beautiful white colour heels which were not too high.

Swara: but ragu, I will fall down
Uttara: uffo shona, you worry too much. Did you forget what bhai in the morning.
Listening to word ‘bhai’ swara smiled unknowingly. Ragutt raised their eyebrows and looked ta each other and then at swara.
Ragini: what happen jiji
Swara: umm…nothing. I will wear them
Ragini: that’s like my jiji
Swara wore those heels and started to walk. She stumbled at first step but someone held her…it…was
Shomi: aram se beta (hehehehe….what you guys thought that its sanskar)

Shomi held swara’s hand and made her walk properly and after half an hour of practice, swara was walking in heels properly. Swara got really happy and excited like a little child who just leant something new. Sanskar who was coming to call uttara saw swara and he smiled at her cuteness and innocence. Swara also saw sanskar and remembered the morning incident. She went towards him.

Swara: I know kunwarsa that I should not say thank you but still whatever you said in the morning, I am…

Sanskar put his fingers on her lips and as soon as sanskar touched his fingers with her lips, current went though the spine of sanskar.

Sanskar: shhh, I know that you are thankful to me but princess I am doing what a best friends should do ok…
Swara blinked her eyes
Sanskar: now why are you silent
Uttara: bhai, if you will remove the finger then she will be able say it na
Sanskar removed the finger and said, “oh sorry”
Swara: you again broke your rule and you ask me not to break the rule (swara said very innocently)
Sanskar: fine, I will take my sorry back and uttu, we should go now.

Uttu nodded and started to go with sanskar but suddenly he stopped and turned around.

Sanskar: and ha princess, is you again took kavita’s words on your heart and started to blabber nonsense that you can’t be good pricness…and blah blah then I will pinch you and lock you with a monkey. (he winked towards swara)

Swara got confused by this but she still nodded. Sanutt went away with laksh to Maheshwari palace. Shomi and ragini were giggling after listening to his statement. Swara looked at them with confused face. Ragini pulled swara’s cheeks and said, “aww, jiji you are so cute”
Swara: but I didn’t get what he said I mean pinching me and locking me with a monkey
Shomi: he used to say this to you when you both were small and I just remembered your fight that’s why we were laughing
Swara: Fight?
Shomi: han who…(suddenly shekhar called shomi and she went away)
Ragini: I will you the story jiji.

Swaragini sat down on the bed

Ragini: actually jiji, sanky used to say this to you when you do something wrong or something which he doesn’t likes. When you both were small you pulled sanky’s cheeks which he doesn’t likes.


A 5 year old girl is pulling cheeks of a 9 year old boy.
Sanskar: swara, don’t pull my cheeks…I don’t like it
Swara (cutely): I wil…I will….i will
Sanskar: oh really
Swara nodded. Then sanskar pinched on her arm
Swara: ouuuuuch…you are very bad
Sanskar: if you will do something which I don’t like then I will pinch you
Swara was making a crying face and sanskar suddenly cupped her face and said,
Sanskar: sorry, princess…is it hurting a lot
Swara nodded. Sanskar rubbed his hand on her arm and kissed on the place where he pinched
Sanskar: is it still hurting?
Swara nodded
Sanskar: Lets have chocolate
Swara smiled and little swasan ate chocolate together
Flashback ends

Swara smiled listening to this
Swara: Hey kanhaji, was I that naughty
Ragini: ha jiji, you always did things intentionally which irritated sanky because you used to get chocolates from him
Swara: but why did he said that he will lock me in the room with a monkey
Ragini: there’s another story behind it…actually what happened.

Swara and sanskar are in the garden (in Jaigarh) eating mangoes together and then suddenly a monkey came snatched mango from little swara and during this process she got hurt and got really scared. She started crying and sanskar was consoling her.
Sanskar: oh god swara…you always cry. You are so coward, that was just a monkey. In life you will get so many problems, will you cry like this
Swara (sobbing): tum mele chath honge na (you will be with me)
Sanskar: uffo princess stop crying and don’t worry I am prince sanskar Maheshwari I will definitely take revenge from that monkey soon as he made my friend cry
Swara: Kaiche (how)
Sanskar: ummmm…ha…I will first snatch all his mangoes and give it you. Then I will make him say sorry to you and then he will never show his face to you
Swara who only understood that she will get mangoes then she started laughing and clapping
Flashback ends

Ragini: since then you are scared of monkeys and whenever you irritate sanky then he either pinches you or says that he will lock you with a monkey.
Swara burst out laughing .
Swara: Oh god, kunwarsa ….revenge with the monkey…hehehe
Ragini: jiji, I have so many stories like this about you both but I will tell you in the night
Swara: ok

The day passed and it was night time

Scene shifts to Maheshwari mansion where sanskar is doing some work in his laptop and thinking about the same childhood incident where he pinched swara and a monkey snatching mangoes. He giggled after thinking about it. At the same time lakutt entered.

Laksh: Which joke you remembered bhai
Sanskar: its not a joke lucky, a childhoos incident of me and princess
Uttara: which one bhai, please tell us na
Sanskar tells them the incident and lakutt burst out laughing.
Laksh: seriously bhai, revenge with monkey..oh my god.. Breaking news the great yuvraj sanskar Maheshwari takes revenger from a monkey…hahaha
Sanskar: lucky, uttu, that was when I was small and I didn’t has that much sense
Uttu: but bhai I must say, even in childhoos you didn’t leave her…I mean listening to your childhood moments with shona and then seeing you care towards..bhai…admit it…you are head over heel in love with shona, not from now but since childhood.
Sanskar: Not again, guys she is just my best friend…that’s it
Laksh: bhai, don’t you feel pain when she cries

Sanskar remembers when she told about her the tortures she beared from Urvashi and raj. How much pain he felt in his heart

Sanskar: yes
Uttara: don’y you feel happy when she smiles

Sanskar remembers when she smiled in the morning and how he felt really happy seeing her smiling

Sanskar: yes
Laksh: don’t you want to freeze the moments when she is with you

Sanskar remembers when she hugged him in Urvashi’s house

Sanskar: yes
Laksh: Don’t you feel your blood boiling when someone says bad about her

Sanskar remembers when rajat sad bad about her in the mall and kavita said bad about her in the temple

Sanskar yes
Uttara: don’t you love her

Laksh: Bhai, say something
Sanskar: I don’t yaar, I only love women, first one is my mom and second one it uttu. I am totally confused. And this love..i don’t think our thing
Uttara: that’s the problem bhai, you have break this wall that you built of your emotions. You have set your mind because you think rajputs don’t fall in love but bhai come out of this shell once and see around…even rajputs fall in love. Don’t you see shomi aunty and shekhar uncle, they love each other so much. And did it effect shekhar uncle’s professional life and social life..no na then why will it affects yours
Uttara: bhai think about it once…good night
Laksh: good night bhai
Sanskar: good night
Lakutt went away leaving sanskar in thoughts

Recap: some more childhood moments of swasan…youngsters teaching swara….may be a dance sequence and may sanskar realization and his emotional side

So that’s it for today…till then keep commenting, keep smiling.

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