Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 13)

Hi guys, I know I not posting regularly but I am busy. I am really glad that you love the last episode. Thanks to all you and the silent readers.

Episode starts with sanskar putting swara on the bed carefully and everyone surrounded swara. Ragini and shomi sat on either side of swara trying to wake her up.

Shomi: Swaru, shona…wake up….please someone call doctor

Till then Arjun came with Dp…

Shekhar: Arjun…please check my doll…why suddenly she fainted
Arjun: Did she ate her breakfast
Parvati: yes, she ate infront of us
Arjun checked her and then said, “She fainted because of shock and fear…did she saw something which made her fear.
Ragini (Sobbing): Doctor uncle, we were in mall and then (ragini tells everything that happened in mall)
Shekhar (angrily): What the hell….i will not leave that cheapster

Saying this he started to go but Dp interrupted

Dp: shekhar, calm down first…swara needs you and don’t take any action in anger
Shekhar: then what should I do durga…my daughter’s past is coming infront of her again and again. Those people have tortured my daughter so much that she gets scared even by seeing those people.

Swara who was unconscious starts to murmur and crying
Swara: no…rajat…please leave me…I am not that type of girl….i am not characterless…I don’t like it…please leave me..no (suddenly she woke up with a jerk)

Shekhar ran to the bed and sat near her when she started murmuring. Swara saw shekhar and hugged him tightly and started crying badly. Sanskar’s heart stabbed to see swara in this condition. He wanted to hug her and console her.

Swara: papa..please….don’t leave me….i don’t want to go…with…ra..rajat…I don’t like..whe…when he tou…touches me….papa….i…i..am not character…characterless. I..I didn’t trap….any…anyone. I…I am not…th…that typ..type of girl.

Shekhar started to console her and said, “Shh..swara…my bacha…calm down. I will not leave you. Doll, you are not characterless, I don’t care what the world say beta. (Shekhar released the hug and cupped her face), I am your father and I am always there to protect you. Till I am here, no man can dare to lie bad eyes on you.

Arjun put hand on swara’s head, “Not just shekhar, even I am here to protect from evil eyes”

Dp came and said, “ha swara, you have your 3 fathers to protect you and no can take you away from us”

Swara was got overwhelmed by seeing so much love from them but she was confused by seeing two new faces (she never saw dp and arjun)

Shekhar: swara, he is my childhood friend and our family doctor, dr arjun. (pointed towards dp), and he is also my childhood friend, sanlakutt’s father and king of Maheshwari empire, Durgaprasad Maheshwari.

Suddenly laksh interrupted, “Swara not just 3 fathers, one brother also. You are like my little sister. But please don’t call my bhai in public…nahi toh meri izzat ki dhahiya idh jayegi and all girls will start to call me bhaiya.”

Dp glared at laksh. Swara smiled and said, “I am so lucky that I have so many loved ones who are protecting me”
Shomi rubbed her hands on swara’s head, “But beta who is that guy”

Swara’s expressions changed and start to shiver. Ragini went closer to swara and took swara’s hand in her hands.

Ragini: jiji, if you will not share your fear and pain with is then your fear will increase. Jiji…please tell us then you yourself will feel lighter.

Tears were running on swara’s cheeks and said, “he is chach (she sees sanskar who was staring her with moist eyes and she remembers the morning incident when sanskar got angry when she called urvashi chachiji)..i mean urvashi’s younger brother, rajat, a womanizer.

Swara: From childhood, I was made to do home chores, if I did a small mistake, raj and Urvashi always gave me punishments. They always told me that I am a curse. I didn’t want to do those chores…I wanted to study. Once, I told them but they beat because I will not be able to do chores and fees. Then I told them that I will complete all chores and work at other’s house to pay the fees (everyone was shocked, sanskar, shekhar, dp, laksh and arjun fisted their hands in anger). I used to wake up early to complete all the chores then after school I used to jobs like doing work at people’s house, in shops. Slowly as time passed, the tortured increased, but then I got scholarship in a very good school and I only had to pay some amount for fees. When I was 14, I started to do job of nanny. In one house, the family members were really good and there was a lady who teaches classical singing and dancing and also taught me in free time. I started to dance and sing to lessen my pain. When I was 17, rajat came first time. He treated me good but I didn’t knew his intentions. He start to come clo…close to me (everyone got angry), I got to know that his intentions are not good. One day he came to my room an..and tried..to mol..m..o…l…e..st me. When I shouted then he accused me for stealing his money and that night he beat me with belt. Next night I listened his and urvashi’s talk, he told Urvashi that he wants to spend a ni..n..night with me. I got really scared. After few days he went away. When I was 19, archana tai came in my life a savior. Till then I also joined college and dance academy to earn money to pay the fees. That rajat he..he came back…I am ..really scared ragini.

Everyone were angry on bose family. Shomi hugged swara tightly and consoled her. But someone was missing.

Laksh: Bhai,where did bhai went
Uttara: I don’t know he was right here
Laksh: wait I will call him

Scenes shifts to road where a man is driving car in high speed. Suddenly he got a phone call.

Caller: Bhai where you went suddenly (yes the man is sanskar)
Sanskar (angrily and stern voice): lucky don’t stop me today, I will kill that rajat, Urvashi and raj today. No one can save them now from me.
Laksh: matlab, aap police station jaa rahe ho
Sanskar: ha lucky I am going to police station, princess has gone through a lot of pain because of those bastards. Today they will get to know what pain is….

Saying this sanskar cut the call

Gadodia palace

(Laksh was in the hall with dp,shekhar and arjun so swara doesn’t know where sanskar is)

Laksh: hello, bhai….(laksh realised that sanskar has cut the call )oh god I hope he doesn’t do anything in anger
Dp: what happened and where is he
Laksh: papa, bhai is going to police station and he was really angry….he said that Urvashi, raj and rajat will get to know what pain is. Hope he doesn’t do anything in anger
Dp: we should go otherwise he can take law in his hand
Laksh: Yeah

All men went to police station. When they entered, they can hear two men and a woman screaming loudly. All of them towards that direction and got shocked.

Sanskar in the jail was beating raja and raj mercilessly with the iron rod and both were lying on the ice slab. Urvashi was beaten by a lady police officer.

Laksh: bhai stop it, they will die.

Sanskar stopped and saw laksh, arjun, shekhar and dp standing.
Sanskar: no lucky, I told you that I will not leave them (saying this he continued beating)
All four men went inside the jail tried to stop sanskar but in vain. Finally laksh said, “bhai apko meri kasam”

Sanskar stopped and looked towards laksh, he threw the rod and glared at raj and rajat and said angrily, “don’t think that it is the end, it was just a trailer” Saying this he went outside and laksh went behind him. Dp, shekhar and arjun were really angry at trio as they hurt their princess, their daughter. All trio beat raj and rajat slapped raj and rajat and went outside.

Laksh: What was that bhai, you nearly killed them
Sanskar: then what should I do lucky, did you listened to swara, how much pain she went through. And that bastard rajat, he tried to touch my princess. You stopped me otherwise I would really have killed thos cheapster

Laksh can clearly sense the love and care for swara he wanted to say but till then the three fathers of swara came.

Dp: sanskar, calm down now lets go to our house.
Sanskar: but papa
Dp: sanskar, we need to discuss about some projects, they are incomplete and you are needed. You can visit back to gadodia palace
Sanskar: ok papa
Dp: Shekhar, take care of swara.

Shekhar nodded and went with arjun towards gadodia palace. Dp went in different car to the Maheshwari palace and sanlak in sanky’s jeep. Laksh wanted to talk to sanskar about sanskar falling in love with swara but chose not to because currently sanskar was still little angry.

Gadodia palace

Ragini, uttara, Parvati and shomi were taking care of swara and none of them asked anything about her past.

Ragini: maa, dadisa, you know that jiji dance so well, she is 10 timed better than me.
Swara: ragini, there’s nothing like that
Uttara: shona, ragu is correct. Aunty, dadisa, you should see swara dancing you guys will love her.
Shomi: We will definitely see it but not today because she is little weak
Parvati: Acha swara beta, what are the things in the trunk

Till then shekhar and arjun came

Arjun: how are you feeling swara
Swara smiled and said, “better doctor uncle”
Shekhar: keep smiling like this beta

Till then two servants brought the trunk and swara asked them to keep it on the bed. Swara excitedly opened the trunk. Everyone was shocked to see so many awards and certificates.

Ragini: oh my god…jiji, you are so talented

Swara smiled and started to show all the awards and talk about it. Parvati, shemish and arjun were happy to see swara so excited. They were seeing this new shade of her.
After that they had dinner and went to sleep.

Maheshwari palace

Sanskar was lying on the bed and thinking about swara

Sanskar (monologue): princess, you are really strong. You beared so much torture. I truly respect you. Today morning when you showed me those awards, the respect increased and then when today you told about your pain, the respect increased. Hats off to you princess and to your bravery. (sanskar closed is eyes and sees reminisces how swara hugged him, both falling on mattress, her cute face, beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. Then he opens his eyes.) Oh god, princess what are you doing to me. I never admired any girl like I admire you. I never felt pain in my heart when I see a girl crying.

Sanskar closed his eyes and slept.

Next morning

Sanlak reached gadodia palace but they can hear ghungrro sounds. They went to that direction and entered garden. Sanskar was memerized by a seeing a person dancing.

Ragini: see ma, I told you…jiji is really good at dancing

It was swara who wearing while suit with red dupatta tied around her shoulder and waist. She had a beautiful smile. Swara always feel happy whenever she dances or sings. Sanskar was just standing and admiring. Swara was dancing on mohe rang do laal….from bajirao mastani.

At the end, swara’s leg twisted and was going to fall but someone catches her by waist…it was sanskar. Swara held his shirt (sanskar was wearing black shirt with sleeves folded till his elbow, few top buttons opened and wearing blue jeans looking dashing). Swara’s eyes were closed tightly but sanskar was just admiring swara’s cuteness and innocence with a smile. Swara slowly opened her eyes and was lost in sanskar’s eyes. In ankhon mein tum plays… (the song is from the serial Jodha Akbar)

Inn aankhon mein tum
Jab se ho gaye ghoom
Saara jahaan tera chehara
Preet ye rang ab to tere sang
Aur bhi ho gaya gehara

Inn aankhon mein tum
Jab se ho gaye ghoom
Saara jahaan tera chehara
Preet ye rang ab to tere sang
Aur bhi ho gaya gehara

Everyone was smiling and admiring them. Suddenly laksh started clapping to break their eyelock. Swasan broke their eyelock. Sanskar slowly made swara stand properly.

Swara: thank you
Sanskar smiled: princess, in friendship no sorry no thank you

Swara smiled at him.

Recap: everyone sees swara’s naughty side….three new entry….one of them is chipkali……

You guys will get to know till then enjoy and keep smiling and commenting….

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