Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 12)

Hi guys, I know I not posting regularly but I am busy. I am really glad that you love the last episode. Thanks to all you and the silent readers. I though I was bad at writing romantic scenes but you all are loving it.

Here we go with the next episode

Last episode ended with cute romance between swasan, all children leaving for mall while sumi leving for palace with the trunk.

Sanskar is driving, laksh is sitting at the passenger seat and raglakutt are sitting behind. Sanskar can clearly see swara from the rear mirror. Sanskar is lost in her beautiful eyes, which are shining with happiness, he is lost in her beautiful smile and innocence of her face. Whenever she smiles, he also smiles He reminisces the moment when they shaked hands, she hugged him and the moment when both of them fell down. Laksh was noticing all of his actions

Sanskar (monologue): oh god what’s happening to me, why I am getting more attracted towards her, her eyes and her smile; I just getting lost in them. When she cried, why my heart pained. When she smiles, I fell so happy. The moment when she hugged me, I just wanted that moment to freeze forever. Am I really in love?

Laksh (whispered to sanskar): Bhai, concentrate on driving please
Sanskar frowned: I am concentrating
Laksh: Really, concentrating on driving or…
Sanskar: lucky, I am not concentrating on swara ok
Laksh: I never said anything about swara

Sanskar glared at him.

Laksh: Ragini, uttara, and swara…I have a song in my mind…can I sing it
Ragini: Laksh, I am still 18, do you want us deaf
Laksh: I don’t sing that bad

Ragini makes faces and laksh smiles at her childishness. Laksh turns around and winks at ragutt, they understood and laskh started singing which embarrasses swara and sanskar a little.

Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon

Sanskar observed swara and understood that she getting embarrassed then he said, “Lucky, if you sisn’t stop then I will tell papa about your late night parties ok.”

Laksh got quite and then signaled ragini through his eyes then ragini continued the song.

O aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon

Sanskar: ragini
Then ragini also got quite then uttara started singing

Ek tuk tumhein dekhti hain
Jo baat kehna chaahe zubaan
Tumse vo ye kehti hain

Sanskar: guys please don’t irritate us.
Uttara also got quites then ragini said, “We are not irritating you, we are just singing a song for fun”
Lakutt: Yeah
And then all trio started singing

Aankhon ki
Sharmohaya.. maaf ho
Tumhein dekhke jhukti hain
Uthi aankhein jo baat na keh sakin
Jhuki aankhein wo.. Kehti hain
Aankhon ki
Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon

After few minutes, all of them reached the mall. As soon as they entered, people started taking their photos they are celebrities plus royals. All of this was new for swara, so she hid behind ragini.

Ragini: what happened jiji, why are getting scared.
Swara: All of them are taking photos of us
Uttara: uffo shona, this is normal for us and you have to get habitutated.
Sanskar: yes princess. (he held swara by her shoulders), why are getting scared, they won’t eat you. And you have to be confident, if you will not be confident and brave then people around you will take advantage of you. We know you are not habituated to it. Atleast remember that you are granddaughter of Parvati gadodia, daughter of shekhar and shramishta gadodia…ok.

Swara smiled and stared at sanskar for few seconds and then nodded.

Sanskar: good girl and always remember, you are best friend so I will never leave your hand, no matter what the situation. We all are with you.

Swara got some courage, came infornt and stood with ragini and uttara. All of them entered a boutique, sanlak went to mens section and swaragutt went to ladies section. Uttara and ragini know that swara is confortable in suits only so they start to buy anarkali suits and Patiala suits. Ragutt were giving clothes to her and swara was going in trying it in the trial room. There was a pair of eyes who were just looking at swara. After buying some suits, they start to buy some lehengas and sarees for her.

Swara: Ragini, uttara what’s the need of buying sarees and lehengas.
Uttara: why, you don’t like them
Swara: no no, I love them but we already bought so many suits.
Ragini: Wo jiji, there are many rajputs who hold pujas and functions and you often need to wear them. And we are not just buying party wear, we are also buying some daily wear sarees so that you can wear them at home also.
Swara: ok.

Swara felt that someone is staring at her then she turned but that person hid.

Ragini came with a beautiful gown (the gown which swara wore when sanskar proposed her in swaragini)

Ragini: jiji see this gown, it’s so beautiful, you should try this.
Swara: No no, I never wore them so how can I wear it.
Uttara: come on shona, see this, it is simple and sober so you should try this once
Swara: But
Ragini: ok let’s do one thing, you try this once and if you feel comfortable then we will buy this and if you don’t then we will not buy it ok.

Swara nodded and went inside wore the gown, then she came out and showed to ragini and uttara. Both of them started jumping like kids as she was looking really beautiful in that gown.

Ragini: wow jiji, looke at you, you are looing so beautiful
Uttara: ha shona, I think we should buy this gown but are you comfortable in it.
Swara: yes, it isn’t that bad
Uttara: ok go and change and then we will got to jewelry section to buy matching jewelries for you.

Swara nodded like a child and went inside the trial room again. Uttara got a call so she went outside the shop. Ragini wanted to buy saree for shomi and Parvati, she notices some sarees but they were little far from the trial rooms.

Ragini: jiji, uttara went out side the shop and I am going towards the saree section so just come there after changing.
Swara: ok ragini

Ragini went there and then after few minutes, swara came out of the trial room and started to go towards the saree section then she heard someone whistling. Listening to the whistling, swara started to sweat, tears also start to brim in her eyes and her whole body starts to shiver due to fear. She slowly tuned around and saw a man who is looking at her with a evil smile and smirk. She widened eyes and start to shiver more.

Man: Hi swara baby, meeting after long time ha. But I must say you are looking more beautiful. What’s the secret my girl. You know I can’t resist my self whenever I see you and unfortunately I counldn’t spend a night with you. Whenever I try to come near you, you away but now you won’t be able to.

Saying this he walked towards swara and swara turned and start to run but the man caught her hand and turned her towards him harshly.

Swara: Pl..Pl..Please leave me…don’t do this to me…I…I am not…th…that type of girl
Man: So what, I will make you that type girl and this time I won’t leave you because my didi and jijaji are in jail and you are the sole reason for it.
Swara joined her hands: please ra…rajat, I am not at fault.
Rajat: shutup and now come with me

Rajat start to drag swara forcefully then suddenly someone held swara’s other hand and kicked at back of rajat, as a result he fell down.

Swara: Ra..Ragini (hahaha, what did you guys thought that it’s sanskar. Even girls are strong)

Swara went and hugged ragini tightly

Ragini: ssshhh, jiji calm down. I am here now.

Rajat got up with blood shot eyes and start to proceed towards swara, he extended his hand to touch her then suddenly someone else punched rajat on his face.

Sanskar was fuming in anger and said with really dangerous voice: How dare you touch my princess with your dirty hands.
Rajat smiled and said, “oh wow swara, you got your Romeo with you and that too royal (guys everyone in Mumbai knew gadodias and maheshwaris well) wah swara I must say you even trapped royals are in your beauty.
Sanskar started to beat rajat, “don’t dare to take her name with your filthy mouth”

Laksh and uttara tried to stop sanskar but he wasn’t stopping and swara was just crying. Till then security gaurds came and separated sanskar from rajat.
Sanskar: give this bastard to police other wise you all will face the consequences.

While the gaurds were taking rajat he said, “Don’t think swara that you are spare…I will come back and u I won’t leave you. Sanskar got more angry and walked towards rajat but lakutt held him.

Laksh: calm down bhai, he is gone and the police will give him punishment, you don’t take law in your hand

Sanskar went towards swara who was just crying and shivering. He slowly put hands on her shoulder and she jumped a little.

Sanskar: It’s me swara…princess please calm down. See he is gone
Swara: N..No, h..h..he w…w..will..co…com..come ba..back. H..He wi…will not lea…leave m…me. I…I…I am real…really ssss..scared.

Swara said this while she hugging ragini. Sanskar signaled something to ragini and then she released the hug. Sanskar cupped swara’s face

Sanskar: look at me princess, look at me (swara looked at sanskar), till I am here no one can dare to touch you or look at you in a wrong way. I will always protect you so calm down and I will make sure that he gets worst punishment.

Some people surrounded them when sanskar was beating rajat. Some who were jealous start to badmouth swara (no one know that swara is princess swara gadodia except gadodia family, Maheshwari family, Dr arjun and archana tai. The people surrounding swasan and raglakutt thought that swara is just a friend of them)

Girl 1: Oh my god, yuvraj sanskaar is dating another girl
Girl2: Yeah and he is calling her princess
Girl 3: No, she can’t be princess, I know all princes and princesses who live in Mumbai
Girl 1: But she could be from another part of the india
Girl 3: No because there was news of arrival of any princess in Mumbai.
Girl 1: Yeah but she could some rich girl
Girl 3: no she can’t
Girl 1: How can you say that
Girl 3: If she would be then how come any middle class man comes and teases a rich girl. A middle class person can’t tease any rich girl because rich people have relation with commissioners and ministers so they won’t dare to tease any girl.
Girl 2: oohh, it means she is trapping yuvraaj sanskar maheshwari
Girl 3: What a characterless girl
Girl 1: I wish I could in her place.

Swara cried more after listening to their words and she hugged sanskar, sanlak ragutt, got really angry on them

Ragini bursted at them: Shut up all of you. How dare you three to talk about my jiji like this. Don’t you guys feel ashamed
Girl 3: But princess ragini, your elder sister was kidnapped in devgarh…right and I think she was dead
Ragini shouted more loudly: shut up, what do you know about us ha. She was alive and and we found her few days ago. She is the crown princess swara gadodia of devgarh. Got it. All of you listen, she is my elder sister, princess swara gadodia.

Everyone was shocked and specially the three girls, they were really scrared. Suddenly sanskar felt the whole weight of swara on him. He looked at her and saw that swara fainted.
Sanskar: Swara..princess…open your eyes…ragini, uttara, lucky…we should go back to palace..right now. Everyone nodded, sanskar took swara in his arms and started going, ragini gave a kill you look to those girls. After few minutes they reached the palace

Shomi: Swara

Saying this sumi ran to swara who was in the arms of sanskar. She tapped swara’s cheeks.

Shomi: ragini, what happened to her…why she fainted. What happened please tell me.
Sanskar: aunty calm down but first let me take her to the room. Everyone followed him, Shekhar and Parvati also came to room when they heard the shout of sumi.

Screen froze on swara’s face

Recap: Swara sharing her fear, swara dancing and and and…swasan love story proceeding.

Finally done with this episode. Once again thank you to all my readers and keep supporting me.

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